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  • The Great Lesson (for Essences)


    [an excerpt from Michael Speaks -- Conscious Connection to Essence (3 of 3)]


    Inherent in each Role, then is something we might call “The Great Lesson”. This is not a term we prefer, but it is one our channel found appropriate and we do not disagree, though more creative ways of seeing this will surely come from our sharing with you.


    Each Essence will have its “Great Lesson” and this ‘lesson’ will always recur each lifetime in some form. There will be no lifetime that does not struggle with this ‘lesson,’ however briefly or lengthily. Regardless of the dynamics of Personality and its chosen emphasis of challenge for a lifetime, the Essence IN ITSELF has its challenges. Essence sees this challenge from a very different perspective than does Personality and eagerly plays with this repetitive obstacle. These “Great Lessons” result from Essence “forgetting” the inherent challenges of the physical plane during the Astral and “between lives.” The body has to regain consciousness each lifetime, regardless of soul age, and seeks to “grow back” into the soul age attained within the previous life. This “Great Lesson” is one way to ensure that at least some amount of conscious connection to Essence makes it into the Body, Personality, and Lifetime at some point.


    Each of these “Lessons” we mention as relevant to the Roles will appear applicable to each of you, regardless of your Role. This is because, in addition to how these Great Lessons relate to each Role, they will also embody the challenge of a Chief Feature. You may find you relate to a Great Lesson that is not relevant to your Role, because of that connection to your Chief Feature for this life, but it is important to note that your “Great Lesson” is relevant only insofar as it relates to your ROLE. Furthermore, each Role and each Chief Feature relates to a Chakra, or Center, and this can also lead to connections within the various descriptions. We suggest you only focus on your Role’s description of a Great Lesson. You may relate to several Great Lessons, but the greatest one will be the one related to your Role.


    We will begin with the Server.


    When a Server is conscious and connected to Essence, regardless of its struggles and fears in the life, its Great Lesson is in discovering that it can take care of other things, nurture other things, help other people, become tremendously effective in catering to the nuances of needs in Other, BUT all the while being able to care for Self. The Server connected to Essence, and conscious of that connection, chooses to take care of itself no matter what is happening in the life, knowing inherently that this is the only way to truly be successful in any endeavor of healing, care, and kindness to another.


    The Server who is not connected to Essence chooses not only to slack in its care of Self, but loses its enthusiasm to offer care for Others. This Server will emphasize and prove in its universe that things and people do not truly love, that there is only discord, and that their lives are not making a difference. This Sever will either shut down, or begin to use anger as its medium of expression into life; often resorting to Depression as its ultimate anger.


    They are Self-Deprecation, manifest. This Server is rooted in emphasizing its own and all others’ inadequacies, or lack of Being. This can be overt or subtle, but it will show.


    The key to bringing a Server back to a conscious connection to Essence is in doing anything physically stimulating: running, jogging, going dancing, anything with dirt and the ground, and getting a massage. Anything that allows contact PHYSICALLY with what is considered the “outside world” and that provides data without judgment. The SERVER, more than any other Role, can often use the past as their only world and choose to gauge everything within that context, therefore, it is successful to release the past and choose experiences that bring the Server more “presence” by connecting them back to the life around them.

    Next we will comment on the ARTISAN.


    The Artisan who is conscious of and connected to Essence is one that has learned to allow happiness into the life. This may seem deceptively simple and universally applicable, but any true Artisan can tell you that it is one of their Great Lessons to learn to like receiving and indulging in the pleasures of this world.


    An Artisan who is connected and conscious with Essence has true joy and enthusiasm for the life, allowing room for whatever levels of prosperity and abundance are appropriate at that moment. They have admitted to themselves what they wanted, what they needed, and they are allowing themselves to have it, to create it.


    The Artisan that is disconnected or rejecting Essence feels their needs are too great, that they will never get what they deserve or that they are not worth the life used on them.


    The artisan disconnected from Essence is Self-Destruction, manifest. They have determined that they are not worth what they want. Artisans are clever and creative in their disconnection from Essence because they have helped to construct a culture that supports and rewards this behavior, even if unintentionally. This Artisan can extract from other fragments a false compassion and pity, but never anything of any real value to make the life seem “worth it” to them. The Artisan can endure for years in this state, far longer than any other role disconnected from Essence, because this state eventually requires others to reach out and care for them, even as they are not making changes, themselves. A tremendous amount of energy can be used throughout the life as they search for who caused their condition or finding the latest to be blamed for stealing their self-worth.


    Eventually, the Great Lesson can be learned and the life is transformed. At some point, and probably more dramatically than any other role, a shift in the life occurs. This brings the Artisan into a space that says YES to life, to what it wants, recognizes its needs and says they are worth the pursuit of whatever they choose. They finally grasp that they are allowed to enjoy their lives.


    Ways for the Artisan to connect to Essence in times of recognized disconnection are through any form of artistic expression, of course, though especially through painting or sculpting, and making a concerted effort to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE; purchase things that feel fun and are usually labeled “trivial;” interact with small animals, or dance privately to music.


    Next we will comment on the WARRIOR.


    The Warrior when connected and conscious with Essence finds itself in many challenges against, or within, the life where there appear to be imbalances. A Warrior that is conscious recognizes that their very nature requires them to live intentionally and with a purpose of action. This means, regardless of its tediousness or turbulence, they are always out to conquer something. The Warrior connected to Essence finds itself in many manifestations of chaos and disorder as a means to exercise and emphasize what is and isn’t Power or Empowering.


    More than any other role they are more perpetually in a crisis of challenge because this is truly where their “heart” lies. It may not be acceptable or as “easy” as other roles’ experiences, or what the culture supports, but it is their world and it is vital. An interesting gauge for how connected a Warrior is to Essence is through observing the Warrior’s relationships. A connected Warrior develops strong, supportive social circles while the disconnected Warrior leaves a trail of broken and failed relationships.


    The Warrior disconnected from, or rejecting of Essence feels that their life is one unrolling world of chaos and they determine they are just ‘lucky’ for what they have, relinquishing all effort to make a path. More than any other role (even if arguably), the Warrior that is disconnected from Essence spends its life seeking approval and recognition, while consistently remaining in the shadows. The disconnected Warrior lays low, evades conflict, and depends on others heavily. The disconnected Warrior has a deep sense that at some point it needs to do or be something specific in order to be loved or recognized. Most of the time, this Warrior has no idea what that “something specific” is and will continue to close its circle of life down until it learns to make choices for itself, grasping that they are in control of their lives; this is their Great Lesson; that their life is THEIR OWN.


    The disconnected Warrior is Martyrdom manifest.


    This is another Role that can regain connection to Essence by incorporating or balancing with heavy physical activity. Making contact with life in a physical manner that brings data into the body emphasizing security and control, such as Tai Chi or the Alexander Technique, any sport requiring coordination, can all bring the Essence back into the picture. Asking to be held, allowing themselves to be held, or embracing someone important, can help as well.


    We will address the SCHOLAR now.


    The Scholar that is connected to Essence and is conscious has learned its Great Lesson, which revolves around the reality of shared love. This Scholar has realized with a great amount of profundity that they will not love another until they have sought to love themselves.


    As we have said, there are many of these Great Lessons you may find applicable, but for each Role, you will see these Lessons are definitively deeper for each particular Role when specifically considered. For instance, while all Roles must learn to Love, it remains a fact that all other Roles have an “easier” time loving and being loved than the Scholar does.


    The Scholar who is connected to Essence has realized they are whole and complete, that they like themselves and have decided to trust and open their hearts to their life. They recognize that ALL aspects of life are capable of being loved, even themselves, including all of the hard times through which they have passed.


    When the Scholar is disconnected or rejecting of Essence, they do their best to ignore their lives, to resist the examination that not everything is fine. This Scholar refuses to examine their vulnerabilities and have not dealt with their shadow feelings, resulting in acts of dominance or power struggles. They have never experienced intimacy of any depth due to these things. They become adept at arguing their points, ignoring the pains of their past, destroying or deteriorating any relationship or person who touches too closely to personal areas of pain and sensation.


    They are Stubbornness manifest.


    They, more than any other Role, truly fear what is called love. The disconnected Scholar will usually bring in a legitimate resource of love into their lives, but this is usually held at a distance and sought only out of a need for refuge, sanctuary, and a place to safely rebuild or hold up the walls around their own hearts. It can be one of the most painful and emotionally tormenting of all exchanges for someone trying to love that Scholar.

    Some suggestions for the Scholar to bring in more of Essence might be to talk to children about their perspective on life, really play with children or play on a child’s playground. Seeking laughter of any kind brings Essence immediately back in for a Scholar. Seeking experience of the aroma and visuals of botanical gardens or observing the ocean can help, or having flowers within visual and olfactory range.


    We will address the SAGE now.


    The Sage in connection to Essence is the most obvious and closest to what the positive pole describes. They are TALKING.


    The Sage connected to Essence, regardless of what they are communicating, is at least communicating. They seek to express any and all feelings and thoughts as a means of communication. When they are angry, you know it; when they are sad, you know it; when they are happy, you know it; they will gladly tell you and everyone else.


    The Sage who is disconnected from Essence becomes silent.


    Of all the roles, the Sage is the most tender and fragile of all roles. We do not imply this negatively. This is simply because they are the “children” of our universe, and no physical age or soul age will ever change this; it is their “job.” This Role relates to communication, children, and the Intellectual Center or fifth (throat) Chakra. A child who has been driven or shunned into silence hangs his or her head to cover the vulnerable communication center of the throat. This same fragility and defense can be seen in all ages of a Sage, as well. When a Sage has gone silent they are rejecting Essence, literally losing consciousness. Forms of “silence” from a Sage can range through all forms of suppression. This means this Role, more than most, is susceptible to addictions and substance abuses; anything to redirect energy away from having to address what wants to be said.


    They are Greed manifest, as they fixate on something they feel they do not have enough of, and remain struggling to attain this at the expense of life and self.


    Their Great Lesson is in realizing their expression and feelings are ALWAYS important to SOMEONE, but that the legitimacy of their feelings is not dependent on being well-received.


    Ways for the Sage to regain consciousness and connection are through writing letters, reading personal journal entries to someone who will listen, sharing a personal story or poetry, trusting what you feel about a person when you first meet them, and singing out loud.


    We will address the PRIEST now.


    The Priest who has a connection to Essence realizes that life is full of many truths and each experience has its own truth. More than any other role, this role, when connected to Essence, has a deep, profound trust in life, knowing with true perception how to pass through the next moments and lead others through any confusion in life. Life is intuitively navigated.


    When disconnected, this Essence lives in a world of concepts and ideas, rational thinking and over-analysis. This would seem harmless, but the Priest disconnected from Essence enforces these rationales, ideas, and over-analysis to the point of destroying the life or misleading others as a means for false validation of their own beliefs. They lose their ability to adapt to the nuances of life and seek only to remain in a predefined, structured, and thought-out picture of life. This removes their ability to intuit and trust in life, but creates severe judgment and enforcement of fear. A great deal of effort and reaction will be used against any and all suggestions that conflict with the profound truths that they have concluded.


    This Role, more than any other Role, can make a lie become a profound, but false, “truth” about themselves, life, or others.


    They are Arrogance manifest.


    To help bring the Priest back into connection, we suggest to this Role, more than any other Role, to literally make time to communicate to what you consider to be your higher self, every day. We also suggest purchasing or making a set of cards with inspirational affirmations or a book of quotes that can be a “message” or “thought for the day”, for whenever in need. This will help lend insight from someplace beyond analysis.


    And finally, the KING, we will comment on.


    The King who has a connection to Essence is keenly aware of all possibilities within a life, and live with a sense of connection to all of its life. The King connected to Essence does not just live the life; it IS the life, as well. This King recognizes that it is the source of all of its life, through choice, creation, and even from a higher place. This King sees no separation based on time or space, but only the beautiful unfolding of a life as perfect, no matter what. They do not judge the life, themselves, or others for their position in it, but instead recognizes itself in everything around it. This King has dealt with what might be called its “dark side” and now sees through that same “darkness” in others, recognizing all of the illusions. Limitation is never seen as an obstacle, but as an important aspect of life to help direct growth.


    A King who has rejected Essence becomes highly separated from its life, separated within itself, and from others.


    Its Great Lesson is in acknowledging they are a PART of everything and everyone, not APART.


    This disconnected King is caught in circles of self-gratification and simple distraction for stimulation. They feel they, alone, are completely responsible for all achievements in life and resist any help in any form, in fact, sometimes violently. This King rejects people outright due to imperfections reflected about them and creates enormous amounts of Space and Time between those who are their most powerful support.

    They are Impatience manifest.


    This King who is rejecting of Essence will forever remain in a circle of development since they allow no other influences or support into their lives.


    Ways for a King to bring back a sense of connection to Essence is through visiting spiritual temples for moments of quiet and reflection, watching or reading information shared by spiritual leaders with whom they resonate. They can make changes in the life that reflect a commitment to the acknowledgment of the life force in all others, such as through vegetarianism or volunteer work. More than any other Role, we would have to double emphasize that this Role could benefit from ASKING FOR HELP.

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