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    This material was pulled from a private transcript originally posted on 6/28/10.


    [We] can share with you the various ways these Roles show up when Old, rather than in the stereotypical, Young ways that may have come to be generalized about these roles.


    Overall, as each Role grows and evolves, it becomes more like its complementary Role on its axis. This exploration of the complementary Role is not an assigned form of evolution, but one that is important to each fragment as it gains awareness and consciousness, and as such becomes an emphasis in the Old Cycle. This exploration allows for a sense of completeness and a wholeness of the Role.


    In the case of the Old King, the fragment moves away from the impersonal realm of the Kingdom and into the more intimate world of Territory. This King begins to emphasize family, quality relationships, tenderness, kindness, and loyalty. This often leaves the King Personality a bit disoriented because it is not used to working on such small scales, and this can leave the Personality in a quandary between craving such intimacy on a profound level, but never quite feeling as if it is achieved. A quiet (or not-so-quiet) distance will tend to be felt between the King and others because this level of vulnerability and closeness is awkward, despite how much it is craved. It usually takes the King several lifetimes to begin feeling and embracing intimacy to the degree that it is craved, and until then, they can often find themselves distracted with a sense of loss of direction, loss of importance, loss of position and place, and this can either help prompt the importance of intimacy, or be used as a distraction in some form of insecurity, depression, resentment, loneliness, resistance, bitterness, control issues, restlessness, often doing things just to fill the space and time.

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