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    This material was pulled from a private transcript originally posted on 6/28/10.


    [We] can share with you the various ways these Roles show up when Old, rather than in the stereotypical, Young ways that may have come to be generalized about these roles.


    Overall, as each Role grows and evolves, it becomes more like its complementary Role on its axis. This exploration of the complementary Role is not an assigned form of evolution, but one that is important to each fragment as it gains awareness and consciousness, and as such becomes an emphasis in the Old Cycle. This exploration allows for a sense of completeness and a wholeness of the Role.


    The Old Priest moves away from the craving to inspire on larger scales and tends to move into serial inspiration from individual to individual, or inspiration in small groups. This is because when working with inspiration on larger scales, the impact is often missed in terms of exactly what was being done with that inspiration. Long after the fact, Priests will find out that their inspiration was used for destruction and warring, rather than for higher intentions, and this becomes an important issue to explore for the Old Priest. This can lend them to become micro-managers, control-freaks, meddling, and pushy for causes that they feel are of importance, even if the individual or small group does not comprehend why. The priority for the Priest becomes the accurate implementation of his or her vision, and this can lead to the Priest becoming highly intimate with each individual, or bypassing the consideration of the individual as the medium for that priority vision.

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