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    This is a collaborative project that allows contributions from all members and is continuously growing.


    • contribute transcripts, excerpts, or articles based on your work and study with Michael through Troy
    • to ensure consistency and to avoid copyright issues, please only contribute channeling from Troy
    • please do not submit an analysis, interpretative, or opinion articles; only direct communication with Michael
    • take time to clean up, format, and edited properly so that it is easily readable
    • please format any chat transcripts so that Michael's words are clearly separate from any questions or comments in the transcript
    • please search and scan to see if your submission is already covered or submitted. We wish to keep any redundancy to a minimum


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    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
      Courtesy of @AnnaD, channelled by @Troy.
      Robert Plant, sixth mature Artisan cast Priest, C1E7. Musician, Singer. 
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
      Immanuel Kant, philosopher, 1st level Old Sage cast Priest, C1E7, courtesy of @Cong, channelled by @Troy. 
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
    • Troy
      By Troy
      Carl Safina takes us inside the lives and minds of animals around the world, witnessing their profound capacity for perception, thought and emotion, showing why the word "it" is often inappropriate as we discover "who" they really are. And yet, we are wiping out the very animals we should celebrate; we are the flood coming for Noah's Ark. Carl leaves us with a difficult question: Do we have what it takes to let life on earth survive?

      Carl Safina’s work has been recognized with MacArthur, Pew, and Guggenheim Fellowships, and his writing has won the Lannan Literary Award and the John Burroughs, James Beard, and George Rabb medals. He has a PhD in ecology from Rutgers University. Safina is the inaugural endowed professor for nature and humanity at Stony Brook University, where he co-chairs the steering committee of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science and is founding president of the not-for-profit Safina Center. He hosted the 10-part PBS series Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina. His writing appears in The New York Times, National Geographic, Audubon and other periodicals, and on the Web at National Geographic News and Views, Huffington Post, and CNN.com. Carl Safina’s writing shows how humanity is changing the natural world and what those changes mean for wildlife and for people.

      This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
    • twelvemoons
      By twelvemoons
      Hey everyone I’m twelvemoons, I'm relatively young (in my early/mid 20s) and I love Michael and the idea of a spiritual community wanting to uplift each other! 
      I just got my profile and it’s rather surprising and interesting to me, I was hoping I could get some insights from you guys. I came across the idea of a “Magnetic/Magnetic Old 6 King” or a warmer King. I don’t fully identify with the coldness of a King whatsoever yet I am a 6th-Old King from C1E1 with two Server Task Companions and a discarnate Server ET and Solar Body Type. I feel as though I can understand the needs and feelings of the average person more than what I’ve come to understand about King roles. I'm very focused on spiritual awareness and achieving truer clarity in this life as well as a strong sense of duty to help those close to me. I am still very new to all this and would love to learn from anyone about these mystical and wonderful concepts. 
      My real life friend @Delphi got me into this forum and encouraged me to post - She mentioned there aren’t very many Kings on TLE. I really appreciate any help in puzzling this out and look forward to interacting with you all! I am very interested in learning more about myself and helping others in return here! 
      Role: King
      Casting: Priest
      Cadre/Entity: 1/1
      E-Ratio (focused/creative): 35C/65F
      Frequency: 70
      Soul Age/Level: Old/6
      Manifested Age: Mature to Old
      Lifetime#: 219
      Grand Cycle#: 10
      Role: Server
      Cadre/Entity: 1/7
      Status: Guide 
      Role/Status: Server/guide
      Role/Status: Server/friend
      Goal: Acceptance
      Mode: Observation → Passion
      Attitude: Pragmatist
      Center/Part: Intellectual/Moving
      Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Solar/Pluto
      Chief Feature 1: Self-deprecation
      Chief Feature 2: Arrogance
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