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    [This material was originally posted by Maureen as a private session transcript on November 4, 2010. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.]


    Maureen: The sense associated with Priests is Orientation. I've never seen a description of this sense anywhere. How does Michael perceive this sense operating in Priest lives and to myself in particular?


    This term was chosen to describe the capacity for the Priest to intuitively sense the appropriate direction for any fragment toward its Higher Good. It is simply a specific use of intuition, often activated by Essence Recognition.


    When one recognizes the profound validity of an individual beyond his or her present Personality, not only in terms of the current lifetime as it includes a past, present, and future, but including the possibility of a soul, this is Essence Recognition.


    The Priest has a keen capacity for being a compass, so to speak, for specific directions, or orientations.


    And those directions or orientations are relative to either the Priest's agenda or the search of the other fragment or group of fragments.


    All forms of Intuition include all or some of the basic Senses in a synthesis that combines and extends into a "new" or hyper- Sense. Orientation is one example as this combines the sense of Sight and Touch into a unique form of guidance.


    Orientation is an Active Sense in that it requires Interaction (a form of Touch) to fulfill the Vision (a form of Sight).


    How the Priest uses this Sense is a matter of Choice, and is played out between the Poles of Compassion and Zeal, with Compassion bringing Orientation through inspiring oneself or another to aim for the Higher Good that is the Vision, and Zeal bringing Orientation through imposing upon oneself or another the aim for the perceived Higher Good.


    ### end of transcript ###


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