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    From this michael session: 



    Can you provide some new and general information on the strengths and challenges of Old soul server-cast sages? 


    MICHAEL: Server-Cast Sages could be said to have a great strength in intuiting, anticipating, reading, instantly comprehending, and knowing the truth of another person. They can sense when someone is lying to others or to themselves. They know a person without having to apply logic because they have learned to see a person beyond the superficial, the facades, and careful presentations. 


    In the same way that the Server-Cast Sage can instantly and intuitively read a person, they can also learn to read the patterns of life events and instantly extrapolate a trajectory of highest probability. This translates most often into a sense of trust in one's direction, path, progress, etc. There is a sense that one would always "land on one's feet" even if there is a miscalculation or surprise.


    Challenges specific to the Server-Cast Sage as an Old Soul could be in learning that one cannot always make sense of other people or make others understand them. Old Server-Cast Sages tend to lose all sense of necessity for explanations, boundaries or distance with others so it can be shocking when others put up defenses, boundaries, and distance, especially with no explanation.


    Server-Cast Sages can often assume that others "get them", instantly understand and accept and see them in the same way that the Sage sees others. This can lead to confusion and even pain as the Sage might feel that others make no effort to understand or SEE them. 


    These challenges are not limited to Server-Cast Sages, but Server-Cast Sages may come across these experiences more often and experience them more painfully.


    Anything else you can say about old soul server-cast sages? love the info you shared, thank you


    MICHAEL: Additional notes about Old Server-Cast Sages could be that there is a profound kindness that comes naturally to them, but also a profound harshness that can come when necessary or when provoked. This harshness can feel like a burn, an infection, something "wrong" with them, but this is because the contrast of harshness to their kindness is high and the harshness tends to require extra effort to uphold. When harshness comes from an Old Server-Cast Sage, it tends to mean that someone, somehow, has done something terribly violating.

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