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    Core Values of Sage


    [This material was originally posted by NickG as a private session transcript on May 18, 2016. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.]


    Nicholas33: Hello to you too Michael. When we had the session on manifesting essence you stated something along the lines of the role having core values as a foundation to build upon. You gave me some examples for the Sage but I was wondering if I can have the core values of the other roles as well.


    Yes ...


    SAGE - Communication, Expression, Fun, Levity, Innocence, Teaching, Learning, and being a living example of One's Personal Philosophy. ...


    Keep in mind that these Core Values will be upheld in some way, even if they are upheld in desperate and unhealthy ways.


    These can be upheld in ways that serve only the self, serve only others, or serve a balance between the two.


    ### end of transcript ###


    Note: You may comment on the original post. See Core Values of the Roles.

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