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    This is a collaborative project that allows contributions from all members and is continuously growing.


    • contribute transcripts, excerpts, or articles based on your work and study with Michael through Troy
    • to ensure consistency and to avoid copyright issues, please only contribute channeling from Troy
    • please do not submit an analysis, interpretative, or opinion articles; only direct communication with Michael
    • take time to clean up, format, and edited properly so that it is easily readable
    • please format any chat transcripts so that Michael's words are clearly separate from any questions or comments in the transcript
    • please search and scan to see if your submission is already covered or submitted. We wish to keep any redundancy to a minimum


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    • Caitlin
      By Caitlin
      Helllooooooooo TLE!! Just had this wild idea and it would be cool to see if it goes somewhere. 
      Music is beautiful, awesome, and emotional. It connects people in such outstanding and harmonic ways. I've been increasingly curious to get to know more of you as I become more active here, so how about...
      A TLE PLAYLIST!!!! 🙉
      Comment your favorite song, or songs, or list of songs you can't pick the best of!  Share one, share two, or share as many as you want. Rock, metal, folk, instrumental, you literally name it. Inspirational, emotional, groovy.... And don't even hesitate to post a direct link if you feel so inclined. 
      From there I'll make an accessible playlist (via the internet) and then share it back here, maybe a week or two from now. I consistently use Spotify, so I might make it through that platform or via youtube. 
      My hope is that this can help strengthen our community and connection, and we can have something for all of us here, now, for what we're feeling in this community at a time like today. 
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
    • Amanda
      By Amanda
      Taken 10 years apart, such sage very express! 😄 2017 & 2007 Artisan-cast Sage, Old 5 Make me grow up, I dare you! 😄
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
      Courtesy of @luluaussi, channeled by @Troy.
      @luluaussi are you ok with me posting Ann's image and full name? Let me know. 
      Ann Craig
      Old 3 Warrior cast Sage C1E2.
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
      Courtesy of @petra, channeled by @Troy.
      Hafiz, Persian Poet.
      Priest cast Sage, seventh Mature, C2E5.
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