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    [Excerpt from a private session for Diane on August 16, 2010]


    Diane: So...is my true Role Sage or Artisan?


    MEntity: We still see your records as showing that which would be a Sage as your Essence Role, though we realize you may not find resonance to the typical stereotype of the Sage.


    Diane: Yes, I don't like the limelight. Does my scholar casting influence this?


    That lack of resonance to the stereotype is because the descriptions that most of our students read are the "average Sage," or the Young Sage. You are not Young, and the qualities related to how Young Sages usually manifest are not appealing to you.


    Yes, your Casting plays a major part in how your Role shows up, especially on a day-to-day basis. ...


    Diane: Any additional suggestions for self expression for this Old Sage?


    You may not enjoy being in "the limelight," but one consistency of Sages is that it is rare to get through a lifetime without having been a model of example for at least one other person in some way.


    It could be said that the one consistency of a Sage is they are their own Teaching, in any lifetime, and the integrity of the Teaching is very important to uphold.


    It is not so much a literal teaching, but a sense of ambition and a knowing that even when not in the spotlight, they are being watched.


    That sense of being constantly watched, ironically, is one of the reasons the older Sages retreat into more intimate, personal forms of expression, but the integrity and importance of honesty in "who I am" remains strong.




    Note: You may comment on this material within the original post. See Sage ~ as their own Teaching.

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