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    [Excerpt from a private session, with permission from the donor]



    Every Role has its own complete uniqueness that is either challenging or resonant with an Essence, and one of the unique attributes of the Sage is the slow process into maturity. This slow process into maturity is quite frustrating and disorienting to many fragments, because so much may be learned, gained as wisdom, and even actively a part of the consciousness of a Personality, yet the Sage will often throw all of that out of the window for a good time, a good laugh, a less-stressful direction, etc.


    The irony here is that this method of living IS its OWN KIND OF MATURITY. There is great wisdom and maturity in the trust that Sages have for the universe. Although they may or may not be spiritual, and though they may not have a personification attached to the idea, they are inherently trusting in the universe as a kind of nurturing, parental ocean that begs more to be splashed about, than to be made still.


    ... When we speak of the Sage's slowness to maturity, we only speak in terms of behavior, not in terms of its perspective. The truth is, the Sage probably matures faster than most Roles, but is the last to betray its innocence. Sages refuse to become jaded. Sages refuse to mold themselves into roles that appear mature, when maturity is not something that is necessary to display only for the consolation of others.


    Sages are like the children on the playground running around the adults and overhearing the adults' serious tones about the issues of the world or their lives, and with a sudden playful jest of commentary by the Sage/child to the adults as he chases down a ball, the adult is blown away by the direct, simple, and profound insight.


    While the other Roles thrive on complexity, the Sage thrives on simplicity, particularly when it comes to Truth. However, the Sage will often complicate their expression of truth with drama, childishness, antagonism, performance, display, etc., solely for the sake of provoking others to come to their own conclusions without ever feeling as if a truth was imposed upon them....


    [T]he Sage would rather prance and dance around the truth, or cloak it in gossip, complaint, or theatrics so that other fragments will own it on their own when they are ready. This prancing and dancing, complaining, gossiping, and theatrics, so to speak, can cause others to dismiss the truths of the Sage, and this can leave the Sage feeling rejected, misunderstood, and alone, but in the end, the Sage would (ultimately) rather be pushed aside than to ever have his or her truth blindly accepted.


    The Sage knows that being rejected, scoffed at, or dismissed is far more honest than for someone to unquestioningly go along with them.


    Sages' vitality comes from being truly heard and seen, so when someone is sycophantic or thoughtlessly embracing the words of the Sage, it is the same thing as being invisible. We speak, of course, to the Sage who is in the Positive Pole.

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