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    Scholar in Knowledge vs. Theory


    [Excerpted from Michael Speaks: Year in Review 2014]


    A Scholar in Knowledge uses the past as a means to understand and expand into the present and future. A Scholar in Theory uses the past as a way to escape or deflect the present and the future.


    So if one finds he or she is deflecting, ignoring, resisting experiential navigation of the [Scholar] year, resorting to only what is already known, familiar, and presumed true, then one is likely in Theory.


    If one embraces experience, takes on new challenges, and allows room for risk, he or she is likely trusting in past experiences as a way to help navigate new experiences.

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    • TheSpiralArchitect
      By TheSpiralArchitect
      I did a quick search of the topic and didn't find any discussions (still getting used to the search function.) So I'll start one here for now.
      Im curious about anyone's experiences. Like, the circumstances involved and maybe what triggered the event. I have had three in my lifetime that I recall, and its fascinating to me. I'll tell you my experiences and in the order they occured.
      The first experience was while in the hypnagogic state probably five or so years ago. I had been practicing lucid dreaming and getting into the idea of astral projection at the time. In bed I was essentially meditating allowing my mind to remain awake while letting my body fall asleep. Without warning I begain to hear a tinkling sound, and simultaneously I begain to "float." I could also feel a presence in the room, which i now interpret as an instinctual reaction to the sleep paralysis. I was floating higher and higher. I could also feel a sort of "electric" vibration. The tinkles became louder and louder. I thought I was hearing a real sound and because of the presence I felt I thought my sister had come in late that night. (She would normally come in through the basement, which is where my room was at the time.) I tried to turn my head to see if she was there but I couldn't. I wasnt fearful though. I kept trying to move. By this time i feel as if I'm in the ceiling, continuing to float upwards, still trying to move. As soon as i was able to turn my head it was like being slamed back into my body. I came back and was finally able to move again. No one was there. I was alone. In then drifted to sleep considering what had happend to me.
      The second experience happened a year or so after the first. I was in a band playing electric bass at the time. We were playing at a local downtown festival, nothing fancy just a fun lil gig. It was somewhere in the middle of the set, I cant even remember the song now. I do remember it was at the end of a guitar solo. I love guitar solos even though I'm the bass player. Its almost as much my time to shine as it was the soloists. The bass and drums have to lock in or it all falls apart. And that's exactly what we did. The solo was going, me and Mike (the drummer) were laying down that pavement for Tyler (the lead.) It was the last phrase of the solo, the drum fill was about to kick us back into the chorus. At that moment I turned and locked eyes with Mike. We were perfectly in sync. Every hit in the fill was accompanied by my melodious percussion. I didn't play a note he didnt. It was PERFECTLY synchronous. The next thing I know I can see the whole stage. I could see myself playing, I could see Mike watching me and I him. I could see Tyler bending that last note up a whole three steps. I was seeing the stage in the third person. But only for an instant. Paradoxical that moment also seemed to stretch. I came back to my body and all three of us were just smiling at each other intently. I don't know if they had a similar experience but I could tell we all recognized that something magical had happened. If you're a musician you know what i mean. It was just one of those times we were all in the zone and everyone was playing the best they could. It was awesome. (This one still blows my mind)
      The last and third experience was just a few months ago. It was once again during the hypnagogic state. What makes this one unique and unexpected was I didn't try this time. It just happend. On my back with my hands by my side I found myself drifting off. My eyes were closed. I suddenly felt like a see-saw. It felt as if I was rocking on a fulcrum. At this point I just allowes myself to experience it. Soon, I had the sensation of my feet rising up. It eventually felt as if they were above my head. Up an up. Then I felt a sort of tug on my brain. I opened my eyes and could see my body there laying flat. It felt like I was being lifted out of my body by my feet. I could feel myself pointed up at a steep angle with my head still on the pillow. What I was seeing and what I was feeling didnt match. Its like I was aware of the spirit body as well as the physical. It was similar to my first experience, but it was like my head was stuck. I never fully left my physical self. And there wasnt any vibrations. But as soon as I started to feel my feet rise I began to hear a ringing in my ears. It was like dunking your head under water. But the water makes this ringing sound instead of being wet.
      Welp, those are my experiences so far. Id love to hear anyone else's and discuss. Perhaps we can disect these experiences. I feel like there is a duality here; is something actually happening or is the brain just firing off weird? Probably both. Lets find out together!
    • Janet
      By Janet
      This material was obtained in a POF session on December 21, 2014.
      Janet: ... you have given some general information about the effect of Artisan casting. I suspect there is a flavor associated to the role that has Artisan casting. My sister is a Server, I work with a man who is an Artisan-cast Warrior, and I of course am an Artisan-cast Artisan. Can you briefly explain how Artisan casting provides flavor to the Server vs. the Warrior vs. the Artisan? Or is there no real difference to the effect of casting to each role?
      As for Artisan Casting: the Role makes a definitive difference in how Casting is used, yes.
      In the simplest of terms, it could be said that:
      ### end of content
      You may discuss this content in the blog entry. See Artisan Casting.
    • Christian Green
      By Christian Green
      Howdy! New member here. Been studying the teachings for 7 or 8 years and finally got a channeling last year by David Gregg. I'm fascinated by the Michael Teachings and the more I learn about it, the more it makes sense. I generally don't bring it up to other people because if they aren't familiar with the teachings then I come off as crazy. (huh?, a Ouija board? what?) So I'm glad this community exists.
      Any 10/7 cadre/entity peeps out there? 
      Anyone else have Aggressive, Impatient or Skeptical overleaves paired with the goal of Flow? 
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
      Courtesy of @Janet, channeled by @Troy.
      Pete Buttigieg, 3rd Mature Scholar cast Scholar, C2E2.
    • AnnaD
      By AnnaD
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