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  • Scholar: Power of Information


    [Excerpted from OMW: Manifesting Power]


    We will discuss the concept of Power with you today.


    First, we will clarify what is meant by Power in our teaching, which we think is a meaning that extends to include most uses of the word.


    In our teaching, Power is an Expression Axis term. This is because Power can come from any number of sources and be implemented through any number of methods, but it requires Form, Expression, for it to be in existence. All terms on the Expression Axis require a move into Form for existence.


    The terms we choose for our Overleaf system are part of every individual life in some way, even as each Personality is a particular combination of emphasized terms. For example, one grows in a lifetime even if one does not have a Goal of Growth. Each fragment will have to contend with his or her relationship to Power, even if the Mode is not Power.


    Power is a spectrum that describes one's presence. The form of any kind of Power can range from between violent oppression that destroys to a quiet lucidity that awakens.


    Each Essence comes with a kind of built-in source of Power. How that comes into form is up to that fragment, and we have seen that every fragment will explore the entire range from violence to lucidity.


    Each Essence Role has a specific source or style of Power. We will share these with you, now.


    Keep in mind that Power is either GENERATED or EXTRACTED. There are other terms that could be used to describe these, but these terms will do. Power either comes from within, or without. Power that comes from within is regenerative and unlimited. Power that comes from without is dependent and limited.


    Keep this in mind as we describe the various Power of each Role.






    SCHOLARS carry with them the Power of INFORMATION.


    The Power of Information is the means of providing missing, valuable, and important facts.


    When this Power is dependent and extracted, it can show up as TRIVIA.


    This is the expounding of facts without context, value, importance, or meaning.


    When Power shows up like this for the Scholar, it can trivialize their power, prompting them to expound even further as an effort to amplify that power as it weakens.


    It can also show up as trivializing others in their sharing of facts and information.


    When this Power is from within and regenerative, it shows up as TIMING.


    This is the Power of Information as "perfect" timing.


    It is the availability of information and facts as they are needed, wanted, and in context.


    When facts are expounded upon without timing, it is trivia.

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