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  • Scholars as Akashic Record Keepers


    This material is excerpted from an Essence Report created on September 2, 2010.


    Scholars within any Entity or Cadre tend to act as record keepers and act as the responsible party for updating the Akashic Records involving events within and throughout the Entity and/or Cadre. Each individual fragment is in charge of doing this updating for itself, either during the life, or during the review of the life, but part of that updating is through delegation to trusted Scholars within the Entity or Cadre. ...


    Because Scholars are fairly good at storing information for great lengths of time, it can become a habit of Scholars to overextend themselves in ways that are rarely understood by the Personality who is the Scholar. This over-extension simply begins to feel like it is just a haunting, vague problem with the self that is either something to learn to live with, or something that needs fixing, when in reality it is literally a simple matter of hygiene.


    Every fragment needs to purge its energy on occasion as a means to help clarify exactly where one is within the life, within a relationship, within a journey, and then begin to collect new experiences within that updated framework. However, the Scholar would do well to do this at least once a week, or once a month at minimum.


    This purging is done easily through several methods: either submersion in water, such as a pool, bath, or shower, along with a conscious sense of releasing the energy that is “sticking” to the body; or through visualization that is releasing any sense of energy that is clinging to the body, finalizing with an imagined mesh cloak of gold to help reduce the clutter in the body and cells; or through exposure to high winds so that the energy is almost literally cleansed from the body by that physical sensation. If this were done on a more regular basis, the Scholars would find a new freedom that is rare to experience within a lifetime because of the presumption of weight to carry the experiences of others and the self for far longer than is necessary.


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    Note: You may discuss this content in the original post. See BrianW's Essence Report.

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