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    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (Part 3 of 3)]


    [See Conscious Connection to Essence, Parts 1-3, in their entirety]


    Therefore, each Essence will have its “Great Lesson” and this ‘lesson’ will always recur each lifetime in some form. There will be no lifetime that does not struggle with this ‘lesson’, however briefly. Regardless of the dynamics of personality and its chosen emphasis of challenge, the Essence IN ITSELF has its challenges, though it is seen from a very different perspective and eagerly played with. This results from Essence “forgetting” the inherent challenges of the physical plane while being Astral. The body has to regain consciousness each lifetime regardless of soul age and seeks to grow back into the soul age last reached in the previous life.


    We will begin with the SERVER. For now, we will examine the basics. When a Server is conscious and connected to Essence, regardless of its struggles and fears in the life, its Great Lesson is in discovering that it can take care of other things, nurture them, help them, be tremendously effective in catering to the nuances of needs in another all the while being able to care for self. The Server connected to Essence and conscious of that connection chooses to take care of itself no matter what is happening in the life, knowing inherently that this is the only way to truly be successful in any endeavor.


    The Server who is not connected to Essence chooses not only to slack in its care of self, but loses its enthusiasm to seek to care for others. This Server will seek in its universe and emphasize in its universe any and all ways to prove that things are not loving, that there is discord and that their own lives are not making a difference. They are self-deprecation, manifest. This Server has its roots in only emphasizing its own and all others inadequacy, or lack of being. This can be overt or subtle, but it will show.


    Their keys to bringing back a conscious connection to Essence (besides the first vital two steps, recognizing choice for where you are, and then asking for help), is in doing anything physically stimulating. Running, jogging, going dancing, anything with dirt and the ground, and getting a massage. Anything that allows contact PHYSICALLY with what is considered the “outside world” that provides data without judgment. The SERVER more than any other Role can use the past as their world and choose to gauge everything within that context, therefore, it is successful to release the past and choose experiences that bring the Server more “presence.”

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    • Jeroen
      By Jeroen
      Excerpt from a private session on May 15, 2018.
      Jeroen: I have been deeply desiring to manifest Essence more in my life and often invite my Essence in. How do you think I am doing with manifesting Essence?
      There are 4 key considerations one can make when assessing how aligned one is with Essence:
      One is that you to some significant degree know that YOU ARE SAFE. This does not mean you walk blindly through dark alleys and count on blind faith for protection. It means that you accept that, regardless of what happens, there is more to happen. Knowing there is more to happen means knowing there are more possibilities, directions, paths, forms, probabilities, opportunities, and continued existence.
      Knowing You Are Safe does not mean that you will not hurt or be hurt or harmed. It means you know there is more after that and that you will be there.
      Two is that you LIKE LIFE. You do not always have to like your life, but you LIKE LIFE. You like Existing. There is a sense of euphoric and terrifying thrill in mystery of your existence and you like existing.
      Three is that you LIKE OTHERS. You may not always like everyone, but you LIKE OTHERS. You do not avoid them or hate them or condemn them or turn "the world" into a monolithic population. You are able to allow yourself to be angry, frustrated, disappointed, loved, rejected, etc. and still LIKE OTHERS.
      And finally, you are CURIOUS. You want to know what comes next. You want to see if you can create what comes next. You do not mind not knowing but you want to know. You do not draw conclusions and condemnations about life, you, others. You stack knowledge and experience and are open to adding more.
      These four keys can help you to determine not only how embracing you are of Essence, but also in what area you may be struggling the most. You may Like Others but do not Like Life, for example.
      It can be helpful to rate your degree of alignment with each of the symptoms above by using a 5 star rating system with 1 star being least present and 5 stars being most present. Add these up and then use that number to divide 4. For example, if the tally adds up to 15, then the equation is (15 / 4) * 20. This will give you a percentage that can give you an idea of your general degree of Manifestation.
      ### end of excerpt
      You may discuss this content within the original post. See Intellection Centers, Objective Truth.
    • Troy
      By Troy
      [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Conscious Connection to Essence (3 of 3)]
      Note: It is highly recommended to read the entire session for context; the series of three sessions is very useful as a whole.
      Next we will comment on the ARTISAN. The Artisan who is conscious of and connected to Essence is one that has learned to allow happiness into the life. This may seem deceptively simple and universally applicable, but any true Artisan can tell you that it is one of their Great Lessons to learn to like receiving and indulging in the pleasures of this world. An Artisan who is connected and conscious with Essence has true joy and enthusiasm for the life, allowing whatever levels of prosperity and abundance are appropriate at that moment. They have admitted to themselves what they wanted, what they needed, and they are allowing themselves to have it, to create it.
      The Artisan that is disconnected or rejecting of Essence feels their needs are too great, that they will never get what they deserve or are not worth the life used on them. Artisans are clever in their disconnection from Essence because they have helped to construct a culture that supports it. It plays on other fragments, deriving from them false compassion and pity, but nothing of value to make the life seem “worth it.” The Artisan disconnected from Essence is self-destruction, manifest. They have determined that they are not worth what they want. The Artisan can endure for years and years in this state, far longer than any other role disconnected from Essence, because this state eventually requires others to reach out and care for them, even if they are not making changes, themselves.
      Eventually, the Great Lesson is learned and the life is transformed. At some point, and probably more dramatically than any other role, a shift in the life occurs. This brings the Artisan into a space that says YES to life, to what it wants, recognizes its needs and says they are worth pursing it for.
      Ways for the Artisan to connect to Essence in times of recognized disconnection are through any form of artistic expression, but most especially painting or sculpting, making a concerted effort to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. They can purchase things that feel fun are usually labeled “trivial”, interact with small animals, or dance privately to music.
    • Troy
      By Troy
      [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2009]
      [Question] Thank you, Michael & Troy. Can you share any thoughts on learning to better allow essence manifestation through music? Similarly, any observations on how to enable/allow essence contact through music as a vehicle for healing/self-healing for the people involved?
      [Michael Entity]
      One way to help manifest Essence through music, whether in sharing or in creating, is to understand the PART of your Centering. The PART is how “you” most easily and habitually bring yourself out into the world, into manifestation. Centering can help one to understand how one experiences music, while the Part can help one to understand how this music represents one in the world, whether in creating or sharing tastes. Emotional = fluid, non-linear, vocals as instruments; Intellectual = structure, patterns, lyrics; Moving = beats, rhythms, tribal; Each of these elements will be found in most music, but we are answering the question as to how one can manifest Essence through music, so we delineate here to help explain. For those CREATING music, then this is easier to understand as one emphasizes what one is creating, so the fragment in the Intellectual Part might be more inclined to manifest Essence through compositions that are structured, patterned, and with lyrics. For those SHARING music, this general information can help you to understand how best to manifest your Essence in the music you share with others, so that the fragment who is in the Intellectual Part can share Essence through songs that are catchy and express stories about oneself.
      When dealing with music as a form of healing, then the CENTERING would be best to consider. So that the Emotionally-Centered fragment does well with listening to fluid, non-linear, and vocalization in music. And so forth. Again, most music will have elements of two or more centers, but listening for what is emphasized can help you to determine your Essence music and your Healing music.
      This is a highly generalized response to accommodate the format, but it is a start.
    • AnnaD
    • AnnaD
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