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  • Warriors and Action


    [Excerpt from Energy Report: January 2018]


    Warriors are all about taking care of themselves and their loved ones through Action. It is not enough to give lip-service, promise, or wax philosophical. Warriors have to DO something and they expect you to do something, too, at least eventually. They know better than any other Role that things do not “just happen.” You have to participate.


    Warriors have a Positive Pole of Persuasion and a Negative Pole of Coercion. Warriors can be relentless in their push for you to take care of yourself and your life, to understand why and how. When Warriors push for you to act without your understanding why or how, they are in Coercion. When Warriors push for you to act, but help you or allow you to understand why and how, they are in Persuasion. Coercion pushes people to act without understanding. Persuasion pushes people to act with understanding.

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