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  • WARRIORS - Loving and Being Loved


    [Excerpted from: OMW: Loving and Being Loved]



    Before we go into the dynamics of the Personality and how Loving and Being Loved works within each Lifetime, we will point out the general themes for each Role and how that pursuit of Loving and Being Loved shows up over lifetimes.


    Every Role has its blind spot to love, and when that blind spot finds light, that Role usually experiences a profound exposure to Love.



    WARRIORS, more than any other Role, tend to require you to WIN THEM OVER to Love as a means to bring light to their blind spot.


    This is different from "proving" Love, in that it does not require proof as much as it does endurance.


    Of course, that endurance is often experienced as Loyalty, and Loyalty is Love to the Warrior.


    WARRIORS - need to be Won Over - defaulting to Reciprocal Love
    KINGS - need you to Let Them Love - defaulting to Agape Love


    These needs are correlated to MARTYRDOM and IMPATIENCE, which are about Losing Control of Space, and Losing Control of Time.


    In other words, the Warrior needs shared "territory" to Love, and The King needs shared "time" to Love.


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