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  • Warriors: Questions of Love & Loyalty


    From a private session, 6-28-22.


    Q.     Why do Warriors always question love; and, how they apply the inspiration that comes from their answers?


    ME: Every Role has a kind of center of gravity in the same way that a body/Personality develops a center of gravity. For bodies and Personalities, this center of gravity is described by how that body/Personality navigates experiences (Emotionally, Intellectually, Movingly), but the center of gravity of a Role might be said to describe the WHY or the WHAT of the meaning created or found from experiences.


    For Warriors, this center of gravity could be said to be LOYALTY.


    The questioning of love and the inspiration that is extracted from those answers is all about the experiences of what is found or created as firm and constant support. Love is not something mooshy or sentimental or particularly emotional for the Warrior. Love is loyalty and loyalty is simply support.


    Warriors will explore the spectrum of what Loyalty can be from blind and unquestioned loyalty to conscious and compassionate loyalty. As the Warrior grows older, it matters to them that loyalty is chosen, questioned, and based in empathy, not blindness or obligation.


    And this is why they question. They may have found loyalty, but it matters to them what kind of loyalty that is.


    When we say that it "matters to them," we speak of the Essence, not the Personalities. As part of the exploration of Loyalty, Warriors will test the boundaries of loyalty and easily display disloyalty, sometimes as a test and sometimes as a simple defense.


    Q. What about “dis-loyal” Warriors?


    ME: Warriors who move into positions deemed disloyal are often in some form of defensive maneuver. They may have created or have fallen into positions that require self-preservation (loyalty to self) over loyalty to others.


    Q.  What kinds of loyalty are there?


    ME: There are three kinds of Loyalty: Active, Passive, and Neutral. Active Loyalty is when support is actively and consciously chosen and given. Passive Loyalty is when support is assumed, unquestioned, and obligatory. Neutral Loyalty is broad and applicable as a natural trait of the individual who does not differentiate the necessity of loyalty for any one individual. For example, it may be determined that if someone is in need, you help them. There is no need for individual assessment. If someone needs help, help them and help them until they no longer need help or until one can no longer be helpful.


    Question inspired by: https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/2470-michael-speaks-the-essence-of-children/

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