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  • Warriors Testing Boundaries & Intimacy


    From a private session, 6-28-22.


    Q.     Why are boundaries are so important to the Warrior in order to build the capacity for intimacy?  


    ME: Boundaries are important to the Warriors' sense of intimacy because boundaries give a sense of form to something that is quite often intangible. If boundaries are clear, then intimacy can be real. If there is no sense of boundaries, the form and shape of intimacy can be unclear, confusing, and even scary or threatening. Warriors must know where they end and the other begins. Warriors will tend to have a "go to" method for testing boundaries. Some will do so through humor, some will do so through being "prickly", some will do so through creating gaps that must be crossed, some will do so through sharing specific interests, but all will have developed some form of "test" that helps them determine the boundaries of what does or does not bring them closer to someone.


    Question inspired by: https://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/2470-michael-speaks-the-essence-of-children/

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