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  • Are there subcategories for all 9 Pillars?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2011]


    [tkmppi] Do others of the 9 Pillars have 7 alternatives as True Home does (wilderness, ocean, etc., with the usual M math I presume)? If so, what are they?


    It is valid that each of the True Work, Play, Study, Love, Core, and Gift can be delineated into 7 broader categories for each, but these would not be as personalized as our choosing more specific terms for you on an individual basis from within those categories.


    For instance, True Work *could* be described as being the same as your Goal, but this would lend no insight into that specific Life Task, or methods for implementing that Life Task, even as it may fall under the broader umbrella of Growth, Acceptance, etc.


    Or True Play might be understood as relative to your Attitude, and your means of forming Expression; or True Study as relative to your Mode, and your means of igniting Inspiration.


    True Love tends to be relative to the Level within Soul Age. True Core tends to be relative to Soul Age. And True Gift tends to be relative to Chief Features (or the means through which one transcends or transforms the Chief Features).


    We can delineate these in more detail at another time, but this is a start.

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