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  • Shattering-Glass Exercise


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: May 2007]


    [carrotwax] There are a lot of us that were involved in the Alexandrian mystery school. Could Michael bring back an exercise or lesson from that time that would likely be beneficial for the group to remember and practice now?


    [Michael Entity] Although we cannot possibly answer for all who were involved, we have found a consistent thrill and sense of vague confusion as to why one would be so intrigued by this experience, but many of you relished in the breaking of glass as a practice in purging. The sound of glass shattering, especially in response to one’s own actions, is a slightly disturbing delight. The actual practice from the time you refer to as the “Alexandrian Mystery School” was one that involved imbuing glass objects with whatever was thought to need to be purged and then smashing this glass in a special room that enhanced the experience even further. This would be particularly beneficial to many of you who who live in a personal world that is created as so fragile and contained to the point of making as little an imprint as possible around you, all the while craving to leave a great impact in some way. This dichotomy within can be bridged by the shattering-glass exercise.

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