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  • What was the Ark of the Covenant?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: June 2011]

    [Bobby2] From your perspective, what exactly was the “Ark of the Covenant” as mentioned in our Old Testament? Was it some piece of advanced technology? If so, what were its capabilities? Does it still exist?

    [MEntity] We think that this is a reference to an energy source that was not fully understood by most, and because of its rather dangerous effects upon those in proximity, it was guarded quite well. We would not call it “advanced” technology, though from the current understanding of Earth history, it would seem so.

    [Bobby2] Was it nuclear?


    We do not think it still exists, as it was either an energy source that collapsed and dissipated over time, or was returned to the non-terrestrials who originally offered it.

    Its capabilities were equivalent to nuclear energy, but without the concern that nuclear energy presents in terms of toxic wastes and heats. However, a kind of radiation was a concern to those within proximity.

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