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  • Human evolution -- Homo naledi species


    [This articles duplicates a post in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club and may be discussed there: Homo Naledi Species]

    [DanielaS] Recently a new hominid species, named Homo naledi, was discovered in the Rising Star Cave system in South Africa. I am wondering if you are able to tell us about this species. Specifically, 1) Was Homo naledi a species of Human sentience? 2) When did it live? 3) Did H. naledi intentionally place their dead in the Rising Star cave? 4) If so, why and how did they get the bodies into the cave?


    This was yet another variation (and there are many more) that were branching out from around 3 million years ago. This line of species did host Sentience, as did most to some degree for some time as we were still working out the most stable line for development.

    This line was highly intelligent, but weaker and more frightened in nature, developing superb methods for hiding, cloaking, and stealthy traversing, often using cave systems as tunnels if they were available.

    Tunnels were "honeycombed" throughout the regions where this line would settle, and they developed "slippery" methods for moving through tight spaces by using a kind of lubricant wax from native plant life.

    In much the same way that many animals will know when they are dying and then maneuver themselves into closed spaces, this line of humans would choose to die in much the same way. Wounded, ill, elderly would work their way into designated "wombs" for the end of the life.

    Designated caretakers would tend to and honor these wombs, or help the weaker to enter, but most were not "placed" there.

    We refer to these as "wombs" because they were considered symbolic representations of birthing canals and wombs at the time, since this is how it was known that life would start. It was considered to "make sense" that one return to the "womb" as a way to return to life.

    Some would choose to enter the wombs even when not ill, wounded, or elderly, but with the idea that they could be born again together.

    As more evidence of other lines emerge over time and with better methods for extracting information from the planet, we can help in filling in the information as best we can.

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