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    This material was pulled from a private transcript that was originally posted on 9/24/13.


    Question: Regarding the different coloured races on earth, was this an experiment for us to develop tolerance or was it purely an accident?


    Michael: Approximately 5500 years ago, humans were decimated by a climatic event that would most likely have led to extinction. Intervention from what we refer to as our "caretaker" species whose origin is off-planet in our original star system helped to "seed" humanity again in various parts of the world in a way that either required or evolved variations relative to climate that are now referred to as "race". The concept of race is now a superficial construct, and not a valid biological differentiation within Humans. Variations of colour, size, and strength and even culture has always been a part of humanity, but when it was forced into divisions as a way for our survival and recovery, these differences became emphasized and fed directly into the lessons for Baby and Young cycles. So this differentiation was not intentional, it simply was always there, and became emphasized. The concept of race would appear to begin to fade into absurdity over the next 100 years or so.

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    • Susan A Flow
      By Susan A Flow
      Hi Everyone,   I had a chance to specifically ask Michael about me some ancient history and I'm sharing it with you.   If anyone has a link to the Wackadoodle info (I am a member of the club) about the Nephilim giants, could you please post it?   I'm not sure I remember seeing it and I couldn't find it yesterday before this session.
      Private Chat   January 23, 2020     Works of Zecharia Sitchin
        I’ve been tempted several times to delve into the works of Zecharia Sitchin. I’m fascinated by ancient history of the middle east and Mesopotamia. Once you told me that I discovered your teachings when I was a temple Accolade in Babylon. In our time today can you please talk about whether the information detailed from Sitchin in his books about off planet visitation and this race’s subsequent help for this species is true or a fabrication? Was Marduk one of the last of these visitors who stayed here to help us? If all the above is nonsense then can you please focus on: If I was present during this time period of history, what was my soul age then and where any of the people in my life today especially close to me then?
      Hello to you, Susan. We are here, now. We can begin. We see your question and will respond.
      It is difficult to quantify the entirety of one person's claims, but we can say that we have assessed what we found and there is around 60% accuracy, even in some of the speculation.
      Nephilim giants then were among us?
      Oh yes, though his claims may be off, there were "giants" among you. We have spoken about this is some detail in what Troy has deemed "whackadoodle."
      It was not a pleasant experience for Humans.
      OK! I love whackadoodle. Do you want to go on and answer questions about any life times in the Babylon era then?
      I was looking for this info yesterday in the data bases, but I must have missed it. But I did try, I didn't want to waste your time
      The god Marduk was a deified memory of a caretaker who helped during a long recovery period for humanity.
      yes, it was said he was very long lived
      It feels as if there were a number of caretakers in that area who ended up being deified, like the God of the Persians
      Ahura Mazda
      As for your presence, yes, "you" were there in Mesopotamia. This is also where we first made contact with our students as "Michael." though we were not called by any particular name at the time. Your Essence was 7th Level Mature shifting to 1st Level Old at the time.
      And yes, there were many gods of that era who represented caretakers.
      It may be of interest to our students to dedicate time in the future with us to discuss the biographies of these deified caretakers.
      Sound very good Michael, I'm interested.
      In short, in response to your broader question about the validity of the source material, we would say that it is safe to consider it a viable resource for study, but to keep your level of discernment high. There are glaring leaps in logic that can be
      In short, in response to your broader question about the validity of the source material, we would say that it is safe to consider it a viable resource for study, but to keep your level of discernment high. There are glaring leaps in logic that can be sorted out, and some deeply moving memories that could help validate other details.
      We will conclude here for today, Susan. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now.
    • Our Geraldine [memorial profile]
      By Our Geraldine [memorial profile]
      This material was obtained in a Michael Speaks session on March 25, 2012.
      Note from Janet: I found this session hidden in my 'Geraldine' archives. Although it is a Michael Speaks session, it was originally posted in the TLE Fringe section, for reasons that will become obvious when you read it. As more and more 'fringe' material hits the site with barely a blink among TLE students, I think this session rightfully belongs among the other Michael Speaks sessions. 
      March 25, 2012
      History of Michael and their Teachings
      Channel: Troy Tolley
      To begin with, we will speak to you about the origin and nature of your Agreements with us, and then move into the history. We think our connection is clear enough now to move forward.
      Most of our students were in Agreement to be our students long before our Cycling off.
      These Agreements were made among our Essences, but forged by our relationships within the Physical Plane as our Personalities interacted.
      Many of you have been our children, parents, best friends, loved ones, and yes, even our intimate mates, when we were incarnating.
      Over our 6 million years of incarnating, we have shared many lives with many fragments, just as you have. No Entity, Cadre, or Energy Ring sustains its incarnations with only its own fragments.
      Though the pool of options are vast from within your own Energy Ring, it makes sense that a great number of fragments from within an Energy Ring would find bonds with those outside of that, for various reasons, both personal and cosmic.
      On a personal level, these are forged by the choices of Personality and its attraction to various other fragments and Personalities that it comes across while incarnating.
      On a cosmic level, for lack of a better phrase, these relationships are vital for the uniting that will come for Energy Rings with other Energy Rings.
      Though bonds come to be formed in many ways across Cadres, Entities, and Energy Rings, there does tend to be a pattern.
      Some of this patterning is mathematical in nature as a base for the bonding, such as those relationships and resonances among Essence Twins.
      The Essence Twins across Entities tend to help to twin Entities within a Cadre, with the 7th Entity tending to twin with the 7th Entity of other Cadres.
      If one were to simplistically visualize an Energy Ring, then, it could be described like 12 spokes in a wheel, with each "spoke" being a Cadre of 7 Entities, and the 7th Entities in the innermost of the ring.
      This is not how they "look," but it is helpful for the context of visualizing the bonds.
      So the inner circle would be the 7th Entities acting as a gravity for each "spoke" Cadres.
      This would look much like an Astrology wheel.
      Or a clock.
      Those bonds from within an Energy Ring tend to be generated in origin by Casting, and the mathematical resonance that is caused by this.
      Beyond the Energy Rings, the bonding become "personal."
      It takes the power of Choice to generate those bonds.
      From within an Energy Ring, then, there will tend to grow a patterning of choice from across the lifetimes of those members that begins to forge bonds outside of the Energy Ring.
      This is not to say that there are not cosmic bonds already in place, but that they are trumped by the bonds generated by choice.
      This lends a beauty to the process of our bonding that is of profound joy to each involved, and is a balance for the more mathematical gravity that is built in to our reunions.
      Though there is an awesome order to the universe and to our bonding, it is balanced by an awesome freedom that is sustained by our capacity for choice.
      And so it is that grander relationships, such as ours, are generated, and then used as a basis for reunions on higher planes.
      Mathematical bonding will help complete the reuniting in those high planes, but the momentum of our choices will have done most of the work.
      In the case of the relationship between our students and this entity, we have become a force that will be a cause for our Energy Rings to unite in the high planes.
      This kind of resonance is generated in a number of ways that play out across Energy Rings as Entities act as teachers, guides, inspiration, support, etc.
      And the circuits are set so that what is emitted from one is received by another, and then emitted to another.
      The students become the teachers, for example.
      So your entities will, eventually, be a resource for other fragments in Energy Rings beyond your own.
      Most of our bonding started to come during our Late Mature and Old cycles while we were still incarnating.
      We shifted into Old Soul around 150,000 years ago.
      Or rather, our first fragment did so.
      Over the next 145,000 years or so, we evolved toward cycling off.
      The depth of our relationship with many of you was established over that time.
      This began during a rather terrifying period on the planet when an off-planet species caused quite a bit of devastation and fear, forcing many of us into hiding for a while.
      For about 5000 years, our species had to work together to rebuild, and this was helped by an Infinite Soul manifestation around which our students and we bonded.
      [MW] aliens were after us?
      They did not acknowledge us.
      We were not seen as anything significant, at least in terms of sentience and the capacity to feel.
      The mining was the priority.
      This destroyed a great deal of our modern society at the time, which was well beyond what yours is now.
      [MW] Sounds like the root of a lot of our science fiction
      We had not built our civilizations up from materials that were so resistant to decomposition, so once we were "wiped out," what materials were left behind (as much was taken in the sweeps for clearing out paths for mining), easily moved back into nature.
      Over the next 70,000 years or so, our incarnations were rather close together with those of you whom had bonded with us during the initial shift of our Entity into Old Soul.
      Over that 70,000 years or so, we were sporadic in our bonding, building upon it when we could, based on how our paths might cross as we tended to our own paths.
      From about 70,000 years ago, then, we began to plan more carefully.
      Our relationships began to become important, and meaningful, and our Essences would include each other in the Life Plans.
      This is when we determined that we were good teachers, and that you were eager learners.
      The next Infinite Soul manifestation inspired us, as Old Souls, to move into paths that focused on the building of schooling systems, and teaching methods that could be shared.
      We had our own teachers by this point, working with us in ways that are similar to how we work with you.
      Our teachers worked with us primarily in dreams.
      This is a period of time that we see most modern scientists mark as a kind of significant shift in humanity, as schooling became quite stabilized by this time, and this encouraged migration.
      When people are educated, curiosity returns, and curiosity leads to creativity, and creativity can lead to travels, and this expanded our species again beyond the clusters that had come to be established after the mining.
      Of course, the current interpretation of the past is hilariously reduced to a primitive man that did, in fact, exist, but alongside a man much more closely resembling yourselves now, than not.
      We use the word "hilariously" intentionally.
      As we do find this rather humorous, since we had worked so hard to reestablish and expand our species, only to then have our descendents, so to speak, remove us from the equation.
      [BW] Where is the proof of that though? Something we can dig up from that era that throws off everything we know that says we lived in caves and were just learning to tame fire.
      "Proof" has been found in numerous ways, and by numerous people, but these are set aside as anomalies that are disorienting and upsetting, particularly in terms of the politics of archeology and funding. It is often the case that the established timeline and presumptions must be upheld at all costs.
      Beyond this, much of our version of modern civilization was designed and built from a very close relationship with nature, and intentionally camouflaging.
      We are confident that the timeline and proof of our species origins will come to be clarified. It has been lost and regained several times.
      Trying to find proof of civilizations within the first few feet of accessible earth is not exactly going to provide much.
      More sophisticated tools of scanning and penetration might need to come to pass before proof can be found preserved.
      But it is there.
      Even if as a needle in the haystack, so to speak.
      We worked out our teaching methods and concepts, then, over those lifetimes share with our students along the way to our cycling off.
      We established at the core of our philosophy a kind of passive invitation that would cater to the learning speed and style of the student, rather than one that is actively imposed.
      Your questions became the source of our teaching.
      Your curiosity became the direction of our subjects.
      And this continues today.
      Returning to the subject of proof, we can only only say that it is difficult to use a sampling of evidence from your planet that is the equivalent of using only the crumbs from a cupcake to extrapolate everything about the events of a birthday party.
      It will not reveal whether it was a lone person in sadness eating the cupcake while watching tv, or whether it was a vast and happy celebration with hundreds of attendees.
      And so while this is a crude analogy, it is still fair, as what is being used for interpreting your history is limited only to what is allowed, and what is found. There is not only much more to be found, but much more to be allowed.
      We will pause here and open the floor to your questions: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN.
      [BA] Was gold the reason for the mining by the extraterrestrials 
      BA, it was part of the reason, but from what we can see, the element that was mined is long gone, and depleted.
      There are probably pockets in the planet where this currently unknown element is, but it does not appear to have been found.
      [MW] Did our caretaker species not have the ability to help us when these aliens came? It sounds like the basis for a lot of the more fearful science fiction.
      As we have shared about our history in the past, the caretaker species, for lack of a better phrasing, leaves for thousands of years before returning. They did return, but about 75,000 years too late.
      This is one of the reasons their visits are more frequent over the past 75,000 years.
      At least in terms of monitoring, not necessarily in obvious ways that would interfere.
      The mining was done by a permanently-traveling species that is outside of the known primary circle of species who have sustained contact over the millions of years that there have been species. That species is known, but is elusive.
      [MW] The Borg?
      Earth is enough "out of the way" that it was ideal for our transfer, but also makes it vulnerable to those less-informed species.
      The concept of the "borg" comes from a different memory of a species, as the mining species was not an assimilative species.
      [JK] I understand what you said about the proofs of a developed civilisation 100k BC being like crumbs from a party. But still, could you just give us an example of one anomaly that has been discovered in modern times (and known of now) and what is it remains of, how was it used etc?
      It is difficult to reference many examples, as they are in seclusion and our referencing them would be useless, but an example may be something like in the ruins of Puma Punku, which is a direct beneficiary of technologies that were in place long before that.
      This would be an example that is difficult to hide, but even more difficult to explain, based on current establishments of timeline and intelligence of the species.
      The pyramids of Egypt and various other locations, are another obvious example, that are forced into story lines and historic contexts that are often completely unrelated.
      Passing them off as grandiose tombs is absurd.
      The examples are numerous, but these are rather obvious examples that put into perspective how something can be "right under your nose," and still managed to be packaged nicely into a paradigm that is prefabricated for acceptability.
      Beyond this, there are a number of tools and parts of machinery that have been documented and set aside as anomalies that "could not" or should not have existed in the currently accepted timelines.
      At the height of our civilization before the mining, we had come to use light in a way that is only now being explored by Humans again.
      We were able to construct great spaces and interactive machines that were generated by structured light.
      This may have seemed fantastical to most only 20 years ago, but the possibilities are returning again in recent years, as the use of light is being used for interactivity with devices, no longer depended upon solid interfaces.
      This may eventually come to be as useful as it was in the past, so that homes are built from them, with walls just as solid as any material walls, but made from light.
      We are using limited terminology here, but it works.
      As you can imagine, when a civilization is destroyed that is built from light, not much remains.
      This will be another crude analogy, but this Internet is entirely generated from the equivalent of light. Shut it down, and that world is "gone."
      It is not gone, but its understanding and acknowledgement in the future would be entirely dependent upon someone figuring out what a server is, and how the data is stored and extracted, and how that could then be extrapolated to be an entire world of information, games, interactivity, communication, education, pleasure, etc.
      History now has only found fragments of a server, so to speak, which are like those crumbs of a cupcake we mentioned, and it is nearly impossible to fathom what those fragments mean in terms of the actual vastness of what it generated as The Internet.
      [JK] i have to imagine and guess a lot and have lots more to ask but it will have to wait for another day :)
      [JK] and yes it makes sense, the analogy
      [MG] I have noticed there is a lot discomfort with some students related to the inconclusively of much of our true history. I’m guessing it’s the science vs faith issue. If our history can’t be proven through science, at this time, what would Michael suggest that would help us move, more freely, from faith to trust?
      That is rather easy:
      Even within a single lifetime, what is considered scientifically conclusive is shifted or altered as new discoveries are included in the picture. The origins of your species continue to go farther and farther back. It was not so long ago that the timeline was even more comically recent.
      We encourage trust in the scientific data, but true trust is in the fact that this will change, and that valid science is never conclusive.
      It was not long ago that your world was flat.
      And it was not.
      The perspective and the gathering of data must continue to grow, and the egos interpreting these must continue to retreat in favor of the evidence suggesting that humans have been around much longer, and much more intelligently, and in far more diversity, than has been presumed.
      We do not suggest that any of you believe us, as that will not matter one bit. Belief is not required. Your origins will not change any more than your world was forced to be flat simply because it was believed to have been so.
      To bring balance to your sense of trust and perspective is to simply acknowledge the current scientific understanding alongside the fact of its continuing to shift and grow. You do not have to consider your origins as being any more than what is currently accepted.
      Consider our perspective to be a grand possibility that has little evidence, and that your science has a grand conclusion that is based in little evidence.
      To go to either extreme is a disservice to your intelligence.
      Find your own balance between possibility and evidence; that is the way of science.
      True Intelligence is never conclusive.
      And Trust is based on evidence.
      And the evidence is there that what is scientifically true changes on a regular basis, and is only as exact as its collection of data, and the minds of those interpreting it.
      The beauty of valid scientific intelligence is that it embraces being wrong, and then goes beyond that.
      Only when conclusions begin to be drawn does it become dangerous, but that is most often the imposition of religion and politics, not science.
      [GB] Michael, would you define what you mean by two different levels of culture living alongside? i.e., a civilized human species and a primitive species, such as H. rhodesiensis. Was there an awareness of one another?
      There have always been several branches of Human over the years, most of which were not sentient. It was only upon about 5000 years ago that most of those branches were obliterated by a massive impact.
      The sentient branch of Human has always been aware of the non-sentient branches, but lived among them in much the same way Humans currently live alongside other primates.
      However, when the exodus of Mature and Old Souls happened after the meteor impact, and then the subsequent rise of "races" from the rebuilding, the Baby and Young interpreted these variations among the same sentience as levels of status, and slavery arose from there.
      When the distinctions were obvious in such a way that encouraged a careful and respectful space for each branch of the species, it was easy to exist alongside each other.
      Branches of the species had died out, but the "races" were now being interpreted as being different species, and with the Baby and Young interpretation of these differences taking foothold, a plan to exploit those differences came into your history in a way that did not exist before.
      Luckily, Humans are not as vicious and as warring as they have come to be understood in the recent paradigm of understanding, which is a Young Soul interpretation.
      As the Old and Mature Souls have returned in great numbers over the past 5000 years or so, the foothold of the Young and Baby has been lifted slowly, but surely.
      For the duration of any sentient species, it is never left without care from another species, or from within its own species, if there is a dominant number of Infant, Baby, or Young Souls.
      However, the momentum generated after the meteor impact that left Baby and Young Souls running things has taken some time to get back into balance.
      This would be similar to the adults of a household leaving toddlers and teens in charge.
      It would be fair to expect a few disasters and messes upon returning.
      The past 5000 years or so has been the "messiest" in Human history, as generated from within Humanity, at least.
      Many of our students stuck it out, though, and continued to incarnate throughout this period. It has not been easy.
      We think we have answered your question, and then some. We will conclude here for today. We enjoy what has come of our Agreements. We enjoy sharing how those came to be. Goodnight to each of you.
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