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  • Ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramid, and the Sirius star system


    [Extract contributed from a private session]


    [HeidiH] Why have I always been drawn to “ancient” Egypt, the Great Pyramid, and the Sirius star system?


    You are of the few fragments of the Human species whose first lifetimes were not of Earthly-origin. Before the transport of your species to Earth, you experienced two incarnations as an Infant Soul within the Sirius System. Your draw to the “Great Pyramid” is because it is the closest, most tangible reminder of your off-world connection.  Although there are time anomalies to consider, “eventually” the “Great Pyramid” will be relevant to off-world contact “again.”


    Beyond the fact of this symbolism, you have had 37 lives across the various Dynasties established in that region.

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