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  • Are humans now living on other planets?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: March 2001]


    [nemo999] Are humans now living on other planets?


    [Michael_Entity] Not that we know of; at least in terms of sentience that is of Earth origins. There certainly are other “humans” native to other planets that you would identify with, yes.


    [MaryBV] Please expand a bit on the other humans in the galaxy. Are any of these currently monitoring the Earth with intentions to contact us? Any information on these other humans would be of interest. Thank you.


    [Michael_Entity] Other humans native to their own planets are in the same degree of awareness and exploration as your own. There is only one group of humans that is not planet-bound, but the exploration is of a tourist-like event and highly limited. There is actually film footage that can be found on your planet of a visitation event; your planet is viewed regularly by these visitors. The humans that are not planet-bound have not learned how to communicate cross-species or to adapt to varying atmospheres yet, therefore they have always been confined to their tours for now.


    [MaryBV] As in a Club Med Earth?


    [Michael_Entity] In terms of a Club Med Earth, no, this would not be valid, though the humor is not lost on us.


    [Leela] Where are these other humans located? I mean on what planets?


    [Michael_Entity] We do not have an accurate term for the planetary system in which you might have a reference. Your astronomy is highly limited at this time and what can be “seen” is often “not there” anymore. We can say these fragments reside near what has been called the “Horsehead Nebula” area, though.

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