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  • Nuclear alien intervention


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2011]


    [Bobby] You've mentioned that the Chernobyl incident was one where alien intervention occurred. Did the recent Fukushima incident also precipitate such an intervention? If so, what sort of interaction is taking place?


    The Chernobyl event was one that included prevention, with some amount of hope that this would help move nuclear development down in priority, as it is quite unstable as a resource on a planet with shifting crusts.


    The impending destruction at Fukushima, however, is not being prevented, and is, as far we can see, even being encouraged, as this may end up being one of the “hard lessons” that caretakers may consider necessary to allow, much like eventually allowing the child to burn his hand so that the danger is fully comprehended.


    There are no interventions at this time, that we can see, at least.

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