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  • Telepathic Connections with Pets


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: September 2000]


    [echoprime] Do our pets (primarily dogs and cats) share a telepathic connection with us? (I'm thinking specifically of the morning I thought I “heard” my black cat, Solo, say my name.)


    Yes, but more accurately, they are telepathic EXTENSIONS of you. Though domestic animals do have distinct individualities, their “personalities” are the extensions of one or more Overleaves of the most bonded caretaker. If you “heard” your name from your cat, it is not uncommon for the animal to use a kind of telepathic medium to grab the attention of the caretaker.


    We remind you, as well, if you are interested in any form of off-planet communication with alien sentience, Cats are the most viable accessible vehicle for that communication.

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    • Amira Sa'Di
      By Amira Sa'Di
      Does anyone have any good stories to tell about the BENEFITS of having a cat as a companion?
      Unfortunately, I wasn't raised in the "TV American" middle-class Caucasian family where pets are revered and they even have their own place settings at the dining room table. Sigh....that wasn't even me. I was raised in the 'hood by some weird Muslims who believed that animals are nasty and that people shouldn't have pets.
      After years of watching the Disney Channel and taking classes from Caucasian female lightworkers (expect a separate thread for that one ;-), I concluded that pet owners have more fun--or at least they can bulk up hauling 30 lb bags of food and 40 lb bags of kitty litter AND channel their Extra-terrestrial ancestors (if they have a cat). I had to hang out with the Nuwaupians for awhile before I concluded that channeling one's Extra-terrestrial ancestors would even be a good idea, but they didn't seem to have pets, either.
      Well, so.....I asked the Universe for a cat and said cat arrived about 4 months ago. He's a great person and all, but....well.....he's a CAT. He's not a replacement for human companionship, and "lap time" I can honestly take or leave. All of his special effects, shots, surgery, exams, flea treatments, and $300 vacuum cleaner have pretty much broken the bank, as I have yet to attain the middle-class income that sits behind all of those cheerful Disney Channel scenes. Meanwhile, I'm up to my eyeballs in scat mats, toy rats, scratching posts, water guns, and double-sided sticky tape. I can hardly move around my own house without getting caught in all the traps I set for the cat. I hate stalking people!!! I hate having to kiss somebody's ass when they violate my space because they are defenseless and dependent and they don't understand!!!! I hate people following me around for food!!! I hate having to clean that stupid pet water fountain!!!! UGH!! REALITY CHECK!!!  I should have left his furry ass outside! (He's quite a looker, though....Feast your eyes on the cute cat pic attached. ?
      Granted, my immune system is stronger after the "Catty and Mommy parasite cleanse" and the super-scooper respiratory infection from breathing in cat shit at the litter box twice a day. (I am the Parasite Punisher! Die, bastards, DIE!!!!) However, I STILL insist on having cat-free countertops. How DARE I, right?
      What was I thinking? Most likely nothing... It occurs to me that Essence probably made a deal with this furry dude; maybe we're supposed to open up a healing practice and do "cat scans." It would be just like an Old Priest to plan some off-the-wall shit like that, but my personality is just about ready to cut her losses. I've got Angels helping me sort out my plethora of mental and physical health issues, so what REALLY is the deal with the cat? Darn that top need for Acceptance! I think I was just trying to fit in. I'm trying so hard to tap into the "pet lover within," but the honest truth is....
      We are not amused..... 
      Ah...that feels better.... Ranting is SO much more fun than hauling kitty litter! I guess I have my Mercurial body type to thank for that...? 
      Any positive contributions to balance this disagreeable rant are welcome and encouraged. Thanks!

    • Janet
      By Janet
      September 21, 2000
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Open Floor
      [Michael_Entity] We are here. One moment. We understand you will be in “open floor” format again tonight. We will move immediately into Questions then.
      [Clavis] Could Michael recommend any power or energy spot in Germany to visit during my trip there? It could include Austria, too.
      [Michael_Entity] We have no basis with which to “recommend,” as far as “energy spots” or “power spots” in what is known as Germany. We can either highlight a few of the areas, or comment on areas where you may already be planning to visit. Most will find their “spots” quite easily on their own.
      [Clavis] Michael mentioned “pressure points” of Earth before, using Egypt as one example. Is there any such spots in Germany or Austria?
      [Michael_Entity] Each of our channels resonate with and define parameters differently for what they call “points” or “spots.” The variations are not contradictions, but rather, “layers.” Each Layer is based on a layer of Truth. Most “power spots” are based on Personal Truths. The system as a whole for defining the “maps” of energy that comprise the Earth's energies requires collaboration, but it is a definite system. If you'd like to have an example of what might be a “personal power spot,” something that might resonate with you and trigger personal transformation, then on that basis we suggest the Harz Mountains.
      [Dewliet] Lately, certain music has made me ache with inexplicable longing. I get the feeling music might be a “language” for a fragment's communication with Essence. Could Michael comment on what draws individuals to certain types of music?
      This particular Universe is built from and based on Music and Math. Everything can be reduced to either. Geometrically, the Universe can be reduced to Circles and Triangles. The resolution or common denominator for each set is the Spiral. Music then is multidimensional in its effect. All nonphysical matter, from the Astral and beyond, is translated into shapes and tones. When these multidimensional means of translation and communication are used while Physical, there is a “transcendence” in many cases to a level of “pure” nonphysical, paranormal connection.
      Music is in particular the language of the Astral Plane and the Messianic Planes. While extant on the Physical Plane, while Essence resides Astrally, Music then is a direct path to your Source. It is also a means to link directly to other Essences. What draws a fragment to a certain type of music is usually linked to their Centering and Role. Listening to it is the only means for its impact. Creating it is a different context altogether.
      We will also add that two other factors in determining the draw to certain types of music is the predominance of your Overleaves as they are arranged on the Axis (more Action, or more Expression, etc.). And we add that “timing” and events in a life will create a draw for what is most “needed” appropriately.
      [Dewliet] So, are you implying then, that the music most deeply touching me is that which brings me closest to Essence?
      [Michael_Entity] Yes. But note that it may also be a path for direct contact with other Essences. This is a large topic and we may continue with the delineation of each Axis, or move to the next question.
      [Dewliet] Thank you, Michael! Please take the next question.
      [Anne49] I would like to know why during the live channeling session in NYC some of us blanked out. I have very little recollection of what took place, and do not remember being anywhere else.
      Many of you are inconvenienced by the body as a sensory unit as a whole. Those of you we sense “blanked out” were in a moment wherein you felt “permission” to do so. There was a common element of great amounts of input for each of those who did “blank out.” While in our “presence” and while in the moment of your Cadre/Entity unions, having to have full-body attention was simply pointless and moot to you. After a great deal of input over the week previously, combined with the sense of permission and safety, combined with the hypnotic elements of the room, voices, and energy, it is not surprising.
      “Where” you were was literally “nowhere.” At least as we see it. This was the “point.” This allowed assimilation, but with that amount of assimilation in a condensed amount of space/time, the “pressure” most likely had an impact physically. We believe you mentioned to Troy the pressure of your “headache.” This happens to many who attend a channeling in person, or even online “live.” A great deal of exchange is occurring not only “horizontally,” but “vertically.”
      [MaryBV] This may be a bit too personal, but I would like Michael to comment on my perception of people's auras. For instance, during the channeling session in NYC I saw a “bubbling” of Troy's aura from the left side of his head. Was I seeing this correctly and did the aura coming from this side of the head have any particular meaning, and is seeing the aura of any ‘real’ importance generally?
      The Aura is real. It is a significant and vital part of communication, even if not acknowledge consciously. There are several layers to an Aura, similar to the several layers of the Earth. What is generally called the “aura” is the Emotional Body, or Astral Body. When “viewing” the Aura of another fragment, it is generally not realized, even among the most serious students of the Bodies, that you will ALWAYS “view” another person's Aura THROUGH your own. This “colours” the “colours” seen.
      A rarer form of viewing the Aura is in seeing the Mental Body or Causal Body. There are discrepancies among different teachings as to the term, so we will refer to it as the Causal Body here.
      In your case, Mary, you were “seeing” Troy's Causal Body. You will still interpret the “images,” but they are more inclined to be resonant between the perceiver and the perceived as compared to viewing the Emotional Body/Astral Body. The “bubbling” you witnessed was the release of minor beliefs from Troy's Causal Body that were held as obstacles and stress up to the moment of our “arrival.” Once we moved through the energy that is Troy and the Sage, these were released.
      As to the significance of the left side of his head, this is simply where this fragment believes release is experienced from the more “dominant,” choice-making side.
      [Leela] I've been wondering recently if there is particular karma that Jews as a group have carried over the millennia. Is there any truth to this perception?
      [Michael_Entity] Races/religious groups can have Karma that is dealt with collectively over millennia, yes. We see those who choose the context of lifetimes as a Jew as participating more in terms of religious imprinting as a means to explore common themes. There is no particular Karma for Jews that we can see being valid as a whole, but the draw to be born as part of this group in any form is highly appealing to Mature Souls seeking intense lessons around family and imprinting. Races and religions create CONTEXTS more than they do Karma. For instance, the race known as Black or African/American is now a powerful draw for newly Young Souls.
      [Momhawk] Hello Michael: What's up with this ‘peeper’ guy? Are my ‘impressions’ so far, accurate? Does it look like he will ‘return’ again HERE, or not at this time? Any further recommendations as to how to best handle this situation? Is it safe to remain here in my home, or would it just be better to leave for a while over the upcoming weekend. I'm REALLY tired from dealing with all of this at this point.
      [Michael_Entity] This is your Karma. You will be compelled to complete it. Whether you leave or not, there is a momentum that will allow a balance. Your “impressions” are accurate enough to console you, but they are of little use. We do not speak ominously, simply as we see the situation. Your “best” method of handling this situation is to trust your impulses. They are cues to your Karmic path.
      [KellyGirl] I would like to know about my next Mate agreement that will happen, particularly when, where, who, and the agreement itself.
      [Michael_Entity] You have two Mate Agreements: A Sage and a Server, both male. We cannot guarantee that these “will happen” as they are Agreements, and are not bound by anything. We do see they are still intact. The Server's agreement was for August. The delay is not an impact. The Sage is in Agreement to meet you in November. The Server is a Healer in your Support Circle and will most likely, if brought in, be a pivotal but temporary contact. His impact will inspire you, but attachment is more than likely not the intent. The Sage is more “serious” and probable as a long-term exploration. You enjoy Sages. This fragment is involved with children and Law. The ‘where’ of the agreement with the Sage is not determined, though we do see an inclination toward meeting in a holiday gathering.
      [echoprime] Do our pets (primarily dogs and cats) share a telepathic connection with us? (I'm thinking specifically of the morning I thought I “heard” my black cat, Solo, say my name.)
      Yes, but more accurately, they are telepathic EXTENSIONS of you. Though domestic animals do have distinct individualities, their “personalities” are the extensions of one or more Overleaves of the most bonded caretaker. If you “heard” your name from your cat, it is not uncommon for the animal to use means that have become identified as a means to grab the attention of the caretaker.
      We remind you, as well, if you are interested in any form of off-planet communication with alien sentience, Cats are the most viable accessible vehicle for that communication.
      [Clavis] Could Michael tell me if I have chosen different careers in any parallel selves, and if I can tap into my talents in my other selves?
      Yes, of course you have chosen various careers in parallel universes. That is why they are not “this” parallel. It is possible to “tap” the talents of other Parallel personalities. This can be done through simple visualization and imagination. Using your imagination, “peek” in on what you could imagine as having been alternative routes “you” followed. These are almost always accurate and real. If you can imagine it, it has most likely found a place in some parallel. Once you have “locked on” to a parallel, “observe” yourself there. Look at what “you” are doing in your general, everyday life. If that is a parallel with talents you'd like to implement “here,” or if it has a prosperity level that you'd like to impress “here,” then simply notice what you are wearing, what you do as you come home, notice how you are wearing your hair, how you eat, anything that is a common, obvious behaviour that is “different” from “you here.”
      For example, if in that parallel you always come home and place your keys in a specific place, note that. Note anything that can be easily duplicated “here,” but is different enough to symbolically link you to that parallel. Then simply begin implementing that small change. The impact can become quite phenomenal and transformative. A bleedthrough will begin, impulses and behavior may begin to change, etc. It can be quite disconcerting, but if you are consciously choosing this experiment, it can be maneuvered through with little stress.
      [Clavis] Would Michael care to name a few of the different careers?
      [Michael_Entity] We are not in a forum that supports an assessment of your parallels tonight, JJ, but your own imagination can be used as effectively.
      [ksh] When is my next mate agreement?
      You have Agreements with a Scholar in April of 2001. This is a long-term Mate Agreement with a movement in process in 5 year cycles. This fragment is male, travels to the US frequently and intends to live there eventually. It appears the agreement is to be fulfilled through meeting in a work environment or job-related pursuit. The meeting will most likely occur previous to the month of the Agreement's implementation. You can validate when you meet this Scholar when you are informed that his brother lives in the US and the fragment's mother is deceased. These are two, more obvious validating factors.
      Good Night.
    • PPLD
      By PPLD
      @Bobby, this is dedicated to you, but also to all us crazy cat people ?
      Bobby’s comment here made me recall this hilarious short story, by one of my favourite contemporary authors, Margaret Atwood published in the collection of her fictional essays “The Tent” from 2006, that I wholeheartedly recommend.
      So here it is; the rather short, short story. Enjoy!
      (If you prefer listening to Margret reading it herself at Toronto Public Library in 2010, you find it at the bottom.)
      Our cat was raptured up to heaven.
      He’d never liked heights, so he tried to sink his claws into whatever invisible snake, giant hand, or eagle was causing him to rise in this manner, but he had no luck.
      When he got to heaven, it was a large field. There were a lot of little pink things running around that he thought at first were mice. Then he saw God sitting in a tree. Angels were flying here and there with their fluttering white wings; they were making sounds like doves. Every once in a while God would reach out with its large furry paw and snatch one of them out of the air and crunch it up. The ground under the tree was littered with bitten-off angel wings.
      Our cat went politely over to the tree.
      - Meow, said our cat.
      - Meow, said God. Actually it was more like a roar.
      - I always thought you were a cat, said our cat, but I wasn’t sure.
      - In heaven all things are revealed, said God. This is the form in which I choose to appear to you.
      - I’m glad you aren’t a dog, said our cat. Do you think I could have my testicles back?
      - Of course, said God. They’re over behind that bush.
      Our cat was very pleased.
      - Thank you, he said to God.
      God was washing its elegant long whiskers.
      - De rien, said God.
      - Would it be possible for me to help you catch some of those angels? said our cat. 
      - You never liked heights, said God, stretching itself out along the branch, in the sunlight. (I forgot to say there was sunlight.)
      - True, said our cat. I never did. There were a few disconcerting episodes he preferred to forget. Well, how about some of those mice?
      - They aren’t mice, said God. But catch as many as you like. Don’t kill them right away. Make them suffer.
      - You mean, play with them? said our cat. I used to get in trouble for that.
      - It’s a question of semantics, said God. You won’t get in trouble for that here.
      Our cat chose to ignore this remark, as he did not know what “semantics” was. He did not intend to make a fool of himself.
      - If they aren’t mice, what are they? he said.
      Already he’d pounced on one. He held it down under his paw. It was kicking, and uttering tiny shrieks.
      - They’re the souls of human beings who have been bad on Earth, said God, half-closing its yellowy-green eyes. Now if you don’t mind, it’s time for my nap.
      - What are they doing in heaven, then? said our cat.
      - Our heaven is their hell, said God. I like a balanced universe.

    • Bogi
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