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  • Zetas, Planet X and Pole Shifts


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: March 2014]


    [Philip] About the Zeta information. Is this to be taken seriously? Is this channeled material?


    There are many variations on what might be phrased "zeta information." Are you asking of this, in general?


    And are you speaking of the off-planet species that this tends to refer to?


    [Philip] What I am seeing is about a Planet X and a pole shift on earth. Yes, off planet species


    Your question is quite broad, so our response will be, as well: to take the information you are coming across seriously, or not, is up to you. We cannot make that choice for you. In terms of a group of off-planet species generally referred to as "zetas," this has gone wildly into the realm of symbolism, and not accuracy. Though there are species that are similar to the descriptions often offered, the use of "Zeta" to group them is about as accurate as describing Humans, chimpanzees, and apes as "American."


    The symbolism of these aliens have come to be the replacement for what were once considered demons.


    In other words, they are a modern construct of personified fears, in many instances (not all).


    The species referred to, in general, are not as sinister as are often depicted.


    In terms of "Planet X" and a "pole shift," there is some validity to the fact that there are "planets" in trajectories that could be worrisome for Earthlings. Though we are not certain as to when any of these may be of necessity for concern, we do not think it is any time soon. As for Pole Shifts, these occur all of the time. They are not unusual. The pole shifts often referred to as being on a scale of massive destruction or change has never happened. We know that it is possible, but highly unlikely.

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