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  • Animals Choosing Their Own Exits


    [Excerpt from TT: 2001-07-13]

    [MaryBV] This may seem like a silly question, but I am having trouble with my cat Chinook. His coat looks icky and he only will eat tuna. What is wrong and can I help him?

    [M_Entity] This cat appears to have had the original devic energies choose to leave. Rather than the body passing, it is on “autopilot” with much of your own energy sustaining it. The group of Essences originally care taking for this mammal have diversified and are seeking a litter of kittens. New devic energies may find Chinook of interest, but this may take over 7 months to secure port.

    Devic energies do not get attached to humans, especially in Felines, but rather observe and assimilate. These energies were done. Normally, an illness will befall the animal and the Chief Feature of the Human caretaker will affect the animal’s demise. It appears, because of your own internal, eccentric nature, there simply may be interest in Chinook being a “walk-in,” so to speak, for another set of energies from the Hive.

    If this does not occur, there will most likely be a passing after that 7 months. The signs of this passing, in this case, would be if serious eye infections manifest. We would say it would be safe to assume this particular cat is choosing to exit. If the eye infections manifest. Regardless of how traumatically manifested, there is intelligence to the animals that choose their own exits, as well, on some level.


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