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  • Cats and their receptivity to "signals" from various sources


    [Excerpt from TT: 2016-03-06 Ask Michael]


    Erin: In the transcripts, I have read you mention that felines are most attuned spiritually. Can you further elaborate on what it is about cats that gives them this natural gift?


    MEntity: We might not describe this species as "most attuned spiritually," but we do speak of this species as having the capacity for more reception than most species. By "reception" we mean that felines are prone to "trance." They expand and contract in consciousness on a regular basis. Some felines are more inclined toward a "resting point" that is more expanded and receptive while others may be hyper-alert and focused with little room for reception. 


    MEntity: Most expand and contract in consciousness throughout the day, and this leaves them open to receiving "signals" from various sources beyond themselves. 


    MEntity: Some tune into reception from only known companions and caretakers. Some are open to access from consciousness well beyond this planet. Some are open to the deceased and act as portals for loved ones who have exited a life. 


    MEntity: This receptivity is due to their biology. Because they are predators, there are long cycles of rest that are necessary for the surges that come from the hunt. We say "rest" because the feline is rarely fully asleep, but always aware to sensory input to some degree. These long cycles of half-sleep have evolved to be quite receptive to various frequencies of consciousness then. 


    MEntity: We clarify here that they are receptive. This means the feline is not actively seeking the use of this state as a "gift," but its use comes as a byproduct of its simply existing. 


    MEntity: In addition to the above, felines cycles of rest and receptivity are quite affected by weather patterns and emotional "weather" patterns of caretakers. 


    MEntity: We can elaborate further on this topic, but we think this addresses your question. 

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