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  • Consciousness in the Higher Mammal Kingdom


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: April 2014]


    [Bobby] I wanted to followup on the information that you provided Anna regarding her cat, George. For clarification purposes, were you saying that every cat "body" on the planet is experienced through a different Entity? If not, would you elaborate a little more on how that works? Before, I had just thought that a single Entity experienced through ALL cat bodies on the planet.


    [MEntity] Bobby, while there is far more collective awareness among those who are participating in a non-sentient species, the higher the medium is in the tier of Kingdoms, the more individualized the consciousness involved. Domestic Cats and Dogs are of the Higher Mammal Kingdom, and are, therefore, quite a bit more fragmented in consciousness. Until there is full Sentience, however, that fragmentation still remains with full access to, say, "Cat Central" that is the field that sustains Felines.


    [Bobby] so cat central would be comprised of the individual Entities then?


    In a sense, yes. Let us offer the following as a means for clarification.


    In terms of moving through the 7 Kingdoms of a Physical Plane toward (potential) full fragmentation and Sentience in a particular species, it works much like this:


    • Oceanic/Mineral Kingdom = Entire Design;
    • Vegetation Kingdom = Energy Rings;
    • Insect Kingdom = Cadres;
    • Cold-blooded, Bird, and Lower Mammal Kingdoms are variations of Entities;
    • Higher Mammal Kingdom is quite varied, but tends to be a single Entity or members of a single Entity.


    The higher the kingdom, the more attached to the individual bodies. The lower the kingdom, the more one acts as caretaker, or "deva" for an entire species or large group within the species.


    So "Cat Central" is more like an Akashic Records for that species to which those who are experiencing the species contribute.


    We often use the term "hive soul" for non-sentient incarnations because a body, group, or mountain can be "home" to a multitude of fragments/entities/cadres.


    So the Entity experiencing you through your cat is experiencing its entirely unique experience. It is not that your cat is simply one set of eyes among millions through which a crowd is experiencing.


    By the time there is the breakdown to incarnations as entities in a Kingdom, there is a cycle of lifetimes experienced with that particular species. For instance, an entity that is experiencing CAT, will have 7 Cat lifetimes. The incarnational cycle is 7 lifetimes for mammals.


    So there will be 7 as cat, 7 as dog, 7 as cow, 7 as pig, etc.


    Eventually, this movement of consciousness begins to fade for a planet and the multitude of species begin to die off.


    This is particularly true when there is little viable means for access to any other species as Sentient.


    If the Sentience of Gorillas can stabilize, more species will spring into Sentience for other Designs to follow. Otherwise, there may have to come an extinction of Humans, first.


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