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  • Human Consciousness and the Weather/Environment


    From a Personal Open Floor session - Jan. 18, 2012



    [EricM]: This may be a broad question, but any insight would be cool


    [EricM]: I’ve been curious about the connections between human consciousness (or its shifts and patterns) and weather systems/the environment.  On TLE, there have been some channeling tidbits that suggest some kind of connection or interaction. For example, one energy report said, “In a Higher Centered year, or a Moving Centered year, there tends to be greater emphasis on the Physical Plane patterns of weather as reflective of the collective consciousness.”


    [EricM]: There’s also the idea of various kinds of consciousness (such as those of devas, planets, etc). Can you elaborate on consciousness as related to earth’s weather/environmental systems and how human sentience interacts with it/influences it? 


    [MEntity]: As Sentience evolves with a planet over time, the various elements of an environment, weather systems, ecosystems, etc begin to take a part in being a language for the subconscious of that Sentience.


    [MEntity]: This is made more significant by the effects those elements have on the bodies.


    [MEntity]: This is really no different from how every individual fragment processes his or her own thoughts, feelings, and actions as they play out through the "weather" of the individual body.


    [MEntity]: Whereas the health of an individual body could be said to be the "weather" of an individual, the actual weather of a geographical region could be said to be the health of that collective consciousness.


    [MEntity]: People choose, or gravitate toward, or "end up" in regions where the weather and climate most accurately reflect the processes that are important for that individual at the time, or for the lifetime.


    [MEntity]: In the same way that the individual body is the densest reflection of less-dense processes, so is the weather the densest reflection of the less-dense collective processes.


    [EricM]: Is this something that reflection can be interpreted? For example, "the drought here in Texas is possibly symptomatic of X"


    [MEntity]: Yes. We will get to that in a moment.


    [EricM]: lol k :)


    [MEntity]: Because weather and health are the densest levels of processing, they are also "slower" in acting as reflections of inner processes.


    [MEntity]: So, for instance, one's "cold" is indicative of processes that may no longer be obviously-relevant to the conscious mind, as the events have passed, but the processes continue.


    [MEntity]: And so the weather for a region may be reflective of past processes of that population.


    [MEntity]: That "delay" in reflection is different for different regions and peoples.


    [MEntity]: On an individual basis, this is often linked to Frequency.


    [MEntity]: On a collective basis, this is often linked to whatever has become the most-dominant common denominator among those people, such as Soul Age, Frequency, Body Types, Chief Features, etc.


    [MEntity]: As mentioned before, the symbolic language of climate and weather does have meaning that can be interpreted to some extent.


    [MEntity]: To start with your example, Eric, we can say that any weather or climate that is dry tends to be linked to the Intellect.


    [MEntity]: When that dryness moves into extremes of drought, it is often indicative of Intellectual processes that have lost all capacity to bear fruit, bring a harvest, etc. This may seem too literal, but that is the simplicity of symbolism.


    [MEntity]: When fire then comes into play, it is now a matter of Defensiveness that has become consuming of the Intellect.


    [EricM]: interesting


    [Martha]: Eric, I think Michael has nailed our region


    [EricM]: no kidding


    [MEntity]: Wind is also linked to the Intellect.


    [MEntity]: And in some areas, such as "tornado alley," this is where the Intellect is reflected as being the most confused.


    [MEntity]: Cold climates are also linked to the Intellect.


    [MEntity]: Water is linked to the Emotions, of course.


    [MEntity]: So areas that are prone to flooding are often areas where those fragments are working out their overflowing, or powerful emotional processes.


    [MEntity]: Something like a hurricane, then, is often generated among those who are processing the powerful combinations of Intellect and Emotions.


    [MEntity]: We will point out here that it is not that a region "creates" or "chooses" a hurricane, for example, but that collective processes of emotions and intellect may tend to generate these as byproducts.


    [EricM]: as one does not necessarily choose an illness, but it gets generated by choices made


    [MEntity]: In areas where there is little change in weather, or no distinct shift in Seasons, it can often be an area where people have chosen to emphasize exploration and processing of whatever that particular region is emphasizing symbolically.


    [MEntity]: What we would have to do is dedicate an entire session to this topic, and map out the various symbolic reflections of environment and weather, and describe some regional details as examples.


    [EricM]: that would be fine, it's just good to have a few points to start with

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