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  • Taking Care of Earth versus Traveling to Mars


    [Excerpt from TT: 1999-12-09]

    [bcwatson] Can you tell us why NASA keeps losing very expensive space vehicle trying to study Mars? Is there something going on that we humans don’t know about?

    [Michael_Entity] Human consciousness, collectively, have agreed that outer space exploration, however intriguing, is simply not the priority. Many on your planet have determined that the Earth they live on must be tended to first. This creates great challenges for any off-planet travels in many ways from tangible accidents or indirect sabotage, to more metaphysical effects. It has been this way since the late 80’s. The Harmonic Convergence (as it was called) helped to generate this agreed upon limitation. It is a valid and “responsible” approach to your future as a maturing species.

    [bcwatson] So the planet is more than a place for us to live on while we learn. It is also a lesson about taking care of our planet that we need to learn?

    [Michael_Entity] Yes, as your species matures, the devic forces and hive souls discontinue their participation. It is then the sentient species’ responsibility to steward the life forces. This can be seen in any individual life as well. As you mature, the sense of “being taken care of” tends to leave. This is part of “growing up”. It is the same for an entire species and planetary evolution.

    [bcwatson] What does Michael see as the first thing, the most important thing we as humans need to correct as far as taking care of the earth…

    [Michael_Entity] The plants and animals will not miraculously survive all that they have been subjected to over the past 6 million years or so. They will require your participation in their sustenance and insurance.

    We have always seen overpopulation as your highest priority for management.

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