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  • Michael Moore and role stereotypes


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2004]


    [H2OSprtlvr] We were talking about the 9/11 movie by Michael Moore and it was mentioned that he is a Sage and he had a reincarnation from Josiah Royce. This seems confusing to me that he is a Sage, because all the studying and fact finding is so Scholar. I was wondering where the Scholar might be in his personality, since Sages only want to have fun and are not into fact finding or writing books.


    [M Entity]
    First we will say that we have never said, nor have we implied, that Sages “only want to have fun” and that they are not “into fact finding or writing books”. This conclusion is highly simplified and inaccurate of the Sage and of the Scholar.


    The very Essence of a Sage is to find the Truth and then to disseminate what they have come to believe is true. In that search for the Truth, they will use any means possible. The stereotype of the Sage comes from the fact that in most cases a Sage's method of “fact-finding” and “writing books” simply ends up looking like so much more “fun”.


    By contrast, the Scholars have been responsible for some of the most influential and “beautiful” music on your planet. This could look contrary to the stereotype of the Scholar, but in fact the Scholar finds the connection between music and math to be one of the most beautiful aspects of life on earth and if that can be translated into music, they will try.


    We explain this to you to help contribute to your broadening understanding of the Roles of Sage and Scholar. This is not to say that the fragment now known as Michael Moore does not have Scholar influences, because, in fact, he actually does. This Sage is Scholar-Cast, with a Server Essence Twin.


    [H2OSprtvr] I realize I was stereotyping and I'm grateful for further clarification on the roles.


    [M Entity] Comparing the lives of Beethoven and Royce/Moore can give you great insight into the differences between how a Sage-Cast Scholar (Beethoven) vs. a Scholar-Cast Sage (Michael Moore) may act within a lifetime. In most cases, a Sage-Cast individual will behave more like the “stereotypical” Sage than a Sage with different Casting. Furthermore, in most instances when a fragment is behaving like one of the Essence “stereotypes”, it is usually an indicator of that person's Casting than of their Role.


    [freyaisissuz] That’s great, Troy, I will keep it short. I have sensed a connection with J Royce/M Moore. Is he a “reality shifter” or “dream maker” as in cadre 1/entity 3; if another, where?


    [M Entity] That is a valid observation. This is a fragment some of our channels would call a “wild card” within Cadre One, Entity Three, as well. This fragment is one of the youngest soul ages in that Entity. (3rd Level Mature)


    [BradburySE] Who is this other “Dogma Dismantler” besides Michael Moore of whom you spoke in Troy's energy report? Where will we find him, and is he or she now incarnated?


    [M Entity]
    Yes, he is incarnated: a Server Essence Twin of the Sage known as Michael Moore. The Server is a reincarnation of William James now focusing on the funneling of necessary requirements as a means to convey the Sage's “truth”. He may only be peripherally identified in the media. We believe he is one of the “producers” of Michael Moore's films, as well as several of his own projects which reflect some of the profound psychology explored in his previous life as William James.


    This relationship would appear to be more like a Task Companion relationship, but that is not the case. The relationship is taut with disagreements and power struggles, regardless of the powerful results.

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