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  • Motive for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy


    [Excerpt from Membership Gratitude Chat: February 2016]


    Question: Hi Michael. What was the motive for the murder of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968? Who was behind it?


    This was fairly straight-forward and not as mysterious in motivation. This was motivated by a group who felt betrayed by America and this was their attempt to make a point, to send a message, to try to get across the anger and desperation that was unfolding in the politics and conflicts that were affecting them.


    The fragment known to have committed the assassination was fairly forthright and open about his motivations, and we do not see these as scripted by force or by manipulation, other than in terms of how a group can bring influence when sharing in an emotion and pain.


    Question: So Sirhan Sirhan was part of the conspiracy. He claims he has no memory of the event.


    The group has long since disbanded or members dead, but that anger that fueled this group exists even into today.


    This is not uncommon for those who are fueled by "crimes of passion," and this is included in that.


    Question: Was he the only shooter?


    Once the build up of intensity, anger, hatred, frustration, fear, etc. is released and has landed in some catastrophic way, the mind is suddenly with a void that was once filled with this singular objective.


    That is then either experienced as loss of memory, or is retroactively filled with a narrative that is fantasy or shaped from input of others.


    The fragment in question was not the only one. Three were moving in for the best opportunity. Depending on various parallels, each of these three or a combination caused the death.


    Question: So this happened in a number of parallels?


    More that it generated various parallels.


    So, technically, yes.

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