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    This information was originally obtained by Martha at a POF on November 12, 2012 and posted on November 24, 2012. 


    MARTHA: Can you solve the mystery of who wrote the Shakespeare plays? There are many theories out there about the historical person Shakespeare not being educated, “proved” by his children being illiterate, and that someone like the Earl of Oxford really wrote the plays.


    MICHAEL: The persona of "William Shakespeare" existed only fictitiously, though as a thoroughly-fleshed out fiction. The fragment of the same name was real, but the persona was not his.


    MARTHA: That is the rumor


    MICHAEL: The speculation and rumor is catching up with the truth, but it was not an elaborate conspiracy, but more a product of intentional misinformation that was never questioned.



    Edward DeVere (the Earl of Oxford), Christopher Marlowe, and others have been mentioned as candidates


    Was it just one author?


    MICHAEL: For the most part, yes.


    MARTHA: I saw a documentary recently [Last Will & Testament] that made it seem like it would have been fairly well known at the time that it was a fake persona


    MICHAEL: That would be valid, as far as we can see, and it was of no significance to most who the writer was, though those who wanted to know, could. It would be similar to your concern for the real name of Vanilla Ice.



    oh lord


    that one I know


    So, can you see who??



    At the time, it was speculated that the real William would either not know, or not mind, as he was not particularly bright.


    It is valid that the fragment known as "Edward" was behind these writings, motivated by a crippling arrogance and self-deprecation, volatile streak, and deep interest in upholding a position of patronage, he gave rise to these writings in a way that his position would not be threatened by the success or failure of these, and could be served by his own investments.


    MARTHA: interesting! thank you


    MICHAEL: We doubt that the mainstream acceptance of the authorship will be contested to any meaningful extent, but this Sage-Cast Scholar from Entity 2 of Cadre 1 does not mind.

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