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  • Do channels work with fragments of Michael?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 1999]


    [TCB] Is it ‘true’ that most fragments who choose to make channeling agreements with you, Michael, work with one or more fragments of your entity? As opposed say, to ‘tapping’ directly into the WHOLE entity consciousness? In other words, do we have certain M. entity fragments ‘assigned’ to work with different ‘mediums’?


    [Michael_Entity] Yes, this is true for many we work with. This does not mean it is true for us. The Personality for some involved with us requires a sense of personification. No legitimate channel is literally connecting to us in such segmented ways, but there are fragments within our entity for which the various channels can “port” into the whole. For some channels, this is experienced as working with only a few fragments who speak on behalf of the entire entity, but that would be a distortion. We have allowed ourselves to be called “sun gods” in Delphi, so we also allow more modern distortions. This colours the channeling to a degree, but many factors do besides this, so it is moot.


    [ludmila] Do you mean at the Temple of Apollo?


    [Michael_Entity] We worked primarily in the Oracles of Delphi at the time, yes. We will elaborate on this another day, if more history is sought.


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