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  • European Union likely to remain democratic?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2007]


    [butterfly syndicate] I was wondering whether Europe or the EU as a body are likely to remain democratic considering the laws that have been passed recently in GB for instance and Germany. Are we following the US in their “Roman parallel” path?


    [Michael Entity]
    Ironically, the European countries are moving more and more toward the more restrictive aspects of what the U.S. has implemented for so long, while the U.S. is heading for a collapse of this very system that simply will not work any longer in a Mature Soul world. As the U.S. regains its footing in the world as a leader, it will only be done through a shift completely from Young Soul values into Mature Soul reality. However, many European countries are now attracting a massive wave of Young and Baby Souls who wish to “get away from” the movement of the Mature Soul. Mature and Older souls are migrating to the United States as the collapse is very enticing to the Mature drama, as well as exciting prospect of rebuilding a nation with more progressive values that actually work. European countries are currently finding politicians and movements taking a direction that is to cater to the influx of Younger and Baby Souls coming over the next 50 years.


    Although Europe has been fairly conservative anyway, the conservative stance was more out of an interest in preserving the freedoms of various peoples, but the conservatism that is moving in now will be more about the imposition of values defined by specific groups.

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