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  • Is Trump like Hitler?


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: March 2016]


    There is a lot of chatter going on that Trump is lot like Hitler. A friend of my husband said Trump is more like Mussolini or Peron than Hitler as Trump is more of a populist as he doesn't have a military agenda like an outright Fascist would have.


    I think Trump is like Hitler more out of opportunity than nature. I can see that Hitler really believed what he was espousing while Trump is an opportunist who doesn't believe in anything but himself. Trump will go to any lengths to gain Trump "brand appeal" in any way he can. It always looked to me as if Hitler, in his heart, thought he was doing what was right for "Aryan" Germany, at the time.


    What really stands out to many is how alike the followers / supporters of both Trump and Hitler are.


    Would you comment on this time in history, in regards to Trump and Hitler and their Overleaves if relevant, and what is going on right now for their followers / supporters to be so similar even as we are in different times?


    In technical terms, these fragments are very different in features, but not in function or potential outcome. It is not amiss to compare these fragments in terms of potential for parallel outcomes, even if each are designed differently.


    Comparing these individuals and the effects/potential effects is similar to comparing the results of driving a car into a crowd or driving a truck into a crowd. Yes, you can point out how different each vehicle is and how one may have harmed more than the other, but it is fair to say that it is rather moot to compare them for differences when the intent, force, and effects are so similar.


    The greatest difference at this point is the position of power.


    If the position of power shifts for the King, so would similarities grow ever more similar to that of the Priest's.


    A military agenda is not within reach at this time for the King, but when it is within reach, more similarities would emerge.


    In both cases there is a mass Monad at play here involving Serving A Corrupt Master.


    It is true that much of what the King promotes is merely for the attention and power. We have put his ideology at about 50% in terms of how much he, himself, believes what he says. He is marketing.


    However, this is not to say that this line is clear to him. If enough power and attention were to be produced by the marketing, then the effort to fulfill the ideology and build upon it would shift that percentage.


    In both cases "the heart" is not involved. It is essentially removed from the equation and process. Both are Moving Centered, Intellectual Part.


    The Emotional element only comes into play as a balance, which most often shows up as "thin skin," easily offended, double-standards, pouting, and tantrums.


    This is then used to fuel further the locked cycles of Intellect and Action without heart.

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    • Christian
      By Christian
      Thought you might like a view of Bannon from a philosphical perspective.
    • Bobby
      By Bobby
      MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.

      Maureen: How do our other sentient “selves” in other Grand Cycles experience their IMs, EMs, etc. Do they (or do we as them) experience duality/polarity in order to grow in awareness and consciousness?

      MEntity: Monads exist across all Sentient species. Internal Monads are always relative to the length of a lifetime and affected by Soul Age. External Monads are universal and while there may be variations unique to a species or phrases used to describe them as unique to a species, the 30 "Classic" External Monads are the same across all Grand Cycles and Sentient species.

      More directly responding to your question, yes, there is always the duality and polarity as part of the process of growth, awareness, and regaining of consciousness. This is because those states are inherent in the Physical Plane and that is where every Sentient species incarnating in any Grand Cycle begins the return Home.


      Johanne: Please can you talk about the Deer working group: their working theme and how I can/did contribute (broad term). Any people here, from TLE or close to me also in that Working Group?

      MEntity: DEER Working Group is one of the first Working Groups set as part of what we would describe as POD ONE of Working Groups. This Working Group is Configuration Seven of Pod One. All within this Configuration are focused on COMPANIONSHIP. All Working Groups in this Configuration are themed in ideas around the intimacy that builds from routine, familiarity, and proximity. In the case of DEER, the theme focuses on CAUTIOUS SENSITIVITY. Deer Group is all about the experiences of navigating with full vulnerability and innocence, but with the capacity for great awareness of boundaries and necessary caution. This is the Group that helps each lifetime and others within the lifetime to remember that vulnerability and kindness and play are strengths. They teach that vulnerability and kindness and play are not invitations to others to harm or take advantage. They teach that the reason vulnerability and kindness and play can be strengths is because they have clear boundaries and limits that must be honored.

      We will leave it to you to assess how you may have contributed further to this Working Group, and we can say that there are a handful of Deer Working Group members as part of "TLE."


      Luciana: I would like to know the soul age prevalent in Brazil. The amount of old soul here. And if such a mature paradigm is happening here too. Because I sincerely see almost nothing of the paradgma mature soul in Brazil. It's a lot of corruption and it seems to me that politicians only want to get rich. They do not want to improve the country.

      MEntity: You are correct. There is an entrenched paradigm of rulership and culture that is rooted in Baby and Young Soul Ages. The paradigm shift is between Baby and Young. There is a large Mature Soul population, but they are immersed in the drama and intensity that the Baby and Young Soul paradigm provides. There are small pockets of Old Souls in Brazil. Old Souls make up approximately .00001% of the population, around 21,000 in total.

      As the greater paradigm shift of the planet continues to take root in Mature Soul Age, this will help bring relief and direction to Brazil, eventually. The dominate Soul Age of a planet will affect all Soul Ages.


      Uma: In July, you said in response to a question re fuckface treason:

      Uma: The situation is currently quite volatile and unpredictable with probabilities ranging between accelerated action over the next 3-6 months that resolves the situation and returns collective momentum to a healthy trajectory, to continued endurance and collection of evidence that may take years, to disruptive devolution of democracy on a scale unseen before, to nothing in particular ever "bad" happening despite the extreme threat and urgency and all returns to "normal" in a few years, etc.

      Uma: Can you comment if any of those scenarios is closer to happening now than at that time? Could this election turn things around so that maybe the IS coming is averted?

      MEntity: The probabilities that have come to be most emphasized of those described in July are now "actions that resolve the situation and returns collective momentum to a healthy trajectory" vs "disruptive devolution of democracy on a scale unseen before." The middle grounds are all but gone, though because they still exist as probabilities, we cannot rule them out. Probabilities can shift in an instant. We can only see the current trajectory from your moment now.

      It is true that this American Mid-Term Election will be a Turning Point that indicates the direction that would likely affect, at least, the next 5 years or so in terms of return to healthy trajectory or bracing for and working to divert extreme disruptions.

      We do not see any indication of alteration for Infinite Soul Manifestation at this time.


      Miizle: Hi Michael, my question is about photocatalytic oxidation as a method of eliminating harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and other VOC's. I'm interested in a 1% solution of nano-sized titanium dioxide that could be used as a spray-on coating on most surfaces in the house, turning them into air-purifying surfaces when UV light is added.

      Miizle:  wonder if this would be a safe way to make homes healthier for chemical sensitivity sufferers, children and pets (well, everyone really), and if it is among the more efficient ways (apart from renewing surfaces etc). Thank you!!

      MEntity: In response to miizle: This is a direction that we see comes to be beneficial in about 3 years, but from what we can see, it requires more experimentation and testing that would allow for a clearer picture of both the benefits and the potential dangers or failures. We would suggest keeping this on your radar, so to speak, and look for research and experimentation that covers a wide range of scenarios and time frames.

      Miizle: oh ok so the products available now are not something you would recommend to be used?

      MEntity: If you do not mind being a part of the experimentation, then that is your choice. Otherwise, keeping an eye on the development and various testing scenarios would be useful.

      We do not see this as a viable solution at the moment, no. There are "hidden" dangers that are still being sorted out.


      Bobby: I realize that Essence is always the student of yours whereas with Personality, it can be hit or miss. So what I'm curious about are the dynamics between you and our Essences as far as your teaching works. Would you describe the manner in which this takes place? You once mentioned to someone in a POF "We also wish to note here that the Priest has updated us that there are now negotiations for crossing paths in March of 2019, if possible" so it appears that perhaps real time communications are at play at that level then?

      MEntity: The greatest difference between our relationship with you and your Essence is only in terms of "real time." Your Essences are in contact with us as they please and we are always available. Personalities are not always in contact with us and cannot always access us or understand us or even want to know us. That being said, every Personality your Essence will ever have is a student of ours and eventually works with us in some  way, even if only after death and Review. Your Essence is vast and while it is technically true that we are in regular contact with your Essences, certain Personalities come to be representatives of your Essence and they work with us on behalf of your Essence. They attend classes, study, help update and communicate, act as guides or points of contact for other students, etc.

      In many cases our relationship with you as a Personality is left to be its own unique thing, and Essence stays back, so to speak. Essence can update us regarding negotiations, Agreements, Life Plans, etc, but the Personality is our focus because this is how your Essence learns. Not from us. But from you.


      Diane_and_Tex: From Tex: I have noticed a slow progression from total isolation in the feeling of Baby souls and Young souls, to inclusion in Mature souls, to openness in Old souls. After taking MDMA, everyone was felt by me to be existent in a love substrate, and their lives to be whirlwind creations within this "soup" of love consciousness. Are we actually this love consciousness? Is matter composed of it?

      MEntity: We can take this question and one more after this.

      Yes, Tex. That is a fair assessment. There is nothing NOT of Love. There is a great deal of forgetting and fear, but this will never negate or destroy that substrate of Love that bonds every bit of matter that exists. This is why "Love Wins," even if it takes time for the forgetting and fear to fade. Forgetting and fear can diminish and completely vanish from a universe, but Love cannot unexist.

      Love will always prevail, not because it squashes or destroys fear and forgetting, but because Love knows that fear and forgetting fade back into the "soup" of Love.

      Love is the gravity of relationships, planets, orbits, galaxies, universes, molecules, etc.

      This is not poetic. This is simply true. There may be more scientific terms used to differentiate these various forms of gravity, but all of it is Love.


      Gloria: The apartment community I live in has residents that dislike me intensely and the work I do to rescue abandoned felines. Basically their hearts are closed to distressed animals.I have a feline, Gray Boy, who has lived outdoors for most of his life and who I saved from starvation. He has been in my care for four years. I am working on helping him to adjust to indoor living, though no guarantee he will accept living inside 24/7. My concern is his safety, as he is considered an undesirable. What can I do to keep him safe and mitigate the rancor towards him and me?

      MEntity: From what we can see, you can only do what you are already doing. He can and likely will acclimate to indoor living if enough time and patience is afforded him. You are correct in that there is no guarantee of his safety or even of your own, but probabilities look quite low for any harm or danger at the moment. We cannot speak to that conclusively, of course. You are already quite informed about how to nurture his acclimation,  but we can suggest that there are olfactory elements that can be added to the environment through various diffuser methods that can help soothe the Instinctive Center, if these are not in use yet.

      Gloria: Thank you!

      MEntity: You cannot control the reactions of others, so our suggestion here is to either continue navigating this as best you can with as much kindness and patience for these "feral people" as possible, and/or offer invitational education to the community to help them find a common ground with your motivations. They may not understand your love and care for felines, or the sacrifices you make for their well-being, but they may relate to how your work helps improve the community, if you can find an angle for this to make sense to them.

      We would have to work more directly with you for further depth into this personal scenario, but this is what we can suggest for now in this format.

      Gloria: Thank you! 

      MEntity: We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. 
    • Bobby
      By Bobby
      Ask Michael - January 7, 2018
      MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***
      Crystal: Hi and happy new year Michaels! Can you comment on the possibility/ies for a woman president of the US in 2020? I feel we should choose one!
      MEntity: It is now 100% possible for a fragment of female identity to be President of the United States. As for the probabilities that this will occur in 2020, it currently stands at around 88%.
      Crystal: Hooray!
      MEntity: Keep in mind that being female does not guarantee enlightenment. A female candidate is likely to be pushed and supported by the less inclusive and anti-progressive Party, as well.
      Pat: Good evening Michael! When a human in a Bonding Agreement adopts an adult animal, that body was probably hosting another Entity Mix previously, so all the experiences will not be applicable for the new “inhabitant”. How is it solved, so that the new Consciousness doesn’t miss out on life-long experience relating to the aspects of their own Stage of Bonding and development of Emotional Centre? Thank you ❤️
      The stages of bonding for the consciousness of animals works a bit differently and is not anchored to the experiences of the body. If an animal shifts in consciousness to accommodate a relationship that comes late in the life, then the new consciousness mines the experiences stored in the body and uses what is interesting and useful, but can discard all of it, as well.
      We rarely see a complete discarding of the data.
      In addition to this, the consciousness may be at a point in its progression that a complete lifetime is not necessary for the animal to gain a missing experience or element that then completes a stage.
      In that case, a few years of bonding at the end of a life can be enough.
      Because animals have a hive consciousness, or hive souls, they are not as compartmentalized. The life of a body that has had a certain set of experiences is considered carefully and integrated (if useful) for any change in consciousness and late-life relationship.
      Does this address your question? We are not certain we received your question clearly.
      Pat: Oh yes! It is exactly what i was wondering about. Thank you Michael!
      Mizle: Hi there Michael, I would like to ask a further question about vaccination safety. I am interested in ways to prevent the potential damage and what a parent can do in preparation, if they choose vaccination. I'm guessing timing can be quite important, so other than obviously choosing a time when the child is not sick, i'm wondering, since vaccination damage and autism, and then again autism and incomplete 2nd IM are connected, if it would be correct to assume, that vaccinating becomes significantly safer after the child has completed their 2nd IM…? MMR is usually given right before or during 2nd IM at 15 months…. Thanks!!
      Timing is important, but it will always be a gamble. The theory and use of vaccinations are valid, but it will always be the case that a single solution does not work for everyone. The higher the population, the higher the number representing even a fraction of a percentage who may be affected adversely. In most cases, you do not need to be concerned with timing or dangers of any significance when it comes to vaccinations. However, there can be "bad batches" or an individual may not respond well, etc.
      If a body will respond adversely, the timing matters because the more developed the individual immune system the more likely it can respond to any negative effects of a vaccination.
      Knowing if a body will respond adversely is currently not explored to any degree that could help prevent the harm done.
      Mizle: Assuming then a parent can't do anything really, maybe immune boosters or something at best.
      Genetics and Nutrition are far more important to consider than whether to vaccinate or not, at least in terms of developmental challenges.
      At this point there is no known way to guarantee that a vaccine or lack of vaccine is a better or safer choice than the other. The variables in an individual life are so vast that even we would have difficulty calculating an individual probability. This is why it is such a difficult decision for a parent. We can say that when in doubt, look to the patterns of history, not speculation. History has a solid pattern to observe that reveals success and safety more often than not.
      However, the same can be said of those who refuse vaccines. The numbers of successful and safe refusal of vaccines are about equal in consideration.
      As for timing, if vaccination can wait until beyond the 2nd Internal Monad (individual mobility), it can be ideal in terms of allowing the body to gain its full consciousness on its own terms, but this delay is entirely dependent on the quality of current environment, climate, genetics, nutrition, etc.
      In short, we do not have a simple answer beyond directing you to use the tools available to you for making your choice, such as large scale data that reveals patterns of success or patterns of harm, along with your assessment of the quality of your current environment and quality of nutrition, and genetic vulnerabilities.
      Uma: Hello Michael, I would like to know the Soul Age/Level, Role/Casting, Cadre/Entity for Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel investigating trump, and if there are any karmic or other connections between them. If possible I would like the probabilities for impeachment/resignation and also for criminal conviction/prison for trump and his kids. I would appreciate knowing anything that would make this drama more understandable or easy to navigate. Thank you.
      The fragment in question is a 7th Level Young Warrior-Cast Scholar from Cadre 11, Entity 3. There is Major Karma between these fragments involving Betrayal and Abandonment. When fragments address Karma during the 7th Level, especially as part of the transition into Mature Soul, there is an effort to shift away from simple reversal of scenario. For example, rather than killing someone who killed you, he saves your life in another life. It does not always go so well for the Young Souls who are new at the more creative Karmic Balancing.
      The "plan" was for the Scholar to show "sincere and authentic loyalty" to the King as a means to balance Betrayal and Abandonment in another life. This is showing up a bit differently than expected as the Scholar is, indeed, showing sincere and authentic loyalty to the King. It just so happens that this sincere and authentic loyalty are naturally devoted to upholding the King's authenticity and accountability.
      This relationship and Karmic balance would not have looked like this had the King not succumbed to his Imprinting.
      Probabilities for Impeachment are at about 58% at the moment.
      Conviction and Imprisonment stands at about 22% for the King and at about 18% "for the kids."
      Luciana: I read on that site that autism would be the result of an incomplete second internal nomad. However autism nowadays has several degrees. So I would like to know if this would be true even in the milder cases of autism such as Asperger's syndrome. What would lead to an incorrect diagnosis in the case of milder autism?
      A failed 2nd Internal Monad tends to be hooked into any degree of Autism, but is not always causative, but is correlative. They are symptoms of each other. Sometimes the early onset of autism can affect the 2nd Internal Monad, and sometimes the struggles of the 2nd Internal Monad can bring about some degree of autism. A failed 2nd Internal Monad is correlative and causative of many developmental challenges. In the case of Autism it is both because "autism" is not a singular or definitive diagnosis.
      Early onset of autism tends to be the result of a mix of genetics, nutrition, and environment.
      In many cases of "autism, you simply have an Artisan or high Artisan elements in the Personality, particularly in the milder cases.
      Having one term represent such a broad umbrella of symptoms and degrees makes it difficult for us to carefully correlate or suggest causation, so this is a valid and important question that you ask.
      Did we address your question?
      Luciana: yes
      MEntity: FINAL QUESTION 
      Connor: Hi Michael! Coming in November of this year (to a theater near you) in the United States are midterm elections, in which all seats in the House of Representatives and ⅓ of the seats in the Senate are up for reelection. There has been a lot of murmuring about an oncoming “Blue Wave” backlash to Trump’s bungling of his presidency which will flip control of Congress to the Democratic Party. What are the probabilities for this occurring?
      The probability of United States Congress shifting into control of Democratic Party in November currently stands at 64%.
      The year ahead has too many variables for a higher percentage, but this is fairly high in light of that.
      Connor: Both Houses of Congress, you mean?
      We are looking at both, yes.
      Did this answer your question?
      Connor: Yes it did. Thank you.
      MEntity: Good evening to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
    • Troy
      By Troy
      New York City Michael Speaks—Open Forum
      Channeled by Troy Tolley
      MEntity: Give us a few moments to secure our delivery through Troy. But in the meantime, we can begin. And we understand that the topic will be varied tonight. So, we will begin with opening the floor in general.
      Cary: I have been wondering how people who endure extremes of crappy stuff, like slaves in the United States—their lives were not great—and I have wondered why didn’t they just commit mass suicide? What made them keep going? And so to extrapolate from that, what can people do to get inspiration when their lives suck that bad, or if they feel their lives suck that bad?  What keeps people from suiciding when their lives suck?
      MEntity: There are two responses that we have to that question to cover two types of scenarios for most who are in situations that you describe: One may seem rather cliché, but it is cliché because it is true... that many continue for Love. There are families, there are bonding processes in place, there are scenarios of hope, and this is stronger than it may seem when faced with such dire and torturous circumstances. It can get you to the next day. A simple, very simple direct line to Love. Not only Love for another individual sharing the life of the person who is suffering but an effort to develop this Love for the self as well.
      MEntity: In many cases like what you describe, the conclusive end to their life is not something that is focused on. There is an intention to make it better for reasons of Love. And so that will, in many cases, and in most cases, help one to get from one day to the next and these simply add up.
      MEntity: The coordination for a mass suicide is something that would not be easy to accomplish. It would seem like a simple answer or a simple solution to halt such atrocities on a large scale but that type of coordination is not possible.
      MEntity: The other answer that we can give is:  simple biological survival. It is very difficult for the body to give in to suicidal tendencies unless a person is broken to a level of no return. The body's entire point of existence is to exist. Its entire point is to get to the next day.
      MEntity: So, whether for Love or for survival, many get to the next day. And these days simply accumulate into being a life, even if the life was never outside of the confines of oppression or torture or suffering.
      MEntity: What counts at the end of that life is the effort to love even more than the effort to rebel.
      MEntity: And whether done consciously or subconsciously it is programmed into every fragment to either allow the body to do its work to survive or for the consciousness to do its work to love. And that is how you survive many situations.
      MEntity: Does this answer your question?
      Cary: Yes. Thank you.
      Cyprus: Shanequa?
      Shanequa: Can you give me a story of creation?
      MEntity: We know of no beginning. We are still looking for that as well, in terms of consciousness existing and why we exist at all. We are still looking for this in our own studies.
      MEntity: In terms of your universe, the Big Bang Theory is the closest to being accurate and this is still not quite accurate. So, the short answer is that the Big Bang Theory is the closest that is accurate. The consciousness that exists in your universe that you know, such as us and such as you, existed even before the universe, and this collective consciousness that is all of us (and this is going to be rather grand in scope to comprehend), participated in the manipulation of matter, physics, in creating a universe.
      MEntity: However, there is a lot more intentional manipulation involved in the process that is not as random as science would describe it. It takes a great deal of work and a great deal of “time” to manipulate an evolution of matter and to bring together a combination of elements to create a trajectory of life, to create a planet, to create a solar system and so forth. But we did it.
      MEntity: And those who try to explain creation in terms of some higher force doing the work may personify that force and that process and may simplify it, but it is fairly accurate in terms of the fact that all of us contributed to what we have as a platform of existence in this universe.
      MEntity: To go any deeper into that creation process would require greater focus and we are not certain if we have responded accurately to your question.
      Shanequa: You’ve definitely given me some good insight on how the beginnings were. Definitely.
      MEntity: We do not think we were that clear.
      Cyprus: Well, the fact that we participated in the creation of the Big Bang is interesting information.
      Shanequa: And it not being like some random thing. In choosing to have this evolution happen is not random then.
      MEntity: Yes, because there are other versions, other universes, that have a very different set of physics, a very different set of what we would describe as a “platform of existence.” And consciousness exists there as well. Our collective conscious from our ultimate origins has parallels of itself that are far beyond most imagination limits that any individual has and it’s difficult to describe these because we have no real reference from our platform of existence.
      Cyprus: Bobby, do you have a question?
      BFBobby: I know this could serve as a whole session onto itself, but can you provide just a general overview or explanation of what Life Plans are and how they work into the overleaves?
      MEntity: Yes, we use the term or the phrase Life Plan to describe a cyclical process of accessing what you might define as your “purpose” over a period of time. These happen in seven-year cycles, but we describe them in five-year cycles because five years of the seven tend to be the active years. Two years buffer sometimes at the end, sometimes at the beginning, and sometimes as one-year bookends to the five years. However, those 2 additional years are arranged we describe these as “The Void” that is a part of that cyclical process of creating and defining the life or bringing meaning to it, or purpose.
      MEntity: All of you are at some point in your Life Plan and that Life Plan has a theme. The Life Plan is something that is a co-creative process with Essence. It is not dictated to you. It is not assigned to you. But it tends to be a pattern that unfolds in your life with or without conscious participation.
      MEntity: We like to share the Life Plan with our students who ask so that they can see the greater patterns of their lives or the patterns that may be in place at the time, or so they understand that The Void is in effect where one is re-evaluating where one is with one’s sense of purpose or one’s sense of meaning in life.
      MEntity: The most we can go further with that concept is to speak to each of you individually about where you are and what the theme is for your Life Plan.
      Cyprus: I think that’d be cool, but I have a question. Do they correlate then to the Monads in a certain way, as you’re going through your Internal Monads?
      MEntity: They are not synced with the Internal Monads. But we can say that the more one is participating in the themes of the Life Plan the more one tends to be in the positive poles of completion for an Internal Monad, and vice versa.
      Cyprus: Oh interesting!
      MEntity: However, a Life Plan will continue to be in place, even when between Internal Monads when they are not active.
      Cyprus: But I like the concept that if you’re more, that if you participate more and you’re more aware and more awake, I guess, and more present in your Life Plan it . . .
      MEntity: Most of you know what your Life Plan is at the moment. It tends to be something that is distracting. It tends to be something that is quietly nagging at you or speaking to you, hinting to you, bringing various elements of life to your attention as a way to fulfill that Life Plan. It does not even have to have a name or a clear objective. But you know what it is because it tends to come to mind on a regular basis.
      MEntity: And if we were going to speak to each of you individually about your Life Plan we could ask each of you to sum up in a phrase, as succinctly as possible, what is on your mind on a regular basis that seems to be important to you. And this is likely tied to whatever is active as a Life Plan at the moment. This is an exercise we offer up to you to share in if you choose to.
      Cyprus: Does anyone know what they think theirs might be?
      Cary: This is different from the Life Task?
      Cyprus: Yes.
      BFBobby: I have my sentence. What’s nagging at me is I want to create, obviously. But I want to create something beautiful and meaningful and evocative, not just for myself but, and I don’t know if that’s a physical thing or an intangible thing, but I want to create something that betters the world or has a positive impact on the world and people around me.  
      MEntity: In your case, we think you are coming out of a two-year period that we could describe as the Void. The Void is where one is figuratively climbing a ladder with the focus on your foot between rungs. And that suspension of your foot is no indication of whether you are halted or not. It will continue to the next rung, but it can feel as if you are in limbo. It can feel as if you are in some sort of space that is contemplative and philosophical in its nature because you are trying to figure out what to do with this new seed that is tied to a new layer of a Life Plan or a new theme of a Life Plan. You are coming out of that in August and this will start your next five years of the Life Plan where it will focus in more tangible ways on what you have described as creating in ways that are fulfilling and make a difference on your terms.
      MEntity: We are looking for a phrase that may describe this in a more succinct way. The closest that we can come to at the moment is a very simple phrase and that is HELPING OTHERS. The theme is that you want to HELP OTHERS, that there is a focus on HELPING OTHERS. This may be familiar to many of our students but in our response to you right now that is what your Life Plan could be described as being over the next five years: to focus on implementing how you will HELP OTHERS.
      Cyprus: Anyone else?
      Cary: Yeah, the thing that’s been nagging at me lately is wanting to move out and live on my own in New York City. I feel like I’ve started, but I have no idea if I’ll do that in a decent time frame.
      MEntity: What do you mean by decent time frame?
      Cary: Before I’m old and gray. I guess within the next two years.
      MEntity: We think that you are in the first year after coming out of a Void. You are already out of The Void and into the tangible Sequences that are in effect to fulfill the Life Plan. And we might describe yours as EMPOWERED INDEPENDENCE. You are only in the first year of that five-year Life Plan cycle. What we would suggest next is to give yourself time, allow yourself that time, because that is the plan. What you are distracted by and find to be the impulse is accurate to what Essence is looking to do with you, as you. The most symbolic tangible evidence of EMPOWERED INDEPENDENCE is your living on your terms in the way that you describe. You are just at the beginning of this and it looks as if it’s in the 80% probability range for manifesting if you continue to participate in its trajectory.
      Cyprus: That’s pretty high for a Michael probability.
      Cary: Awesome.
      MEntity: One of the reasons why there is high probability is not because it is destined, of course, but because you have decided that this is what you want and that it is good for you. And however many obstacles there may be, taking care of yourself is something that you are fairly good at doing, so this will help forge that path toward what you have decided is best for you. And you can do it.
      Cyprus: Anyone else?
      Kerrin: For my Life Plan, as things keep moving forward, I keep finding myself falling back into old patterns from my past career where I am always in a support position and I’m making everyone else really successful. And I really want to create my own business and start creating and bring my own vision forward in design. And creating based on my values of sustainability. I have all the ideas, but I keep getting caught up in working for other people, so I can pay my bills. But I’m really, really trying to, you know, move forward. Yeah. I want my crown, damn it.
      MEntity: Your Void was approximately a year ago and you are also in the end of the first year of this Life Plan that we can see.
      MEntity: What seems to have been important was a review based on what you are describing. Two things were important: the review, which is to return to some very humble positions in your life that prompted—we’re looking for the correct words—prompted an ownership of your confidence, and ownership of your importance, and ownership of your talents, and an ownership of everything that is important to you.
      MEntity: Kings tend to do this, especially older Kings who have had to comply to positions in life that do not cater to the positions that used to be available to us as Kings. And when the King decides that it is time to step up or to move oneself into a position of greater control over the life, they tend to do a great step backward as a way to say, “Oh, Yes. That greater control is what I wanted.” And then they go for it.
      MEntity: You are entering the second year of your Life Plan. And from what we can see it is simply a matter of continuing what you are doing and aiming for clarity in what it is that you want to create as your platform of personal success. You are certainly not condemned to only being of support to others’ success. But, as we said earlier, the other part of what you were doing was simply taking care of yourself along the way.
      Cyprus: That is exciting.
      Cyprus: Shanequa?
      Shanequa: I’ve been focusing on,....
      [edited for privacy]
      Shanequa: You summed up everything.
      Cyprus: They got that skill.
      Shanequa: Read him real quick!
      Cyprus: Umm, . . .
      MEntity: We are not done.
      Cyprus: Oh, sorry!
      [edited for privacy]
      MEntity: Did the Sage want to speak?
      Cyprus: That’s almost a ridiculous question! Why yes, I was going to do mine. Contrary, the exact opposite of Bobby’s, mine’s about me. I feel like the one thing that has really been reoccurring for me recently is kinda like twofold: one is being me and the other thing is caring for the body that is me in a way that I’ve never really looked at or appreciated or was concerned about or any of those things at all. And I think the reason I asked about the Monads is because when I turned 50 things felt like they changed for me in a way and I thought it had something to do with Monad shifting and I thought it might tie into the Life Plan. But it’s very important for the integrity of me to be me, but also to care for me in a way I haven’t before.
      MEntity: And your question?
      Cyprus: It’s not a question. I’m asking about my Life Plan.
      Cyprus: Now I think Troy’s just being a smart ass! He’s in there going, really?
      MEntity: We had to let Troy relax back down.
      MEntity: This is because you have started your 5th Internal Monad and this is a process of recreating yourself. The 5th Internal Monad is a process of freeing yourself from your own ideas about who you should have been, who you could have been. It is about defining yourself beyond even your own terms.
      MEntity: And so it is more about that larger cycle happening for you than it is about a Life Plan, though a Life Plan will naturally tie into that. But to understand what is happening to you, we would suggest exploring the mapping of the 5th Internal Monad and what it is for and how to navigate it. That we do not have to elaborate on here for you to find some insight into what it is and why you are shifting in your perspective of yourself.
      MEntity: In terms of the Life Plan, you are also at the beginning stages of the five-year part of the plan. The term that comes to us for describing your Life Plan is LONGEVITY. This is a Life Plan that is focusing on staying here longer, being here in existence, in the best state that you can possibly participate in making. Whereas in the past, this has always been left up to what you would think of as random factors or that it is something that you simply do not think about. But now you do. And it matters to you to stay here with the ones you love and to gain more from this life than simply riding it out.
      Cyprus: I always reference the fact that Kerrin used to talk about her body as something that moved her head around. I guess I kinda always felt that way in a certain way, that it was just like there, but I do recently have been thinking so much more strongly about it.
      MEntity: You do exist beyond your head.
      Bobby: Questioning your mortality.
      Cyprus: Yeah, I think that’s part of it, too. I get the concept of wanting to be here. I used to not think about that as a thing. And now I think, I’m achy. And I have this and I have that. I love getting older, but I just don’t love that my body feels it in a different way. And I can’t do things that I did before. Like carrying something. I used to be able to lift heavy boxes. Now I’m like all weak and shit. It’s so weird. So, it has been a real focus for me.
      MEntity: Keep in mind that that is a state that is natural for the body to move through and toward. It is not something to overcome. It is something to adapt to and to care within the parameters that are shifting.
      Cyprus: I 100% agree. I really totally get that part.
      BFBobby: She’s not going to exert more effort than she absolutely has to.
      Cyprus: But those are the moments when you realize that things change that you didn’t know changed until you tried to do them and now you can’t do them anymore.
      BFBobby: The old you would be like, Oh yay, someone else will have to do it for me.
      Cyprus: Anyway. Thank you.
      BFBobby: Can I ask two questions as needing some clarification. The first one was: Michael said that the Life Plan is co-created with Essence. Does that mean for each fragment, like I’m Bobby, my Life Plan is this: Helping Others. But then if I come back or a previous life that I had, it would have been a totally different Life Plan? That’s question one. And the second question is: These seven-year cycles. Does the Life Plan, maybe if you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish, if Kerrin creates her own design company or whatever, does the Life Plan in the next cycle possibly shift to a new Life Plan?
      MEntity: The phrase “Life Plan” is a bit of a misnomer in the sense that it is only a temporary plan. It is not an arcing plan that is defining the lifetime.
      BFBobby: It doesn’t define the whole lifetime?
      MEntity: No. That is why they move in cycles. Because you change plans. You change interests. You change fascinations. You change motivations. Inspiration can come. Environments can change. The culture can change. Society can change. And the Life Plans will adapt to these. So, there will be other lifetimes as “not-Bobby” who also had for a period of time the Life Plan of HELPING OTHERS and that Personality would have pursued it in a way that was important to her or him.
      MEntity: Your Life Plan of HELPING OTHERS may also shift if you were to push too far into the realm of helping others to the extent of harming yourself. Then your Life Plan may shift into how do I help myself or, more likely, how do I find a balance between helping others and helping myself. And so, the Life Plans are constantly being recalibrated and assessed.
      MEntity: If there were only one arcing Life Plan it would be very difficult for Essence to ever get anything done because a Personality is fairly rogue in its choice-making process as it learns and as it remembers. And Essence can never count on a Personality to do as it was expected to do. We remember.
      MEntity: So, the Life Task is the broadest context that a life may have as a direction. And it can be rejected, or it can be fulfilled. But the Life Plan is more short term and tends to appeal to the Personality in a very immediate way.
      BFBobby: Got it. So, based on that would it make sense that your Life Plan often fits into your Life Task?
      MEntity: Everything fits into the Life Task. Yes.
      Shanequa: What do you choose before you incarnate here? Your Life Plans? Or your Task? Or?
      MEntity: The Life Task is chosen by Essence before you incarnate. It tends not to activate as a sense of direction until around the 4th Internal Monad, or at the earliest after the 3rd Internal Monad. However, older souls can often be aware of the Life Task even earlier.
      MEntity: But the Life Plans are something that is developed on the fly, so to speak, as the life progresses. Because the Life Plan must appeal to the Personality. It must be something that is generated by the Personality and then Essence gets behind that.
      MEntity: To make things clearer, we could say that the Life Task is what the Essence would like to experience, and Personality must get behind that if it is to be fulfilled. The Life Plan is what the Personality would like to experience, and Essence would get behind that.
      Shanequa: Are there Agreements that you make beforehand about your Life Task? How does that play in? These Agreements you make?
      MEntity: The Life Tasks are broad enough to accommodate all of the choices that may come from Personality. There are certain pivotal points where there may be a pool of Agreements that would help bring to light the Life Task for an individual. But the Life Task is so broad intentionally, so that wherever the Personality is going it has the capacity to fulfill.
      MEntity: That is why a Life Task is described in such broad terms, such as, TO OVERCOME INTERNAL OBSTACLES, for instance. This can be done in many different ways, and it will likely be fulfilled by some version of the Personality. But it is rather broad. And Agreements can be tied into that in advance, but more often than not they are also generated as the life progresses.
      MEntity: There is nothing predestined about a lifetime.
      Shanequa: I thought there were some things.
      Cyprus: Choice. That’s the whole point. Learning how to choose and choosing how to learn.
      Shanequa: But like you choose your parents and stuff, so that’s like, destined.
      Cyprus: Yeah, but you don’t choose the relationship that you have with them. Those things all evolve through time and choice.
      BFBobby: No outcome is predetermined. You may set up the chess board, but how you play the game has not been predetermined.
      Cyprus: And you never know how other people will move their pieces.
      MEntity: You can choose the vehicle, but you determine what time you arrive.
      Group Response: Ooooooo.
      BFBobby: Bringing it back!
      Cyprus: I like a full circle! I like a full circle.
      [NOTE FROM TROY: This must have been a playful reference to the very late arrival of an attendee]
      Cyprus: Kerrin, do you have a question?
      Kerrin: A general question? You know I have to bring in politics. I can’t control myself. My question is now that we have Donald Trump and we have a Republican administration, and things are getting ugly, what are the probabilities that it’ll implode? That Donald Trump will get impeached? That people in America will start to wake up to what’s going on, and how much longer?
      MEntity: Of course, we cannot predict, especially with so many involved in the process of what is to come. But we can see the patterns, and there are more patterns moving in the direction of an awakening, or at least a revelation, that is a point of no return. And what we mean by this is that the country, or the consciousness that is participating in the country, are at a point where they will either be set back for another 100 to 1,000 years--
      Multiple Responses: Oh my god! Wow! Ugh!!
      MEntity: And your reaction [Laughter] is fairly accurate to the percentage that is interested in that, which is very small, relatively speaking, but very strong. Or you will accelerate in a way that finds those who are resisting progress to be included. And that is the most difficult, key element at this moment for how to move forward in a way that is a point of no return toward more Mature soul and peaceful paths: how to include those who are terrified of that.
      MEntity: One of the only ways to do so is to drag them, so to speak, into that paradigm because they will adapt. But that choice to “drag” them into it would have to be made in a way that stopped being concerned about the reactions or the fears or the courtesy, the retaliations, and so forth.
      MEntity: There are only two years left, that we can see, based on the patterns in place now that can sustain this before a major setback or a major leap occurs. We think this is tied to the greater shift in patterns coming together for 2020, where the Infinite Soul manifestations are becoming more and more likely to occur for an intervention. And so, in the next two years, if this is not tied up in some way that is beneficial to all involved even to those who resisted, then there will likely be intervention.
      MEntity: So, in short, we can say that in the next two years it is likely that something will change. It will not be something that must be endured much longer.
      Cyprus: I have a question on her question. People have been talking about the Infinite Soul returning for quite a time now. Is it just, like, hanging out, waiting for us to hit rock bottom or something? ‘Cause that’s what it sort of sounds like.
      MEntity: Yes, the Infinite Soul manifestations only occur if there is a necessity for vital intervention to help return the species to a viable state.
      Kerrin: Things aren’t shitty enough yet. Which means we still have a ways to go.
      MEntity: There is always an Infinite Soul manifestation waiting in the wings, so to speak. The Infinite Soul is not a single Entity. It is not a being. It is a collection of Cadres and Entities and so forth manifesting as a representative of Tao.
      MEntity: But we are not clear on its algorithms for accessing how “bad” it must get for the intervention. We suspect that from that perspective they have access to greater patterns than we do. And when it is seen that even if it reaches a very painful and difficult part in human history, if the patterns are indicating a recovery from that in a way that allows humanity to mature on its own, the manifestation will be avoided.
      BFBobby: To use words that you, Michael, said earlier would it be fair to say that the Infinite Soul probably wouldn’t come if we reach a Turning Point but rather only come if we reach a Breaking Point.
      MEntity: Correct. Yes, the Infinite Soul had manifestations slated for around 1986 and 1999, 2001, 2012 and so far humans have continued to find a way through on their own. And that is what the goal is as a collective consciousness.
      MEntity: It may be sometimes difficult to see it in tangible terms or in evidential terms at the moment, but the manifestation of the Infinite Soul means that at least from that perspective the patterns that were evolving would have led to some form of terrible demise for the species if it had continued.
      Cyprus: So when the Infinite Soul comes it represents love or truth or energy. So, is it already predetermined what the next one would be?
      MEntity: All three for the next manifestation.
      Cyprus: Oh, it’s triple threat.
      BFBobby: We’re fucking our world up big time.
      MEntity: It has manifested in its various facets before, but this manifestation to accommodate the population is aiming for five separate manifestations from demographics that would listen to those individuals.
      Cyprus: Will they have a connection to each other here? If there are five and they are obviously all connected because of the Infinite Soul connection, are the five bodies somehow connected or will connect in some way? Or would it be just five random things that happened for each one in a different area?
      Cary: Will their Personalities know each other? Is that what you mean?
      Cyprus: Well, not necessarily know each other but somehow connected?
      MEntity: They will all be seventh-level Old. That is one factor that will tie them together, but they will have various positions within various Entities and Cadres. They will likely not know each other.
      MEntity: Keep in mind that all Infinite Soul manifestations are the Personality of the individual for most of its life and most of its teaching until the actual manifestation happens, which tends to only be 30 to 90 days of the life. Until that manifestation, they are being guided and supported by the Infinite Soul manifestation process, but it is still the individual’s teaching and the individual’s choice fueled, so to speak, by the direct connection to Infinite Soul.
      Cyprus: So are some of these ones that were waiting around in like 2012 and ’99?
      MEntity: Some of them have been opted out. One example is the fragment known as Elián González, who was slated to be the next Infinite Soul at that time and has opted out. That was a prime position to be in for great influence that shifted and is no longer viable.
      MEntity: So those who will be manifesting the Infinite Soul are on the planet at the time and in their lives. They will probably still have their teachings, of course, in some way. But until 2020 it will not be known as to whether there will be a locking on to, an anchoring, to those individuals so the actual manifestation occurs.
      BFBobby: So, they are regular, everyday Personalities up until the Infinite Soul manifestation for generally 30 to 90 days?
      MEntity: They tend to be fairly beloved and fairly influential already in some way, and often fairly rebellious in the environments that they are in, in some way bringing to light a change that must be made.
      BFBobby: But they aren’t for their entire life the Infinite Soul?
      MEntity: Correct. For instance, one of the candidates is a part of the leadership that is protesting the pipeline in North Dakota.
      Kerrin: There is someone who is a tribal elder, I thought.
      MEntity: That is correct.
      Shanequa: Are they going to come out with the same philosophy in different areas? Because if they come out with different philosophies in different areas it’s going to pit us against each other.
      MEntity: No, what you are thinking of is religion. Religion comes long after the Infinite Soul teachings. There is the teaching of the individuals and then the manifestation of the Infinite Soul where there is a teaching, but it can NOT be in conflict with the teaching of another Infinite Soul.
      MEntity: In fact, all religions that are seeded by the Infinite Souls behind them have no conflict at their core. It is only what builds upon them afterward in complexities and complications that cause the conflicts. But at the core LOVE ONE ANOTHER is not in conflict with KNOW THYSELF. Do you understand? And at the core of every Infinite Soul’s teaching is a very simple truth or a very simple teaching.
      MEntity: Religion will change, as the Mature Soul population grows religion will change and its impact on the planet because what you are seeing is the Baby Soul version of spirituality or a teaching in the hands of Young Souls. The Young Souls learned very quickly that to maintain order and control over the Baby Souls they had to hijack their religions and this has worked for thousands of years and it is falling apart as the Mature Soul paradigm comes into existence.
      Cyprus: OK, so we went around but we probably don’t have a huge amount of time left. So, do we want to do our--
      MEntity: This is not water.
      Cyprus: No, that is gin. Do you need water? Would you like the coconut water?
      MEntity: We are fine.
      [NOTE FROM TROY: I had been drinking a gin and tonic before the session and I usually need a drink of water during every vocal session at some point, so I always have water set up for Michael/Me to drink.]
      Cyprus: That was like the best part of the whole session so far!
      Cyprus: So, do we want to do our quick little personal questions?
      Cary: My question is a general question. The term Masculine/Feminine, M/F ratio, is very confusing to people. Is there some other term that would more accurately describe the type of energy that term is describing?
      MEntity: Yes, Focused and Creative.
      Cary: So, is that the term we should be using instead of M/F ratio?
      MEntity: No. It is important to differentiate and to move away from those terms at the moment because of the outdated and societal shifts that are occurring around gender at the moment. So, it is OK and important to move away from that and move toward the more neutral terms of Focused and Creative. But it is not something that needs to be discarded entirely because once the acceptance of fluidity in gender is accepted then the terms Male and Female will no longer represent polarities. They will represent a spectrum.
      MEntity: Because not a single person is 100% Female or Creative or 100% Focused or Male. So, our system was already built to include that fluidity. But we like to evolve our terms to match the times in the same way that we moved away from Slave as a term, which would not fly in this period of time where this term is used in a way to represent a period of history and a people in a very different way than what we had used the term originally. So, our teaching does evolve to adapt to the language of the time or it would die. So Focused and Creative is fair to use, even if you return to Male and Female later.
      Cyprus: Kerrin?
      Kerrin: How does Michael see my Essence in terms of color and imagery?
      MEntity: When we interact with your Essence and it shows itself in a form, it is often in geometric shapes that combine in ways that are unexpected and is often clear. We would not say that there was a color (although there is a color) but we cannot describe it. It is mostly clear or transparent, and the parts, the components, that make up your expression of Essence move about almost in mechanical ways, like clockwork that represents whatever it is that you are working on at the time. And they continue to move at all times in the same way that machinery works. And that is how we see you.
      BFBobby: If you are a geometric pattern that’s clear that makes you like a prism so you bounce back all colors.
      MEntity: That is one of the reasons why we could not describe a color because of the effects that these various geometric shapes have on the light around it.
      Cary: Is the movement like gears?
      MEntity: Clunky gears. [Laughter] They move with great fluidity but in unexpected ways, such as a conical shape moving in spiral patterns around a rectangle.
      Cyprus: My question is about our little group of four, Troy and Bobby and me and Johnny. We are getting group tattoos in two weeks from today, and Bobby and I both feel very driven about this process, and I love the fact that it’s art that’s created by two of the people in our group. And I wanted to know if the four of us have done this before. Because I feel like we did.
      MEntity: More than the four of you, of course, and all of you in this gathering have been tattooed in other lives.
      Cyprus: No, I know, but I meant like as a group of four.
      MEntity: We are looking. Yes, you have. Mostly as a part of a tribe. And not specific to the four of you, but as a part of a larger tribe. Which is partly what this represents in general. You are not choosing symbols that represent an exclusive grouping but your position within a greater grouping. And that is what is important about it for you at this time.
      MEntity: This will be the last question.
      Shanequa: Will I find that BFF that I feel that I have a longing for, that sister-friend. Or that sister-friend in a guy body?
      MEntity: Yes, because you are looking. But your space has to be more inviting. There are Agreements that all of you make with individuals that fall by the wayside if the environment is restricted in allowing the level of intimacy that would be desired.
      MEntity: So, you must shift in one of two ways. One would be to leave the environment that is restricting you, as we were discussing with you earlier. Or to simply own more of that environment on your terms before it can make room for that individual.
      MEntity: But yes, you have an Agreement with, we think it’s a Sage, female. We are looking for some validating factor so you will know when you cross paths. The window for the Agreement looks to be February to March of next year. The only validating factor that we can find at this moment is that she loves floral prints. She seems to be known for wearing floral prints. And we can check in with you again in further exchanges with you. It is a Sage female, in February to March.
      Cyprus: She’s clearly not someone sitting here now.
      Various Responses: Thank you very much. Yes, thank you!
      MEntity: We will conclude here. Good-bye.

    • Maxim [memorial profile]
      By Maxim [memorial profile]
      I have been getting this Interdimensional Forcast from Walter Shelburne for a couple years.  It can be revealing and because it speaks about Trump in the upcoming year or two I thought it might be of interest in particular because it mirrors much of the thinking here.  You can subscribe to it yourself through his email address.  It is free.
      Interdimensional Times: 2018 Forecast
      Walter Shelburne <w.shelburne@mindspring.com>
      Hi there!
      Here is my 2018 forecast.  It's incomplete in several areas.  I need to say more about North Korea and about the endgame for the Trump presidency.  These are topics for future blogs.  I'll add more forecasts as things become clearer.
      The energy is very high at the beginning of 2018 and so this is an opportunity to move forward on whatever projects or ambitions that may have been waiting your attention. 
      Every day of the New Year is its own archetype for at least the first 10 days of the year.  Stay present for the lessons that come in with these archetypal activations.  
      Feel free to share this with others. I welcome feedback.
      Love and blessings,
      2018 Forecast
      With the New Year, there comes hope and optimism.  There is a wave of transformation happening in our country and it looks like an opening for truth, justice, and sanity to eventually prevail.  There is momentum for tolerance, inclusion, equality, cooperation, ecological awareness, and grass roots political mobilization both here and throughout the world.
      If you turn this picture upside down, you also see how deeply entrenched the forces are that want to concentrate wealth and power, maintain the status quo, and preserve inequitable access to resources and opportunity. 
      The recent tax bill that was jammed through the Congress is a good example.  Panned as an awful bill by nearly all economists, it effectively steals from the many to enrich the few.  Part of the intent is to create a deficit crisis that will be the justification for cutting back the government programs of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.   
      The Trump presidency has become a symbol of what is standing in the way of progress in our world.   We have the means and we know what to do to address the crises of our civilization.  But political will is focused in the wrong direction.
      With control of both Houses of Congress and the presidency, the Republicans got their way with the tax bill.  However, their triumph is going to come back to bite them in the butt at the November midterms.
      The tax bill was touted as an across the board tax reduction that would have the effect of increasing the income of middle class people and improving their job prospects.  In reality, the overwhelming majority of benefits go to the top 1 percent of the income scale and to big corporations.
      When November comes around, average Americans are not going to be any better off financially than they currently are.   They are still going to be slowly losing ground.   The tax bill will prove to be a pyrrhic victory for the Republicans as people see through their self-serving scam.
      My reading is that the Democrats will win control of both the Senate and the House in 2018.  This effectively shuts down the Trump agenda for the last two years of his presidency.  He won’t be able to put any more people onto the Supreme Court from then on, for example.
      However, Trump will still have a Republican controlled House and Senate in 2018.  My reading is that almost nothing will happen in Congress in this year.  With the election of Doug Jones to the Senate, the Republicans have only a 51-49 majority. So any two Republicans can derail any bill that comes along.  
      There are limits to how much the Republicans can use the mechanism of budget reconciliation to pass their agenda with a simple majority.  The Democrats can still filibuster most of the bad bills. 
      My reading is that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will hang on for one more year until the Democrats control the Senate thus depriving Trump of another Supreme Court pick. 
      I don’t see Trump leaving office in 2018.  He won’t resign unless his impeachment is inevitable.  That isn’t going to happen until at least 2019.  
      Trump serves the Democrats as the most effective voter mobilization and political activism mechanism they have ever had so pushing impeachment is not in their interest currently.  
      Republicans won’t ditch Trump until they have to because they fear alienating his base that makes up a significant portion of people who vote Republican.
      Nothing can happen on the impeachment frontier until the Mueller investigation comes to an end, and I don’t see that happening until late in 2018 at the earliest.
      I see the economy as relatively strong in 2018 with no major disturbance or recession.
      There will be a major loss in value of Bitcoin as regulations come into play that make it harder for Bitcoin holders to remain anonymous.  Regulations are easy to implement on exchanges where people buy and sell cryptocurrency.    I see the Bitcoin crash coming in the early spring of 2018.  
      Cryptocurrencies are here to stay though and Bitcoin’s loss will be a gain for some of these other currencies.
      The United States is currently at war in many places in the world that you don’t hear much about such as Somalia and Libya.   These engagements are all covert operations and drone strikes.   This will continue in 2018.  However, I don’t see any major new wars in 2018.  There will be no war with Iran
      North Korea will be a headache for the United States and the world, but it will continue to be a cold war type of standoff where neither our county nor North Korea can afford to attack the other directly. 
      We have to give up any hope that Trump will become a better president. Through 2018, my reading is that he will continue to decline both physically as well as mentally. He’s going to be an increasing ineffective leader and an embarrassment as a representative of the United States in foreign policy.
      Although he would like to be a dictator on the model of how Vladimir Putin runs Russia, he is going to find a decreasing number of political figures who support him even from the Republican side.   In 2018, Republicans will increasingly come to see their own political survival dependent on how much they distance themselves from Trump. 
      Although 2018 is going to be shrouded in the political darkness of Trump and Trumpism, it’s important to keep our focus on the light.   There is a progressive wave coming and we need to do our best to make it as strong as it can be. 
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