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  • Protection through tumultuous events


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: May 2001]


    [Leela] It seems as though we may be in for some “Interesting Times,” as it were. Perhaps I am too attached to Fear, but I can’t help but wonder if there is anything we as individuals might need/want/choose to do to protect ourselves through tumultuous events. Or am I misreading the energy report?


    There will always appear to be “interesting times” ahead when looking to the future. 


    The unknown always brings up fear, and this is valid since that is Fear's function, to protect from the unknown.


    Fear will come up to protect you automatically, but your “true protection” will come in being able to differentiate between what APPEARS to be a “bear in the woods” and what is actually just a “fallen tree.” Fear cannot distinguish between the two and is, for the most part, blind.


    Our suggestion in terms of what is ahead is to simply remind yourselves that you are adaptable and capable in any event, if you choose. It will be your task to determine if you are “jumping” because there is a literal need for fear, or if you are simply imagining the worst; this can be said in terms of over-optimism, as well.


    We realize our energy report seems potentially ominous, but that is only from one perspective. The same events will/can bring changes to the planet and its people that could carry seeds of powerful change and awareness.

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