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  • Tapping into Fear and Pain through Dreams


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: February 2002]

    [SusanSF] As to our community I’m sensing the same. A hidden has been uncovered that I want to respond compassionately. This is not a personal but a community I would like clarification on for All of us. It came from a validation from the astral dream time that could affect us All.

    [M_Entity] And what is your question, Susan?

    [SusanSF] Do I do anything about it or just let it ride? Or I can pass on to the next in queue.

    [M_Entity] Though we are not completely clear on your question, we do think you are referring to a phenomenon that is occurring for many of the Older Souls, which is an exploration of many potential catastrophes and disasters as they may manifest for people.

    [SusanSF] In our community….

    At this point, because the Astral Plane is heavily populated with tremendous pain, fear, and anxiety, the dreams and meditations of many sensitive souls are going to tap into that. This will be interpreted differently for each person, but for most, the impact is unconsciously a response to help alleviate and heal this.

    For some, the experiences are being taken literally as signs of potential disaster. This may or may not be true. We can only say that part of the evolution of an Older Soul is in learning to interpret his/her emotional realm and astral experiences in ways that are applicable to the life. In short, it is your choice in what to do with what you know.

    In most instances where a prophecy is valid, any verbal sharing of that knowledge is rarely heeded. Until intuition and dreams are commonly understood, and alarmists stop predicting catastrophes each month, most will not hear even the most founded warnings.


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