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    Moving Centered Year


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- February 2009]


    [luluaussi] In the most recent energy report, you said: “Many fragments move through the life carrying the weight of the past with the distraction of the future, finding little reconciliation between them, and these equally-opposing forces create a pressure that leads to Inertia. In a Moving Centered year, these areas of inertia may become painfully or delightfully apparent, allowing for opportunities of release into freedom.”


    Could you elaborate on this and give guidance as to any fragments that could assist in understanding how to use current opportunities?


    [Michael Entity]
    Imagine you are holding two very long ropes, one in each hand. The past is pulling the rope in one direction, while the future is pulling in the other, both equal in power of direction and strength. You are in the middle of this, arms outstretched, standing still, anchored. This is Inertia. Many know this experience, and it is not always a whole-life inertia, but may be in certain areas of the life. This year’s Flow may reveal to many where these areas of Inertia are in the life.


    With the Moving Centered year in effect, the realization might be likened to the person in the middle finally trying to pull one or both arms, let go of one or both ropes, or some other action that releases one from this inertia. This release might be painful or delightful. If painful, it is because often the strain of the pull is not realized until the release. If delightful, it is the realization that this pain is a growing pain of sorts, and can be used as strength, not loss.


    [luluaussi] yes events occurred that were a delightful release of old pain


    [luluaussi] how does one keep equilibrium so that one can move out of inertial energy and find growth? Feel a bit at sea by these events and want to make the best possible use of the creative energy.


    [Michael Entity]
    We would suggest a focus on your own Goal, as described in your personal Overleaves, as a helpful way to maintain a sense of direction during these first few months of the year.


    In response to the question of any fragments that could assist in understanding how to use current opportunities, we could suggest the fragment known as Barack Obama, the current President of The United States. This fragment is exemplifying the shift from Inertia to Freedom. His exemplification is not without its obstacles and trials, which is inherent in any effort and not to be a sign of failure or limitation.

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    • Eric
      By Eric
      [Excerpts from a POF on September 18, 2013]
      I’d like to know about your view on a set of common phenomena, generally referred to as Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. These include compulsive nail biting (onychophagia), skin picking (dermatillomania), skin biting (dermatophagia), hair pulling (trichotillomania), nose picking (rhinotillexomania), among others.

      Together, they are very common in the population (at least 1 in 20 people have one or more of these behaviors). Despite this frequency, though, most BFRBs are looked down upon and considered shameful/taboo. They are also poorly researched and poorly understood medically/scientifically.

      What can you tell me about the general nature and cause or causes of BFRBs? What suggestions do you have on how to understand, deal with, and/or alleviate BFRBs?

      All of these would appear to be sourced in unconscious stress and nervousness, or excesses of energy. In our system, they would be considered Frustration or Freneticism, as symptoms of the Negative Pole of the Moving Center.

      Energy will move in a way that creates a circuit or network, if you will, and when there is energy that is not making that circuit or networking, it will cycle back on itself.

      Because of the nature of Energy or the Moving Center, it will find a way to bring about false networks and circuitry just so it can keep moving.

      However, Freneticism and Frustration, because they are looped, tend to either amplify or disintegrate. In most cases where it is amplified, this is a Moving/Intellectual loop and it shows up as repetitive thoughts, logic loops, scattered thinking, distraction, etc. When it is disintegrative, it is usually a Moving/Emotional loop and is a non-verbal, symbolic Frustration or Freneticism.

      For instance, nail-biting or other ingestion of the body speaks to the weight of what one tends to carry that is "eating away at them."

      This may seem too literal and obvious, but this is not a complicated system of symbolism.

      Unconscious and subconscious frustrations and freneticism are highly simplistic.

      In nearly all cases of the examples above, there are issues of Self-Deprecation and Arrogance involved.

      All of these are an attempt to reduce oneself or a reflection of one's sense of invisibility.

      [EricM]: any suggestions on how one might go about alleviating or breaking an unwanted circuit like these?

      Conscious intervention is key for breaking the habit, but this will not alleviate the loop if the loop is not addressed. In most cases, this would mean addressing how one feels invisible in the life, useless, unproductive, and lacking in contribution.

      This can be addressed by paying attention to that which inspires you, and letting this become more representative of you than is usually allowed.

      For many, the inspiration is used as a reminder for how far one is from fulfilling an intention represented by the inspiration, forgetting that this inspiration is ONLY an inspiration because it is already reflecting potential and elements of the self.

      And finally, giving direction to the Moving Center in a way that is consciously and actively productive, such as through exercise, projects, hobbies, walking, dancing, yoga, etc. Anything that allows the body to exhaust energy in a way that brings benefit.
      ### end of excerpt
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    • Janet
      By Janet
      December 28, 2000
      Troy Tolley, channel
      Open Floor
      We are here. One moment.
      We do not choose your Topics for you. Since no Topic is requested, we will work with an Open Floor tonight. You may begin your questions, if you have any.
      [Cathy] If I have a special relationship with someone, in this case, with my friend, Frazer, does this indicate an agreement, or task companion, or are some friendships that seem special just a friendship? Are all friendships agreements, or task companions, or essence twins or some such category?
      [Michael_Entity] All “special relationships” are “something.” There are few people you will know within a lifetime (particularly following the Young Soul Age) that you have not known before in some fashion. We will also note that “just a friendship” is still “something.” If you feel a pull toward another fragment, you are fulfilling something ranging from an Agreement to Karma and potentially any kind of relationship ranging from Task Companion to Heart Link. It appears the relationship with the fragment known as Frazer fulfills 2 positions within your Support Group; Love, third String; and Healer, 4th String. This format does not allow us to delve deeply into the personal information, so we will move on.
      [Dewliet] In a previous chat, Michael stated that music can be “a path to direct contact with other Essences.” Would you please expound on this?
      [Michael_Entity] Music and Math are Universal Truths. Music is a “language” used throughout the Planes; it is not limited to the Physical Plane. Music is Math, Exalted. Considering Music as a more “universal language,” it is also more likely to be “understood” by parts of you not limited to the Physical Plane. Even within a limited perspective, it can be noted that Music can affect your Emotions, your Intellect, and your Moving Center in quite drastic ways. This, then, extends to affect the Higher Centers as well. The Higher Centers are more direct links to your Essence. When Music is affecting, aligning, healing, balancing, etc., your Higher Centers, your level of communication to/from Essence can amplify greatly. Taking this further, “you” are less different and convoluted as Essences when communicating from Essence. Therefore, Music can be a direct path to contact and recognition of another Essence quite easily. We will add here that one of the more effective forms of speech is when words are “sung.” Sages and Artisans can know this and communicate quite animatedly. Music is not limited to only the use of objective instruments.
      [momhawk] A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that I had breast cancer. But with all the moving and holiday stuff, I forgot about it until this morning, when due to ‘soreness’ I found a rather large lump on the outside of my left breast. Would Michael please comment on my findings at this time. I do plan to do major follow up with medical doctors in any case, but just wanted to know what they might have to say about this, NOW. Thank you.
      [Michael_Entity] This is another of your Self-karmic events manifesting. It is time to find your Healers. We do suggest that your level of effort toward addressing the symptom and its immediacy will allow you the intervention required. We do not diagnose, but we can see this is part of the ingredients toward understanding your value in terms of self-priority.
      [ksh] I feel I am making contact with Astral Fragments. Sometimes I think they are my legitimate guides, and sometimes I merely feel them to be mischievous astral fragments. Am I making some contact with my guides?
      [Michael_Entity] You have always been “open” to influences of a “mischievous” nature. Part of your experiences are merely sub-personality’s gaining freedom after a particularly emotional experience. This has given license to some of your more creative aspects of communication from within. You like to be entertained, as well as to entertain, even when processing “seriously.” You are not without your Guides, though. 4 Sage fragments from your Entity are “happy” to fulfill any additional “mischief” to help. They are not unknown to you as Essence.
      [ShannonB] You told us, long ago, that many of the fragments presently incarnate on this plane were here to witness the Infinite Soul. Now it seems, the IS is not coming in the manner expected. Will all of these millions of incarnates cycle off (or die) and “depopulate” the planet as planned, or have the plans changed?
      During a period of time wherein the Infinite Soul may manifest, it is not done “lightly.” Though last year appeared to indicate a shift in changes as to whether the Infinite Soul may manifest at all, your coming year may prove to require a continuation as “planned.” In your Time perspective and sense of change, it may appear to be more whimsical than you would think, but it is not. There are parallels where the manifestation has already occurred. There are some where it will not. The probability of a manifestation in this parallel, as it stands tonight, is approximately 44% within 10 years and 67% within 30.
      As for the “depopulation,” we looked at probabilities approximately 10 years ago for what is now your present and saw a great reduction “by now,” but this has not occurred and does not appear to be. This is a strong indication that Essences are still very eager to enter into exchange while Physical with the Infinite Soul.
      [Liiona] What are the overleaves for the new year? What kind of year do we have to look forward to in contrast to this past year?
      Through this channel, we can convey these Overleaves as of now: A Scholar/Sage Year, Acceptance/Discrimination, Observation, Cynic, Moving Center/Intellectual Part, Greed/Impatience. These may change within the first month, as the momentum has not been cast yet. The “contrast” will be a heightened look at POWER, the INDIVIDUAL and COLLECTIVE. The year will be rooted heavily in Mature Soul drama and adventure, with a great deal of shifting among seats of Power, not only within your Politics, but also within your lives. You will be examining those you consider your Authority Figures in your life, publicly and privately, and there will be little in terms of silence this year.
      The US has high probabilities of being attacked, twice, as a means to unseat the Power seen there. These events, at this time, appear to be brief, but rather frightening. Again, we are not predicting this, we are only highlighting the major contrast from last year as seen in higher probabilities (60% or higher). The theme on the planet, in general, will relate directly to watching how the US handles a very precarious shift in Power.
      [DharmaWarrior] Please explain “Heart Link.” I am curious about an OLD PRIEST I have met. How best to relate to/with this person.
      [Michael_Entity] We define Heart Link as the completion of all Major Monads between your Essence and another. The Monads, of course, range from being Husband/Wife to Killer/Killed, Jailor/Jailed, Brother/Sister, etc. Once you have experienced all Major Monads (approximately 30) and any others you wish to fulfill, you then “seal” the experience with a final Love Monad. Once that final Monad is fulfilled, you have created a Heart Link. You can best relate to the Old Priest by inquiring as to what that fragment sees as the Higher Good, or “cause” in their life.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      January 6, 2000
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Conscious Connection to Essence
      Note: This series continues in Michael Speaks -- Conscious Connection to Essence (2 of 3).
      We are here. One moment. Welcome to your New Year. We realize and understand the significance of this marking, as it is an ingredient of human sentience to measure time with great marks. It also marks the close of one of the more unusual “windows” for a Nexus (parallel shift), which has not gone unnoticed by many of you.
      As we move into this topic, “creating conscious connection to Essence”, we feel it best to have it an on-going discovery on your part, a journey of remembering, or a journey of re-connection.
      You will always “embody” or express Essence, even if only minutely. It is never a matter of “finding” Essence or seeking Essence, it is always about becoming CONSCIOUS of Essence. When you, as Personality, are lacking consciousness in direction or action, feelings, thoughts, etc., you are limiting Essence’s expression, but you can never truly limit Essence. You merely limit your personal intimacy with Essence.
      Essence will freely allow a Personality to run “amok” or fall into fear and pain, though these experiences are ALWAYS as a result of a Personality’s decisions. Essence inherently steers a life away from these, but Personality is invaluable to Essence and Essence can never know what “burns” unless at least ONE version of a Personality touches the “fire” so to speak. For those experiences, Essence is deeply grateful, even if it, itself, is inclined more toward what the nature of a particular universe is.
      In this case, your universe is EXPANDING, therefore Essence seeks expansion as well. Expansion is recognized in terms of pleasure, fulfillment, happiness, joy, and love… those things that give Personality pleasure are in synchronicity and alignment with Essence. This is so, regardless of temporary social mores, standards and judgments of the time.
      As we said, the journey toward enhancing your conscious connection to Essence will be paved with your own realizations, questions, and sharing.
      [debo] Regarding conscious connection to essence–If one is talking to essence and continuing a dialogue going during a day–is this as valid as meditating and connecting to one’s higher self? It seems too easy in a way.
      We will begin with the question posed by the fragment known as “debo” here.
      One moment.
      In answer to debo and her question: You have addressed a very subtle factor in many Personalities seeking conscious contact with Essence.
      Having and maintaining contact with Essence is always thought of in terms of something “other than” self; something more extravagant, more magickal, more ‘something’ than the Personality, itself. Therefore, it is many times assumed that contact with Essence must be marked by some kind of initiation, ritual, or euphoric sense of knowing, some complicated/complex passage. This is simply not true, though it certainly can be your decision if you require such meaning for your progress.
      What helps put things into perspective is that Essence not only CREATED you, as you know it, but also NEEDS you. You are its eyes, its heart, its hands, its feet, its face, and its fantastic world of physical sensation. It is blind without you. It is blind in many ways while dealing with the Physical Plane. As you are, in as many ways, without it. This means Essence listens to you with great depth of compassion, commitment, and interest.
      While Essence can see your larger contexts, your Agreements, your Karma, and many other factors that are not necessary for you, as Personality, to know, it innocently has no idea how important a good night’s sleep is, how important it is to you to be held, or how a bowl of cherries might make your day. You, as Personality, “feed” this information to Essence as you experience it. While some of you “speak” to Essence and continually co-create the life, many of you use your Instinctive Centered years or Instinctive Reviews (individually) for “uploading” or updating your Essence.
      Many of you may feel you “speak” to Essence to no avail, but we suggest that if you are feeling along these lines, you are not speaking to Essence, you are simply in need of more tangible and physical support. It is valid and important that you seek this out. Essence cannot magickally “rescue” you; it is as interested in your panic and plight. You are all capable of making changes in your life that you seek, and you are all capable of reaching out for others. When it appears Essence isn’t “listening”, try reaching out for or allowing a “spirit in the flesh” into your life.
      So, in answer to your question or comment, debo, it is usually quite a wonderful experience for a Personality to address its Essence on a daily basis, even if simply in words and thought. It teaches Essence about the more subtle aspects of the life. Otherwise, this is only extracted upon life review, or during Instinctive reviews.
      What we will be working toward in this journey, is a sense of Essence BEING you, not just being spoken to by you. We will speak more on this later as the class consciousness builds.
      [Barry] I’m wrestling with the phrase “creating a conscious connection to Essence”. Would you explain what you mean by “conscious”? Do you mean a waking knowledge of the essence that is us? How do we know when we have achieved this? Are there different methods of doing this best suited for each of us?
      [Michael_Entity] What we mean by ‘conscious’ here is basically a code word for “acceptance”. In many of your cases, Essence is distanced to a great degree, even if honored by you. Another way of describing this class topic may be “choosing to accept your Essence” and all that that implies.
      [Barry] You make it sound like that implies a lot….
      As you progress through this class, you have the opportunity to not only experience your Essence INTIMATELY, but to allow Essence to experience YOUR world intimately. The possibilities to blur your lines of differentiation are high.
      For each Role, there will be different paths, yes, and when you are maintaining a sense of Essence daily, it will be rare to find your world threatening, unsafe, unloving, or disappointing. This, then, is part of the symptoms that will allow you to “know” of your conscious connection.
      [Barry] We will be in a “state” of LOVE?
      We cannot answer that yet as we would need to determine whether we are talking about the same thing. Most of you do not comprehend what Love is as a universal truth but usually refer to the sensations or peripheral counterparts stirred by connections and relief. We might suggest that the sensations are the first signs that you are near Love, but most have not grasped the reality and implications of what Love truly is.
      We will be outlining the Roles and their potential “paths” to consciousness as we build here tonight. We wanted to hear your questions tonight to help us better customize our interactions with you in regards to this topic.
      [MBV] I seem to have a hard time seeing through the haze of my Overleaves. Could Michael give me some examples of the artisan role in essence that would help me identify those qualities which is my essence speaking to me? Would these qualities be true for all artisans?
      You have long survived as Personality “alone” and it is Good Work that you acknowledge your strengths as such. It is a confusion that Essence must be involved in all undertakings while you are Physical or it implies you are “lost”, but this is not true. The entire basis of parallel realities is to allow the Personality its varying versions and ideas about what the life “should”/”could”/”might” be like. Essence has it’s “original plan”, but it relishes in the creativity that a Personality might run with.
      In your case, Mary, you have “branched” and “branched”, so to speak, far from the “trunk” of your original plans, drawing in realms of extreme experiences that were not necessarily Essence’s “idea”, but are enriching your collective self entirely. You have now found yourself being drawn back into Essence after exhausting a creative path as desired by Personality. This is the motivation behind your questions and feelings. In this process, your first glances in recognizing Essence will appear to be “in a haze” as you have always as Personality been “your own strength”.
      You now seek Essence as a resource in addition to “you” as you know you. You will have to “get to know” Essence again. In your case, your “unruly”, giddy, untamed flows of energy are your Essence flowing and speaking. In most cases when you’ve “heard this voice” you funnel this energy “reasonably” or hold it off until “appropriate”, as this has become one of your strengths: to “behave”. As you bring more of your Essence in and your world starts to align to it, you will find the balance that will allow safety and peace, with no threat to your security built. For now and over the next three months or so it might be expected that you feel very disoriented, moody, extreme in emotion, as you relinquish some of your Personality’s precious and justified hold.
      We will address more of this privately and personally. We will also note here that there are, yes, certain qualities that each Role can recognize as being in Essence, but they are only references. It is always an individual discovery. In your case, you, as Personality, are discovering that you and Essence can “play” without getting into “trouble”.
      [debo] If we are maintaining a sense of Essence and are seeking joy and pleasure but instead feel disappointment, is this due to unrealistic expectation? How do we know what is a valid path for Essence to experience (our chosen source of) joy, and what is not valid?
      If what you seek is being called “joy” and “pleasure” but ending in disappointment, then you are not perceiving the truth of that situation. Joy ends in Joy. Pleasure ends in Pleasure. There is no exception. If what you seek is based on the IDEA of joy or pleasure, you may want to reassess if the results are proving otherwise. Another valid consideration is that the situation may simply be a larger context than that which gives you joy and therefore must be examined in parts.
      For instance, to say you love to eat does not mean you enjoy the full, overblown sense after, or the gas, or the heartburn, etc. It may simply be a matter of altering the experience so the emphasis is on the joyful part, EATING, but with more conscious moderation so as to eliminate that which creates a less joyful or even disappointing end. You may enjoy eating, but not eating certain foods, or so much at a time. It usually only takes a moment, but certain commitment, to dissect or clarify exactly what it is that is pleasurable in the seeking, and how to adapt or alter those parts less appealing.
      “Unrealistic Expectation” does lead to disappointment, but this can be used to your advantage. If EXPECTATION is instead seen as enthusiasm, and DISAPPOINTMENT is seen as knowledge, then much is gained. This is an entire topic unto itself.
      As for the “validity” of a path for Essence: this is determined through your personal sense of happiness. In fact, that is the main question for the next three months from Essence as the Instinctive is moved through: “does this contribute to my happiness?”
      Happiness, at least in this universe, is a navigational tool for Personality.
      If you are unhappy, and you know it, this is good. This means you are honest with yourself.
      Being honest with you allows empowerment.
      Empowerment is implemented through planning.
      Planning is carried out through creativity and enthusiasm.
      Creativity and enthusiasm is sustained by seeking pleasure/happiness.
      Pleasure and happiness are guaranteed when being “present” in your life.
      Being “present” in your life means you are being honest.
      Though this is a crudely displayed path in words, with some examination you will see its merit. Each of these facets (6) revolve around a central concept that might be considered “living”, completing a septant for change.
      More on this later.
      [nemo999] I feel cut off from my essence; is it that I want to control it or I am not accepting/unhappy?
      You are never truly cut off from Essence, but Essence can be cut off BY you as Personality, at least in terms of conscious connection. In your longing for Essence, it is doubtful you are cut off in any case; Essence responds immediately to any thought in its “direction”. In other words, it may not be Essence you seek or miss, but the “essence” of something else. Nemo, you have experienced losses that still require grieving. Grieving is acceptance of some “hard” truths for the Personality.
      It would not be amiss at this point in your life to “go back” to what you have lost, indulge in the grief as a process, allowing freedom for that energy, thus making space for something more. For now, it appears you are still hoping or holding out for a revision of a time since passed. You are not alone or cut off from Essence, Nemo, quite the opposite. You are a tremendously sensitive body, it appears, and your Personality and Essence will change your scenario when you are done with the feelings being explored.
      We remind you all that this forum is difficult to “skim” over your very important and personal lives, so we suggest taking our responses as PART of a larger response, not a complete response. We just do not, through this format and channel, have the space or time available to be effective for all of you on that level.
      To summarize, Nemo, determine what tangible thing it is in your life you miss. Your answers can be revealed in that. You are looking “UP” for answers when you might want to look “back”.
      [rion] When meditating I have at times felt a very loving presence which I interpreted to be Essence. However, people channel and are in contact with “other”. What is essence and what is “other”? How does one tell?
      In all cases of channeling, meditating, etc., it is ALWAYS your Essence which makes first contact.
      In the same way that you cannot interact with “other” without a Personality while Physically extant, so too is it impossible to contact nonphysical “others” without Essence as the medium.
      In reaching out during meditation or channeling without specificity, you can rest assured it is Essence in some way. If you seek contact with nonphysical “others” specifically, Essence will act as medium.
      So our answer is, in creating specificity this allows you as Essence and Personality to differentiate the subtleties between self and other. This can be done only with practice, as many beginning attempts for contact with “other” are almost entirely based on filtering of many sorts. To understand this, observe your experiences when meeting a new stranger, physically, between Personalities. This will lend you insights into how you will differentiate subtleties nonphysically. For some, interaction with another person to determine “who” that person is may last a few minutes, for others a few years or more.
      In your case, you are adept at “reading” a person and this also spills into your explorations in the non-physical.
      We can also suggest you attach symbolism to what you know you want to contact. For instance, you can ask that Essence present itself as a certain colour, feeling or sound. This then would help you determine differences when touching other sources.
      [Sandra51] I understand that the Chakra system and Essence has a connection. Would you describe this in relation to the topic tonight? In a nutshell, ha ha.
      We will touch on it briefly, but will get a more succinct transcript out for Otterly and your discussion list later.
      As you explore your conscious connection to Essence, you will also be heightening your sense of self as a Personality. As you explore your sense of self as a person, you will make more room for Essence in your life. It is a two way street, so to speak.
      In exploring yourself on either level, it is important to examine your “rights” as a physical being and your expression of those “rights” and/or the damage or interference to those “rights”.
      For each chakra, or Center, there is a basic “right” that the Personality must have tended to fully embody the Essence. We say “embody” as a convenience, as it is actually the opposite. YOU as Personality are embodied in Essence.
      You most basic “right”, relating to the Instinctive, is your right to exist, or be alive at all. The right to be real. This can also be said to be your right to “have”.
      Your second Center/Chakra must be examined in terms of your right to feel, experience intimacy, and create.
      Your third chakra/Center is examined in terms of your right to take action, or to make change. Another way to put it is your right to be free.
      Your fourth chakra/Center is examined in terms of your right to be loved, and to love.
      Your throat chakra, or 5th Center, is your right to the truth, whether speaking it, or hearing it.
      Your 6th chakra/Center can be examined in terms of your right to perceive, to have vision. This can also be said to be your right to dream, on all levels.
      And finally, your 7th Chakra/Center is your examination of your right to spirituality, or your right to ” inner knowledge”.
      Though we skimmed these, the slightest examination of these areas of your life can be revealing in what Centers/Chakras are not being cared for or possibly denied, thus blocking Essence. They may have also been damaged or imprinted with allowances from other fragments in the life.
      The three “lower centers” (3rd, 4th, and 5th) are all the most obvious and easily examined. They are the keys to balancing Personality. In fact, these centers can potentially be examined with a degree of accuracy, at least as a starting point, in your translating your personal Centering in your Overleaves. When looking at your Centering it might be said that your primary centering is the right you SUSTAIN, while the PART of the centering is the right you “FIGHT FOR”.
      We remind you that Emotional Centering is your right to feel, Intellectual Centering is your right to speak or hear truth, and Moving is your right to act out or make change.
      The Instinctive Center is always under examination and use so it is almost always in some form of distortion without conscious guidance. This is balanced through creating a daily balance among your “lower centers”.
      The “higher centers” (2nd, 6th, and 7th) are keys to your understanding your connection to Essence. With examination, if any of these centers appear to be limited or distorted through fear or imprinting, it will be your task to incorporate experiences which fulfill that level of your rights, if you choose.
      We will conclude here then. Goodnight.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      August 3, 2003
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      MICHAEL SPEAKS (Online) – Energy Report with Q&A
      Hello to all of you. We are here.
      We will begin with the Energy Report as requested:
      It appears the more intense energy of June and July is waning as a lull is settling in. This comes after a great deal of physical and mental activity during June and July. As many of you already know the months of June and July brought with them a great deal of Clarity and Implementation. Most of our students dealt with some form of serious change during those months with some form of revelation being implemented. As we had mentioned in our previous report, it is not unusual to implement a serious change, but the difference was in the fact that so many of you participated in such an investment.
      After June’s and July’s activities and shifts, August should bring about some relief, some “down time”, a short break. For most of our students (especially those in the United States) calmness is moving through the collective consciousness, and while this is an opportunity to simply relax, most will find this calm to be unsettling and distrustful.
      Because this year is rooted in the energies of the Moving Center, it may be difficult for you to simply relax and peacefully go about the routines of your life right now. A momentum is in place and calmness may be difficult to settle into, even if only briefly. Even for those who are quite sedentary, you may be associated with another fragment who will keep you restless along with him or her. Our suggestion for the next 3 weeks or so is to take advantage of the calm, to make a decision that for at least one of the weeks, you will trust your life; you will simply do the routines of your day, and know that you are safe.
      For those who have made a major change in July or June, then August can be seen as a Maintenance month, continuing the implementation of your changes, getting comfortable after some of your personal shifts.
      In light of the opportunity to choose Calmness over the next three weeks or so, we will not complicate matters by elaborating the Energy Report too much. We already know that many of you will choose to follow your restlessness and that is as valid a choice as choosing to rest.
      We will help in your ability to consciously make your choice by stating that if you find you are choosing restlessness, or if you seem to not be able to relax even when you try, that you can help generate peace for even a few hours at a time by simply reminding yourself that YOU ARE SAFE.
      In most cases restlessness is due to some form of control issues, and if you let your guard down for “one second” things will “fall apart”. Many times those who are restless don’t even know what it is they worry about, but in many situations that worry is simply rooted in feeling unsafe. Those who “worry” to the point of being unable to relax are the same children who were usually punished in some way for behaviors deemed unacceptable. “Worry” and restlessness are only for superficial appearances then. As long as you are worried, or as long as you are restless, then even if you are judged, rejected, or reprimanded (internally or from external sources), at least your worry and restlessness will show you tried.
      This is not to diminish the very real worries of life, or the restlessness of certain experiences and bodily/hormonal fluctuations, but when a fragment feels he or she CANNOT choose against these things, it may be rooted in that lack of feeling safe.
      For those who choose to access and experiment with the energies available over the next few weeks, you can experiment with how often you can look at your life and say with trust and truth that you are safe. While the past couple of months helped support serious changes among most of you, this month’s energy can lend support in your reacquainting yourself with the “groove” of your life from the stance of Trust.
      We will now take questions from those who have them.
      [infoloon] I thought virtually all children in this culture were punished for behaviors deemed unacceptable?
      [MichaelEntity] And the act of “worrying” is as pervasive.
      [Whillo333] Is the unsafe feeling from the unstable political and economic status of “the world” and the “fear” that seems to permeate society now?
      [MichaelEntity] It is actually rare that any older soul (Late Mature through Old) ever feels completely safe within the lifetime. Regardless of the state of any culture, society, country, or planet for that matter, the Older Souls have known many tragedies and have experienced many struggles these souls know all-too-well how easily a life can shift and change. Over many lifetimes the Essence gains experiences in managing these shifts and perils of the physical plane, but each lifetime also brings a new Personality that has never experienced death or struggle.
      [pitcoozer] That is a revelation – re: late mature and old souls .. and feeling safe.
      [MichaelEntity]This is a strange dichotomy that will eventually resolve itself as the Personality learns to access and trust what it considers its Essence.
      [pitcoozer] Explains a lot – the trust is like the candle blowing in the wind ..
      [Whillo333] Thank you. As an old soul, your comments are very meaningful to me.
      [MichaelEntity] As that dichotomy resolves itself, the Personality, while still being “new”, will not only find access to the memories of hardship and deaths, but also to the reality of the immortality of its Essence.
      [pitcoozer] Yes – alleviates the fear of death itself, and increases the zest for living and being ..
      [MichaelEntity] As we have said many times, but will say again, it is the Personality that “controls” the lifetime, not the Essence. While Essence can offer an overall theme to the lifetime, it is the choices and decisions of Personality that create the path of a lifetime. As each choice is made, Essence can “spin off” versions of that lifetime into “parallels”, allowing thousands of versions of the Personality to fulfill itself.
      [Whillo333] Can the 2 be at odds throughout the lifetime?
      [MichaelEntity] There will always be AT LEAST one parallel that will find resonance and recognition of Essence, following the original intent of the lifetime. There will almost always be at least one lifetime that completely rejects the notion of a soul and creates its own path.
      [Whillo333] In which case, what happens to the soul?
      So, in answer to the original question, the sense of unsafety we speak of is that which is inherently a part of any life, especially of the older soul. Eventually, and as part of any final cycle of lives, the Personality and Essence become “One”, and a kind of “telescoping” of all lifetimes occurs, with all Personalities across time finally experiencing a sense of Home.
      In answer to your question, Whillo, the soul observes that lifetime/parallel and learns.
      [freyaisissuz] Wil’s que: Wil was channeled as having a secondary channeling agreement with Michael. A definition from Michael about a “secondary agreement” and how it differs from primary would help validate the contract for him and others.
      [MichaelEntity] Different channels will create different ways of describing our Agreements with us. Those who use “secondary” to describe an Agreement with us would usually be describing the seeking of direct contact with us for personal reasons, along with the ability to offer that contact to personal circles of friends or family. A “secondary” Agreement would not include any pull to “go public”, while a Primary Agreement may not only involve publicity, but the use of the Agreement as a source of income.
      [schleiv] How can we learn to trust the action of just letting your day go by. How do you know its right to just let it flow? At times I feel this, when doing my art but later, I think I could have been much more productive, where does the trust begin and the uncertainty end?
      As with most distrust, it comes from speculation, not valid perception. Trust begins when you can learn to differentiate and choose between Speculation and Valid Perception. When you are in the middle of your day, trusting, flowing, and generally feeling synchronized with your life and Essence, it can safely be said that you are in a state of Trust. At the end of that same day, upon reinterpretation, you may then find yourself speculating, extracting upon retrospect all of the things you could or should have done; therein lays the source of your distrust and worry.
      Whether in speculation before or after an experience, you will always find ways that you could or should have done something.
      The ability to learn and evolve comes with a “double-edged sword”, meaning that along with that ability to evolve, you also have the ability to extract possibilities/probabilities that could/would have worked better or differently.
      [emberton@…] Thanks Michael, here is my question: If we find ourselves permeated by worry and fear-of-letting-go during this period, what method(s) or technologies do you recommend to facilitate a break in this pattern, beyond what has been mentioned previously?
      We only suggest making the attempt to consciously choose Trust and to do so with the knowledge of why you may have difficulty doing so. There is no other way to truly make the choice. The most profound method of choosing Trust/Safety is in the simple act of STOPPING. By this we mean to literally stop moving, stop fidgeting, stop thinking about anything distracting, even for one minute or 30 seconds, and stating with as much gentleness as possible… “I AM SAFE. THERE IS NOTHING MORE THAN ME AND MY CHOICES RIGHT NOW. I AM SAFE.”
      Taking 30 seconds to feel safe and to choose trust can have a calming effect on the body and mind for at least an hour or so.
      We suggest stating the words once, gently and with as much truth as you can, and HEAR THEM. Repeating them over and over may create a reaction from your Instinctive Center that something is wrong and requires trying to override reality. So state the words calmly, plainly, sweetly to you, and listen to how they sound.
      It would do you well to understand that the words being stated will not change your life. Instead, they will be words that invite a new perception, which can then change your experiences of your life.
      Taking those moments to invite the perception, allowing more conscious and loving interpretations of the lifetime, lead to more conscious and loving choices.
      [H2OSprtlvr] Do you suggest that August is a good month to review personal fears such as with interpersonal relationships? All fears, I suppose.
      Any Month is always a “good month” for any introspection.
      In your case, it may actually be a “good time” to give yourself a break from your constant internal scrutiny. While we are not suggesting you choose against your own inclinations, we will say that some of your solutions you seek can be found by not “looking so closely” at the matter at hand. You are submerged in an experience that could be benefited from a bit of distancing from it.
      The past few months were for such close scrutiny and clarity. August could be used to say, “Why did I ever think anything was ever wrong?”
      This does not mean you have to dismiss any responsibilities you feel inclined to work through, but it can help you make clearer, gentler decisions and Choices.
      Modern lives are not wrought with Survival as many of your past lives have been, but are wrought with “Improvement”.
      The greatest “improvement” you can make on any life or relationship is in freeing yourself from assuming there is some conclusive improvement to be reached.
      You will ALWAYS “improve” and we have yet to have seen any end to our potential evolution.
      We quote the word “improve” because of its being a misnomer. There is only Evolution. “Improvement” is relative.
      Relationships, internally and externally, will ALWAYS Evolve, which may be seen as an Improvement or not.
      [Anla899] What are ways to synchronize personality and Essence on a day to day basis?
      [MichaelEntity] There are three very simple and effective ways of synchronizing Essence with Personality: Writing to Essence, Talking to Essence, or Meditating to Essence.
      [Anla899] How do we do those?
      Most fragments assume that Essence “knows all” about the lifetime being lived, but that is not the case. Essence only “knows” what YOU inform it of, which is why some lives can seem to spiral out of control, reaching a point where crisis is the only time the Personality seeks to contact its soul. Essence can only experience your life THROUGH you. There are moments within the life called “Instinctive Review” wherein the Personality “uploads” the experiences of the life to-date and Essence can then help to direct the life, if the Personality will allow it. Otherwise, it is up to Personality to keep the lines of communication clear and up-to-date. Keeping any form of a journal, whether daily or weekly or monthly can help keep Personality and Essence in contact and more united.
      For journaling, simply write about your life, stating clearly what it is you seek to change, stating clearly about areas in which you believe you would like help from Essence. Keep a log of your dreams and observe the changes you are recording by looking at patterns in your days, your choices, and reactions, dreams, etc. Keeping a journal is like remaining gently conscious of what it is you want, need, and keeping Essence included in that.
      Some of you may benefit from simply speaking out loud to Essence, treating this part of you as an actual “invisible friend” who is humorous and caring. State to your Essence occasionally how you feel your life is going, asking for help, or giving gratitude when it is felt. This can be done as ritualistically as prayer or as playfully as making comments throughout your day.
      And finally, some may be inclined to use Meditation for continual contact with Essence. We say Meditation as it includes any practice of focus whether through calming of the body and turning inward, or through running, exercising, doing a puzzle, etc. In those instances of Meditation, however you choose to meditate, remember to invite your Essence to access your Instinctive Center where all experiences are stored.
      These three methods can keep Essence continually updated and your life continually synchronized, instead of having to go through startling revelations during the scheduled Instinctive Reviews.
      [Additional information: Michael explained later that the reason for writing, speaking, or meditation, rather than just random inner dialogue, is not only due to the fact that those three methods engage all of the Lower Centers, but that they also help refine what it is you wish to communicate, rather than all of the random worries, fears, anxiousness, etc.]
      [schleiv] how often are those reviews?
      [MichaelEntity] Val, the Reviews are approximately every 7 years, with the major reviews around the ages of 28 and a 56.
    • Bobby
      By Bobby
      MMW - Jun 18, 2016 - The Health Of Your Lower Centers
      MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.
      Babylove: Bonjour!
      ClaireC: Hello, Michael.
      DianeHB: Hello Michael
      We have been asked to discuss the health of your "lower" Centers. We will begin with a quick review of these Centers.
      The "lower" Centers are thought of as the MOVING, EMOTIONAL, and INTELLECTUAL Centers.
      Though the Instinctive Center may be thought of as "lower," it is actually the meeting ground of all Centers, or the "hub," if you will. This can be confusing in terms of correlating to the Roles, but we will address this at another time.
      We will define "healthy" here as the Positive Poles of the Centers discussed today.
      We will define "unhealthy" as the Negative Poles.
      The discussion today will be about the Centers, not your Centering. In other words, your Centering merely describes your habitual and prioritized use of the Centers, but all of your Centers are working.
      So as we discuss a Center that is not a part of your Centering, it will still be relevant.
      MOVING CENTER: +Productive -Frustrative
      The greatest indicators of one's Moving Center Health is where one is in terms of patterns of Productivity or patterns of Frustration.
      When one feels as if progress is being made, there is Productivity, and this feels expansive. When progress is hindered, delayed, or halted, it can show up as Frustrating.
      The key here is not in a day of frustration or a day of productivity, but in the consistency of one over the other.
      The more you are frustrated, the more you are in the Negative Pole. The more you are productive, the more you are in the Positive Pole.
      It is the patterns that matter, not the pauses.
      There are times when a single event may come into play that feels as if it destroys progress or suddenly catapults one into progress after a long term of frustration.
      However powerful these single events are, it is the follow through, the larger pattern that will always matter most.
      If you have a tremendous breakthrough and then do not follow up on this, that pattern of frustration matters more than the breakthrough. If there is a tremendous setback, a blow to the life, to progress, it can seem all progress is lost, but it does not have to be. If the pattern of Productivity is upheld, then the blow to the life shifts into a curve, not a wall.
      Before we continue, we will ask you for your self-assessment of your Moving Center based on the above:
      ON A SCALE FROM 1 - 5, with 1 being full Negative Pole, and 5 being full Positive Pole, where do you think you sustain your patterns?
      Maureen: Maybe 3...
      PeterK: 2
      DianeHB: I think I've been at 2 in recent months
      Johanne: I try to avoid frustration more than before so 3
      Bobby: I think I tend to stay more Idealistic so even with occassional setbacks, I'm always hopeful of recovery so I think I'll go with a 4
      Janet: Probably a 4 for me
      Babylove: 3-4 for me...
      Maureen: I have great lurches between extremes so it's hard to tell.
      Now we will discuss this a bit more deeply for deeper assessment.
      Two factors are key symptoms to the overall patterns of use of the Moving Center besides the obvious Production and Frustration.
      Your relationship with your BODY and your SELF-CONFIDENCE.
      The relationship with one's Body and the state of one's Self-Confidence are the deeper elements that indicate the foundation of one's Moving Center. If these are in poor states, then all use of the Moving Center will be affected.
      In other words, no matter how Productive you may be, you will have a much more difficult time experiencing this as progress if you have a poor relationship with your Body and lack Self-Confidence.
      Full access to the Positive Pole of your Moving Center means having a healthy and loving relationship with your Body and a strong sense of Self-Confidence.
      If you give "100%" of your effort to success and progress in the life, yet despise your body and/or bombard yourself with self-doubt, you may only have access to about 10% of your energy.
      Conversely, if one has great confidence and love for the body, then the slightest efforts can yield tremendous results.
      Loving your Body means accepting it AS IT IS and as an accurate representation of you, even as you may seek to improve and maintain it.
      Self-confidence means allowing room for self-doubt, but making choices based on intentions, not on fears and defenses.
      USING THE SAME SCALE: Where would you place yourself in terms of Love/Acceptance for your Body? In terms of your sense of Self-Confidence?
      Maureen: 4 for Body and 5 for Self Confidence.
      PeterK: 2 for body, 3 for self-confidence
      Janet: I’ve come to the point where I’m pretty accepting of my body, but I’m usually too focused on things that interest me to pay much attention to how I take care of my body. Or not. So it seems you are saying that the most important part is to accept my body, and in that case I’ll choose a 4 for that part. And 5 for self-confidence.
      Babylove: 3 for both...
      Bobby: For the Body, I'd go with 5. For Self-confidence I'd go with 3. The average works out to the 4 I mentioned above.
      ClaireC: 4 and 4, maybe?
      Johanne: body: 4-5 now (not in the past); self-confidence: mostly 4-5 except in one area: 2 (where I get the most frustration)
      DianeHB: 3 for the body and 3 for self-confidence
      To clarify: We asked for two additional assessments: for the body and for the confidence. This is separate from the original assessment.
      For those who may have read it differently.
      Janet - ignoring the body or being distracted from the body is different from accepting and loving it.
      We do not say this to challenge your assessment, but to help in your own assessment.
      In cases where one is "busy" and not focused on the body, it can either be from a need to distance oneself from the body by making efforts that push its limits, or can be because the body is thoroughly accepted and allows access to that energy that leads to being so busy.
      Maureen: Michael, do we have time today, in this session, for you to "review" each of our numbers or is that best left to each of us to work through on our own? I am aware that we need to work through the 3 Lower Centers today.
      MEntity: We intend to comment, yes.
      Maureen: Thank you ?
      One way to determine if you are merely distracting yourself from your body, or that you are taking it with you and it is a resource, is your levels of energy. If you find you have extremes of energy, scattered energy, you may be ignoring your body. If you have even levels of energy that are there when you need them, you are likely quite inclusive and loving of your Body.
      If you think of the Polarities of the Center as the "skin" of the Center where one Pole or the other comes to the surface, and your state of relationship to the Body and your levels of Self-confidence as the blood, then the very deepest core of your Moving Center issues would be your PRIMARY SHAME.
      The bones.
      Where you are in your dance with Shame affect everything "above" that.
      Everyone has access to each Primary Shame, but the Primary Body Type tends to be the key to one's Primary Shame.
      Babylove: ...I think mercury body-type is shame around the need for healing...
      LUNAR - Intelligence - the shame of not being smart enough
      JOVIAL - Indulgences - the shame of giving in to the pleasures of life and the body
      MARTIAL - Demand - the shame of requiring more than what is obvious or offered
      SOLAR - Needs - the shame of needing more than one will admit or ask for
      MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing
      SATURNIAN - Talents - the shame of not being important or unique enough
      VENUSIAN - Appearances - the shame of not looking or being as you are expected, or expect, to look
      Matching your Primary Body Type to your Primary Shame can shed light on some of the deepest wounding that you may carry that alters the quality of function for the Moving Center.
      If you do not find this at the deepest core of you, it means you have worked hard on this and have transformed it, or you are not looking deeply enough.
      If you have worked hard on this, you probably recognize it.
      Babylove: Michael, can you elaborate on the "desperations" for the mercurial bodytype?
      Maureen: Is it possible to have a blindspot with this where perhaps others can see it and you can't?
      ClaireC: Yes, that's what I'm also wondering.
      MEntity: These are universal obstacles built in to the Body Types. They are what might best be understood as unique "pockets" in the Body Type that collect experiences quite specific to that Body Type and there comes a point in the life where that pocket gets heavy, and/or must be sorted through and emptied.
      Babylove: Though I don't thoroughly understand what is meant by the "desperations" and the shame around expressing what is important for healing, I think I have definitely worked on this.
      ClaireC: Is it like being ashamed of asking for help, for instance?
      Babylove: I think that must be a part of it, for sure.
      Maureen: I know how "MERCURIAL - Desperations - the shame of expressing what is important for your healing" relates to me being a Priest, for example, pretty clearly actually, but I'm not so clear on how it relates to the MERCURY Body Type.
      To respond to your questions:
      Desperation is the shame of not just needing to ask for help, but needing help at all. Mercurial shame will put on a brave face, pretend he is doing things to that are healthy, healing, and actually believe these things are helpful, but it will not address the shame of being the one who needs to speak up and admit to failure, to surrender, to ask for comforting.
      It goes very deep in this regard. It is often far below the surface, in the "bones" of effort, in the endurance and pride and push forward.
      Babylove: Ugh, yep, I recognize this.
      MEntity: It is not so much in the need, however, but in the Expression of that need.
      Maureen: I thought that was just a core "value". Now sounds more like it's a blindspot.
      DianeHB: I have it too, although it's better than it used to be.
      MEntity: Particularly in terms of its necessity for one's healing.
      Babylove: Yeah, Diane, me, too. I have worked on this.
      For example, one may need special conditions for sexual pleasure, and rather than address this with a mate, sexual pleasure will either be diminished or avoided.
      Maureen - one's Primary Shame can be so hidden from the self and others that no one would guess it was a shame. However, when that is the case, it can often be spotted by others before you spot it for yourself.
      ClaireC: Is this shame where chronic stress springs from?
      Claire - it can show up as shame for asking for help, but it can go much deeper into realms that seem to have no voice or obvious form. In any case, it is the DESPERATION that is avoided. Mercury does not want to be desperate.
      Claire - chronic stress can spring from any shame
      ASSESSMENT - 1) do you relate to the Primary Shame associated with your Primary Body Type? 2) Using the same scale, how much do you feel this may have been healed in this lifetime?
      Bobby: YES, 3'ish mostly from not accepting that my Demands can't always be fulfilled by those I wish them to be fulfilled by
      ClaireC: 1 - yes. 2 - not much.
      Johanne: yes I relate very much; 2) 3-4, I have felt an improvement recently.
      DianeHB: 1) yes 2) 3
      PeterK: I do not know my Body Type. But based on the above list, I believe my Primary Shame is Appearances. It has been a very big problem this lifetime. On the healing scale: 1.
      Maureen: 1) Yes 2) 3-4
      Janet: Definitely relate to Venusian. I recognize the statement about sorting through the pocket. I have become far more accustomed to NOT seeing the girl I remember in the mirror. Probably a 4 on healing.
      DianeHB: I ask for help eventually, but after feeling like I need to resolve issues myself first
      Babylove: 1)yes 2) 3
      ViP: Apologies, I just joined and am still catching up with the transcript, I can start answering as soon as I've caught up.
      PETER - your bodytype mix is Lunar/Venus/Mercury.
      PeterK: Thank you.
      MAUREEN - the reason this is associated with Mercurial Body Types is because Mercury Body Types tend to have the capacity to "figure things out on their own" very easily and when Mercury cannot figure things out, it can accumulate into shame.
      NOW - we will comment on each of you (except "ViP" for this round).
      It is important to note that older souls, and in particular Old Souls, have the greatest challenges with the Moving Center, even if Moving Centered or using the Moving Part.
      Babylove: oy
      This is because the Moving Center tends to accumulate understanding about its nature and function only from actual action and movement, but as your Essence and Personalities move into more philosophical states of existence during lifetimes, the Moving Center is explored in its more subtle and expanded terms.
      The Moving Center does not merely manage movement and action, but all of your processing and movement of energy and resources, both tangible and intangible, obvious and subtle.
      The Old Soul does not tend to move away from immersion in the Physical Plane because she is "tired," but the Personality experiences this "being tired" because it is learning how to manage energy differently.
      When it was merely an equation of cause and effect, of physics, it was "easy."
      Hit the ball. Ball moves.
      But now you must be responsible, not only for the final form and action, but for the energy that fueled the action into form.
      Maureen: I agree, and thinking of the MECURIAL Body Type in relation to this, where do Old 6's, Old 7's (for example) and so on, go to for "help"? It's a conundrum I've thought about many times. I think that's why many of us show a preference for Causal Plane "help". It's the next (or next to the next) step up. Causal Plane help is a "greater" teacher, in our cases, literally.
      Babylove: I agree, Maureen, but I needed to ask for much more physical help for my healing...like holding and hugging...comforting...
      Maureen: ?
      Maureen: Good point, Nicholas.
      All of you appear to have fair assessments of each of the areas we discussed. We do not disagree with your assessments.
      Here are our quick commentary for each of you in terms of your Moving Center and your capacity for greater health. We can discuss the details with you in further depth individually, but this is a start.
      Bobby - to move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that humor not be your shield. It often interferes with deeper wounding that requires your kindness. Often when humor comes up as a shield, it is an opportunity for you to shift into consciously kinder actions, either toward yourself, or for another.
      Babylove - to move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you allow yourself to "be a baby."
      Babylove: oy yes, always been a challenge for me...
      MEntity: Trying to uphold pride and persistence is important, but your healing that would free greater depths of energy would come from your being a baby. We mean this in as literal terms as possible. Even if alone. Cry, whine, throw a tantrum, pout, stomp off,
      Babylove: ok lol
      MEntity: Claire - to move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you continue to do what you are doing: embrace and create change. Your body has been starving for change, and it is here.
      ClaireC: I'm consciously working at this. Thanks, Michael. It's good to know I'm on the right track.
      MEntity: Diane - to move your Moving Center into greater states of health, we can suggest that you continue to do what you are doing: TRUST YOURSELF.
      DianeHB: Hmm
      MEntity: Janet - to move your Moving Center into greater states of health, we can suggest that you continue to do what you are doing: FEEL YOUR WAY FORWARD (even if you cannot see your way forward).
      Janet: Fits my platform: UNKNOWING.
      Johanne - to move your Moving Center into greater states of health, we can suggest that you continue practicing Being Present, or LETTING PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE HERE. You have tremendous respect for power to the point where yours is treated with such reverence so that it is as quiet as possible. It is okay for you to be loud, to be obnoxious, to play, to be silly.
      Embarrass yourself.
      Johanne: lol
      Maureen - to bring your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you STOP COMPARING. In truth, one cannot stop comparing, but the phrase is important as a means of catching yourself when you are in a spiral of comparisons that undermine your energy.
      Peter - to bring your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you LET PEOPLE LIKE YOU. This is an important phrasing because this does not suggest that you must do anything in particular but to be open to being liked. You are likable and lovable. Your Moving Center is crushed by the weight of your presuming differently. It is time for you to know you are loved and to behave as if you are.
      PeterK: [Tears]
      Maureen: I'll have to think on that one, Michael.
      ViP: Michael - if it still applies, my responses to the last Assessment were: relating to primary shame (for Venusian, as Appearance): Yes, very much so (I previously thought this was entirely an effect of primary CF Arrogance). Degree healed: 2 (Just in case it affects your comments.)
      MEntity: ViP - we know we stated that we would not offer a comment to you in this round, but this simply proves that we cannot even predict ourselves:
      Bobby: lol
      ViP: lol
      MEntity: ViP - To help you move your Moving Center into greater health, we can suggest that you continue doing what you are doing, which is KEEP TRYING. You have not given up. You have continued to nurture the higher energies of resonance and agape as your motivation for continuing forward in deeper relationship with yourself and to others. We use the phrase "keep trying" because that is how it feels. It is not easy. It is often painful, even slow, and the growing pains can be exhausting, but underneath that is that strength of healing that is in your "bones" of being.
      ViP: Thank you Michael.
      We think that Troy was a bit ambitious in asking us to cover all three Centers, so what we will do now is open the floor to your questions and save assessment of the other Centers for another exchange. Digging deeply into the Moving Center today is vital and your living with the thoughts and feelings from today for a while can help in further assessments.
      Yes, Claire
      ClaireC: In my case, will changes in my life bring about a "natural" lessening of the constant, underlying stress I am experiencing?
      MEntity: In the most enthusiastic "voice" we can convey, Hell Yes.
      ClaireC: LOL!
      MEntity: We say this affectionately and with enthusiasm because it reflects where your Essence is in this. The changes are exactly what have been missing that have led to such stresses. New stresses will arise, of course, but there is a difference between the stresses of "what to do next" vs "why do I even exist."
      Yes, ViP
      ViP: Hi Michael - in a previous session, you mentioned that the highest level of the self-karma that I still carry relates to not feeling any sense of progress, of not noticing the effects of the work that I do in fact do and feeling no sense of progress at all. (If I recall correctly - should be close to those words.) Is this related in any way to habitually being in the negative pole of the moving center (Frustrative)? Is it a cause, or does it simply reflect the self-karma, or something else?
      The Self-Karma reflects the frustration, not the other way around. Self-Karma and Chief Features are reactions to wounding. They arise to teach and to protect.
      And yes, being the Negative Pole is deeply connected to the wounding. You have been taught that you are ineffective, weak, and that you must work hard to make up for this, rather than simply to do what brings you pleasure and happiness. Living on the terms of others can bring about resistance and shut the Moving Center down into Frustration.
      Giving rise to Self-Karmic issues and Chief Features that only seek to protect you from that pain.
      As you have begun to transform your actions to include your pleasures and happiness, you have begun to break the patterns that have been in place for so long. This is not to say you are free from those patterns, but they are "wobbling."
      ViP: Thank you very much Michael
      MEntity: Yes, Maureen
      Maureen: Michael, just to be clear on what you told me. I don't find myself in comparisons with the classic "others" (unless that's a blindspot) but I do often find I "compare" myself to an ideal, a standard, or an expectation that is within me. In other words it feels more personal than external. Is that what you see or am I missing something?
      Maureen - we are not speaking of comparing yourself to others, though that is certainly included. The primary area of comparison that hurts you is in your comparing expectation to reality. Reality can knock you down for days because of this.
      By "reality" here we speak of the behavior of others, the differences in understanding and comprehension, the differences in what you would do vs what someone else might have done. The reason it can be overlooked is because all of it makes perfect sense because you are often right, correct.
      But it hurts you.
      Maureen: That hit a nerve. Now I'm crying.
      Babylove: {{{Maureen}}}
      We can speak to you in more depth about this for healing, but simply knowing this can help you to stop for a moment and ask if it is productive.
      Yes, Babylove
      Babylove: If there is time, can speak a bit more on WHY and HOW being a baby will help me with my energy? I get it on some level but can't really see the equation...
      MEntity: We must end at the top of your hour, so we do not short-circuit our channel, but we will answer as quickly as we can.
      Babylove: Understood!
      Because you are too controlling.
      You want to control yourself, control your trajectory, control your appearance, your practices, your results, your desires. It is not always an obvious state of controlling because you are so in control.
      Babylove: lol point taken
      "Being a baby" is that moment when you surrender to forces that are within you and around you that make no sense, have no point, and simply move energy through you.
      You need to let the senseless energy move to make room for the more sensible energy.
      Babylove: Ok, I can work on being more aware of this...and the control. Thank you.
      MEntity: And we do not speak in terms of artistic or performed moments of expression, but full-on ridiculousness of being a baby.
      Babylove: Got it.
      You had to give up a great deal of your childishness early in life. You learned how to bring forth the child within for healing, but he never got to be childish. He acted out, he got angry, he got sad, he got worried, but he never got to be pointless and for that to be ok.
      Let yourself be pointless.
      Babylove: I was JUST thinking this..that I never really got to be a baby...so that is why this would be so healing:-(
      MEntity: More so than you can imagine.
      Babylove: tears...you got another one, Michael.
      We must conclude here for today. We think we have touched upon your Moving Center in ways that you might promote healthier functioning and deeper healing if you choose to do so.
      We wish to note that such elaborate discussions about what needs healing can leave one wondering just how broken he might be, but that is not the intent here. Each of you are in the home stretch of complete healing after a lifetime of work. Our point today is to help you see how far you have come. You are almost home.
      Goodbye, for now.
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