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  • Releasing experience energies


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- December 2008]

    [Kathryn41]: Scholars are said to hold experience energies in their bodies that may manifest as physical ailments or problems. What advice would Michael offer for releasing these types of energies (I suspect I am experiencing these problems right now)

    [Michael Entity]:
    Our response would be two-fold:

    Absorbing, Carrying, Processing experiences for a Scholar is so intrinsic that for a Scholar to ask this is almost the same as someone asking, "Essences are said to have bodies when they incarnate to the Physical Plane; what advice is there for alleviating Essence from having a body?" We point this out because it is a valid reality and substance that a Scholar contends with more than other Essences. In other words, it is not your imagination.

    Scholars not only absorb, carry, and process their own experiences, the experiences of those within observational proximity, but they share the work of being "drop points" for Entity members they may never even have known existed.

    Scholars are the equivalent of hubs and routers in many ways for the Entity and Cadre.

    [Kathryn41]: So, I guess I am asking about how to process more effectively

    [Michael Entity]:
    The second part of our response would be more specific to your question and that would be that Scholars would do well to create a ritual that allows for them to "upload" or "clear their cache."

    This can be done by simply sitting, standing, opening the arms, feet apart a bit, and consciously feeling the "LIFT" of energy being released to Essence. The wider this sense of openness, the more likely the effect will be profound and valid.

    Close the eyes, open the arms, and imagine the flow of release from all extremities moving to and through and out the Heart "up" to Essence.

    For most Scholars, the "tingle" will be tangible as the release flows.

    [Ingun]: Like surrender it to Essence?

    [Michael Entity]:
    Yes, Ingun, that is correct.

    The reason this is a valid practice for Scholars is because the Personality often "holds on to" all of the collected energy until is is UNDERSTOOD.

    And much of what is collected cannot and will not be processed by the Personality.

    [Kathryn41]: oh yes

    [Kathryn41]: any recommendations on how often to perform this 'ritual'?

    [marion]: would this work for other roles as well?

    [Michael Entity]: Adding to the physical actions of this release, a simple, ecstatic phrase/mantra during the release might be: "I don't have to understand it all."

    [Kathryn41]: (oooo - it works! I just tried it!)

    [Ingun]: Well isn't that a way all of us could use, like when we don't understand or can't cope with something ... just give it over to Essence?

    [Michael Entity]: Kathryn, we would suggest doing this any time you felt the impulse. Once it is done, one might begin to sense when one starts to "fill up" and needs to clear.

    [Kathryn41]: thank you Michael. That is a real help

    [Michael Entity]:
    Ingun and Marion: yes, we would agree. All fragments could do well to update, upload, and release accumulated experiences to Essence.

    In fact, this would help alleviate the burden on your fellow Scholars for doing it for you.

    What we described here is not the same thing as "surrender" when one is within a situation one cannot control.

    This is simply a clearing practice for releasing that which Personality does not have the capacity for processing or is already ready for uploading to Essence.

    Keep in mind that while Essence does have the capacity for observing and being a part of the most intimate details of your life, it is rather blind without the Personality's openness and sustaining of consciousness.

    [Kathryn41]: makes a lot of sense

    [Michael Entity]: Many fragments wait until Astral review during dreams, or between lives, to update Essence. The practice we described can help with keeping that line open to Essence and relieving the Body from unnecessary weights to process.

    [Kathryn41]: Thank you again

    [Michael Entity]:
    For Scholars, it can be, as we said, "I don't have to UNDERSTAND it all." For the Expression Axis it can be "I don't have to SAY/CREATE it all." For the Action Axis, it can be "I don't have to DEFEND/LEAD everything!" And for the Inspirational Axis it might be "I don't have to TEND/HEAL it all!" Or more simply put: "I don't have to Understand/Express/Do/Be it all!"

    Speaking this during the simple meditation we offered, and speaking it with realization, not defense, can be profound.

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