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  • Can I send the energy of my Overleaf to help another person?


    [Excerpt from TT: 2001-12-20]

    [nemo999] Can one person direct qualities of their overleaves, such as Flow, to another person?

    [M_Entity] Of course. Whatever an Individual has as a Goal for the life will be “directed” toward everything and everyone in some way within the spectrum between the Positive and Negative Poles. This is how an Individual “extracts” or “creates” their experiences in interaction with the world, to lend them the progress toward the fulfillment of the Goal.

    Now, if you are asking if you can help soothe a person into Flow when that person’s Goal is Growth, for example, then we would say, no. You may be able to provide a context within the energy of your own Personality for that person to get back into his/her Positive Pole, but you would not be able to “change” their Goal, however briefly.

    [M_Entity] Did either of these responses address the intention behind your question?

    [nemo999] Sort of….

    [M_Entity] We will encourage clarity in the questioning then. Re-ask the question in a new way.

    [nemo999] If I have extra Flow, can I send it to help someone flow with their growth?

    [M_Entity] There is nothing such as “extra Flow,” so we do not believe you can “send it,” but, as we said before, you CAN provide a context (through support, security, comfort, communication, etc.) which can help guide a person through their own Overleaves.

    We will remind you all that nothing, not even Love or “Light” can be “sent” to someone. Energy can only be RESONATED between yourselves and someone else, which means metaphorically striking a specific chord within yourself that has the potential to “vibrate” that similar chord or note within the other person or event.

    In your case, “Nemo,” your own position with the Positive Pole of your Goal could have the effect of moving another to their own Positive Pole. If that person chooses to allow the resonance.


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