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  • Diet, Awareness, Consciousness, and Soul Age


    [Troy Tolley: August 11, 2009]

    Diet, Awareness, Consciousness, and Soul Age

    Recently I posted from the MichaelEntity twitter account a quote that raised some questions from a couple of students. The quote was:
    “…one’s choice in diet reveals more about the level of consciousness, manifested soul age, and body/mind harmony than any other daily choice.”


    The reaction from a couple of students was that this “wasn’t Michael.” With some elaboration, it was explained that “Michael doesn’t take such moral stances of judgment.” I was very surprised by that reaction because I didn’t read or interpret the quote as anything more than Michael’s usual, flat statements of information.

    The students and I were limited in our exchanges with each other, so I was left to presume that some took this statement from Michael to be some kind of judgmental reflection of some kind of range of hierarchy between the eating of animals versus the abstaining from eating animals. That’s the only thing I can think of that would be seen as a “moral stance of judgment.”

    Now, most of us who have worked with Michael for any length of time will know that any moralistic stance from Michael would be a clear sign that the information was no longer from Michael. I’ve never heard Michael take a stance on any issues that I am passionate about, nor have I heard Michael take a stance for anyone else’s passionate investments. So if a student “hears” in the statement above a moralistic stance supporting vegetarianism, I can understand why they scoffed. But in all the years I have been passionate about animal rights and vegetarian/veganism, I have never found Michael to “side” with my passion about that subject. They see a much bigger picture than I do, and they are able to grasp the nature of life and the universe in a way that is detached, but not apathetic.

    A lot of students turn to a passage from one of the early Yarbro books where someone asked about whether there was some kind of spiritual superiority in not eating animals, and Michael basically said, “no.” [if you find the quote, please post it in the comments.] Other times, students quote “all is choice” as a way to show that Michael has no statement about whether to eat animals, or not.

    The fact is, Michael has never said that either eating animals or not eating animals is one better than the other, and it’s true that Michael emphasizes that to eat meat or not eat meat, one way or the other, is our choice. But what some students fail to consider in the full library of information offered by Michael is that they say the same thing about murder, rape, violence, child abuse, war, etc. They don’t have any judgments about the superiority of one person who murders or rapes over one who doesn’t, and they emphasize that to do any of those things is our choice.

    They also clearly describe an evolution of our capacity for compassion and awareness to a degree that makes participation in murder, rape, child abuse, and war less and less appealing and that those acts do not serve us very well in our older Soul Ages. The more aware we are, the more empathy we gain, and the more empathy, the more our capacity for compassion, and the more our capacity for compassion, the less appealing any kind of harmful act.

    That evolution of consciousness doesn’t mean we can’t choose to murder, rape, kill animals, or war, and it doesn’t mean that Michael has an opinion about any of these matters. It just means exactly what Michael says, that evolution of consciousness tends to include an ever-increasing circle of awareness and compassion, and this eventually does extend to species beyond our own. For a lot of people, that compassion and sensitivity translates into actively making choices that help to alleviate as much pain and suffering as possible for ourselves and other species. They’ve also elaborated upon the fact that while there is no “morality” in the higher scheme of things, there is a sort of “cosmic ethics” that is eventually comprehended, which includes the awareness of how our choices affect ourselves and others; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any Karma. They have also commented through channels from the original group to the present channels, that as the soul ages, the move away from animals as a primary resource is a common counterpart to our evolving consciousness. They don’t describe that as any kind of superiority, but as a common side-effect of expanding our capacity to care.

    So while the quote I posted doesn’t make a judgment, and doesn’t speak to vegetarianism or veganism, it does speak to the degree of awareness and compassion we evolve in making our choices of what we eat, and that this eventually expands our concern from just the health of our bodies to the health of our bodies as part of the health of our planet.

    Below is the original transcript from where I pulled the quote. As you will see, there’s no mention of what to eat, just a map of how we eat, and that this can reflect where we are in our level of consciousness and health.


    [Question] “Michael, you have said that we have to sort of regain our consciousness in every lifetime since it’s always a new body that has to adapt to our Essence, and that even if we are an Old Soul, we have to work through each Soul Age as part of growing up. That’s why we have a ‘manifested soul age’ and our ‘technical soul age.” Are there tell-tale ways we can see where we are in our personal level of awareness and return to manifesting our true Soul Age?”

    [Michael_Entity] We would first clarify that a Body, or Personality, does not have to do anything more than live, if it chooses to do so. If the Personality/Body choose to embrace the validity of a soul, then it can participate in an accelerated gaining of awareness that matches Essence’s level of awareness at the time. It is a misnomer that this would be a “regaining” of consciousness, since this Body/Personalty would have never existed before, and therefore has nothing to regain. Personality/Body can gain, or evolve, in consciousness, either on its own, or at an accelerated pace when Essence is embraced. If the Body/Personality were not capable of doing this on its own, then progress for Essence would be made quite complicated, since Essence’s evolution greatly depends on the experiences gathered and comprehended by Personality. Essence can evolve between lifetimes or within lifetimes, but if evolution were only possible between lives, and Personality was not capable of evolving on its own, then the concepts of Soul Age, Agreements, Karma, etc would have little relevance or consistency. As Essence evolves, so does its capacity for creating a Personality/Body that is more inclined to work well with the dynamic of Essence and the intentions of the lifetime, but this can never be guaranteed. At any Soul Age a Personality/Body can go “rogue,” if you will, and this is not avoided. Some of the most fascinating experiences can be gained for Essence through a Personality that rejects Essence.

    If one were to look for how one is doing in terms of levels of awareness/consciousness, Soul Age manifestation, and Body/Mind harmony, one of the clearest statements is in the way one eats. As long as one has a choice in the matter, then one’s choice in diet reveals more about the level of consciousness, manifested soul age, and body/mind harmony than any other daily choice. This is because it is a choice that must be made daily, even multiple times a day, and a choice that must be made over and over by the Body/Personality is a choice that can reveal a great deal about consciousness. There are other choices that must be made every day, but eating is one that is universal if one is a Body/Personality, regardless of who you are, or where one is, or what one is doing. Eating is the single, most-immediately relevant form of nurturing one can do for the Body, and the focus of that nurturing is synonymous with one’s level of consciousness, and by extension, can indicated one’s Soul Age manifestation, and Body/Mind harmony (health).

    We use the term “Mind” here to describe the cohesion of all components of Personality and its use of Chakras/Centers, which could be said to be the spectrum between False and True Personality. Since it is Personality who nurtures the Body, the degree to which one is False or True in Personality can easily be seen in how the Personality treats its own Body. It is not uncommon for there to be a skew between the Mind and Body, since it is rare to live only as True Personality, but the more habitually one is in False Personality, the less likely one would be nurturing to the self, and the more likely the state of the Body would reflect this in accidents, illness, or chronic conditions.

    The spectrum of eating as it reflects consciousness is rather simple, and is consistent with what you might understand as relevant to Soul Ages. As with everything, there is a Positive and Negative end of the spectrum for each. In addition, each level can be healthy or unhealthy. The health of the Body includes the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual bodies, so the more one is eating from the negative, the more likely those bodies are divided, in conflict, or out of balance.

    The older one’s Soul Age, the more levels will be recognizable below as having been a part of ones own life at various times. Keep in mind that these levels identified below as ranging from Infant to Old do not describe a progression of good to bad, healthy to unhealthy, anymore than Infant Soul Age is better than Old Soul Age. Within each level there are the polarities that can reflect the degree of Mind/Body harmony.

    However, the greater the gap between the technical Soul Age and the manifested Soul Age, the more likely that gap reflects a lack of nurturing of the Body so that the Personality/Body, which affects awareness and consciousness. Also, the older the soul, the less static the spectrum below will be, and one might find oneself reflecting a nurturing of negativity on some instances, and a positive level of nurturing in others.

    INFANT: Nurturing mainly through food

    Positive: Eating to live

    Negative: Living to eat

    This could be likened to the constantly-foraging animal whose days or nights are spent simply in the search for food. If one is eating to live, or living to eat, one is probably working through Infant Levels of consciousness and Soul Age.

    BABY: Nurturing mainly through familiarity

    Positive: eating that honors nostalgia

    Negative: eating that defends tradition

    If one only eats what one has learned is acceptable and familiar, either for nostalgic or traditional reasons, then one is probably working through Baby Levels of consciousness and Soul Age.

    YOUNG: Nurturing through satisfaction

    Positive: eating for pleasure

    Negative: eating to indulge

    If one eats whatever one wants, mainly to satisfy oneself, either for pleasure, or for indulgence to fulfill addictions, cravings, habits, specialness, or image issues, regardless of consequence or impact beyond that personal satisfaction, then one is probably working through Young Levels of consciousness and Soul Age.

    MATURE: Nurturing through empathy

    Positive: eating to increase sensitivity

    Negative: eating to display superior group alliance

    If one eats with empathy, either through the sensitivity of impact and consequence of food choices on the Body and beyond the Body, or through the need to display superior group alliance, one is probably working through Mature Levels of consciousness and Soul Age. The planet is now entering into a general Mature level of nurturing that encourages empathy in both positive and negative ways.

    OLD: Nurturing through adaptability

    Positive: eating to increase holism

    Negative: eating to resign

    If one eats with the awareness that nurturing through food, familiarity, satisfaction, and empathy all play a part in the day-to-day diet, then one will do so through adaptability to the various nutritional needs and desires of the Body and Personality, either through the awareness that life, nostalgia, pleasure, and sensitivity all contribute to a global and local sum that is greater than all of its parts, so to speak, or through sedation of the Body and Personality as a means to resign from the overwhelm of considering the bigger picture that one knows one has glimpsed or has been exposed to.

    If one is an Old Soul, then the ultimate form of nurturing, the greatest degree of harmony between the Body and Mind, the manifestation of Old Soul consciousness, would be found in the holistic diet. This simply means that one combines all of the positive poles in a way that each form of nurturing is supported as one needs or desires so as to contribute to an overall state of health and harmony for the Body that is now recognized as part of a larger body. The key to an Old Soul’s healthy diet is in his or her willingness to adapt to the variations of life that show up from scarcity to abundance, and still making the most conscious choice possible in that variation, knowing that all of those choices will add up.

    If one is an Old Soul and has turned to resignation, this can show up as a combination of eating just to eat, a defense of food routines, a compulsion to challenge or condemn those whose diets are based in compassion and awareness, and a diminishing of the role Sentience plays in the dynamic care taking of life for the individual Body and its larger body.


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