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  • ckaricai

    [This is a replication of the session Michael Speaks: Cancer]


    Hello to each of you. We are here, now. 


    Today we are asked to speak on the subject of cancer. 


    We will begin by clarifying that our perception is not one of a practical and local doctor, and our information shared here is to be considered along with any acute perceptions within the Physical Plane that may prove helpful in navigating and understanding cancer. 


    What we will address today is the broader phenomenon of cancer, and not the variations of named cancers. The types of cancers known are usually indicative of starting points, but all cancer is fairly similar in dynamic. 


    Cancer is considered a disease because of its impact on the body and its seeming effect of turning against the host in a way that is lethal. 


    However, cancer is grossly misunderstood as being only a disease, when it is, in fact, a defense. 


    Cancer is understood as shortening the life or causing the death, and this is true to some extent, but it is the body's overcompensatory method of extending life. 


    It may seem contradictory because of the prognosis for many cancers, but the cancer, ironically, does more to extend the life than it does to end it. 


    Cancer is a response to extreme trauma in the body. 


    This trauma comes in 3 primary forms: practical carcinogens, stress, and diet. 


    Practical carcinogens are those known (and unknown) environmental elements that cause trauma in the body in a way that prompts cancerous growth.


    This would include such things as certain chemicals, pollutions, radiation, etc. 


    These are causes in many cases, but more often than not they are triggers for activation of cancer that was long in the works before that trigger. 


    This is why one smoker can develop cancer while another does not. 


    In cases where the carcinogen is a "true cause," then the ratio of activation of cancer is fairly predictable. In other cases these carcinogens are merely triggers for activation of cancer more directly caused by the other two forms of trauma. 


    Though it could be said that stress and diet fall under the umbrella of "carcinogen" in many ways, we differentiate these from the practical carcinogens because they are often far more insidious and accepted, though there is an argument that could say the same for pollutions and toxins in the environment. 


    However one might navigate the world of toxic waste and pollution, it is much more difficult to note the degree of trauma one is causing from stress and diet. In other words, you can live as healthy as you can, live in the best of environments and close to nature, but if your diet and stress is not addressed, you are at risk for cancer. 


    Along with higher exposure to practical carcinogens, the higher and more chronic the stress, and the more empty of nutrition the diet, the ratio for cancers increase in that population. 


    Chronic stress and chronic intake of unhealthy foods traumatize the body in ways that are only very minimally understood. 


    We know there is information that speaks to these concepts in terms of choice for health, but they are far more serious than that. 


    They are at the core of what, eventually, kicks the body into an instinctive survival mode that resorts to cancer as its last effort to survive. 


    By "chronic stress" we include self-condemnation , worry, anxiety, self-loathing, hatred, distrust, resentment, denial, delusion, depression, etc. 


    By "chronic stress" we mean that these and similar states are upheld for more than half of your waking state, consciously or subconsciously. 


    This kind of stress destroys the defenses of the bodies. 


    We include the emotional, intellectual, and physical bodies here. 


    We wish to make it very clear that one is not to blame for one's cancer if one has developed it. There is no relevance to blame. If a person were so upset that as he walked he tripped into traffic and was hit by a car, it would be useless to blame him or the car. It is the intersection of two completely separate trajectories that simply must now be dealt with. 


    It is the same with cancer. The trajectory of stress meets with the trajectory of survival. 


    The body wants to live. It is designed to survive. All auto-immune deficiencies, in fact, are efforts to survive, not to turn on the body. 


    There is nothing that body does in any biological sense that is not for the intention to survive. Even aging is included in this, and worth considering discussing at some point as a topic. 


    Stress as a cumulative trauma to the body destroys the defenses over time and cancer can develop as a final effort to survive without those defenses. 


    Diet is the brother to stress, so to speak, and both go hand-in-hand in many ways. 


    The more nutritionally-void the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. The more toxic the diet, the more likely the consequences can be cancer. There is validity to the phrase "eat to live, rather than live to eat." 


    Most modern cultures are lacking in two vital forms of education: how to eat, and how to manage resources. In fact, most are inculcated with diametrically opposed education that diminishes the life force. 


    When the diet is doing more harm than health over time, and there is chronic stress in some form, both of which can be upheld with a great smile and a happy life, can result in cancer. 


    All of this ties back to the Need of Expansion. 


    The relationship of a culture to the Need of Expansion can reveal how at risk a society is for cancer. 


    For many, Expansion is superficially fulfilled. 


    Stimulation, distraction, hoarding, territorialism, etc. 


    These are not the problem. They are part of the spectrum of Expansion. 


    The problem comes in when this Need is not fulfilled to any degree beyond the 3rd Degree. 


    For review, the degrees of expansion are: 1) Physical Tumors/Cancer, 2) Accumulation, 3) Sprawl/Territorial, 4) Conceptual Challenge, 5) Emotional Growth/Maturity, 6) Transformation/Transmutation, and 7) True Prosperity/Gratitude. 


    Every known "cause" of cancer comes from this effort to fulfill the Need of Expansion.


    From the practical carcinogens of waste and toxins to self-loathing to unconscious eating habits that have no concern for consequences. 


    Expansion is a Need that is often neglected, ignored, shamed, or overcompensated for. 


    Models for those who fulfill Expansion have rarely been of help for education and understanding of this Need. 


    What tends to happen then is the cumulative effects of false Expansion until there is collapse under the weight.


    And cancer forms. 


    We wish to point out that we speak in broad terms today. We cannot speak to the variations on cancer and the individual or culture and their specific patterns, but we think this overview can be useful. 


    What we speak of today is not to encourage a rise of Expansion to the top of your list for consideration as priority, but that it be included in your spectrum of Needs that you will seek to fulfill, whether you realize it or not. 


    To help simplify the aim away from cancer and toward a true fulfillment of Expansion is to aim toward True Prosperity and Gratitude. 


    True Prosperity is a management of resources in a way that does not dismiss them simply because you could have more or that you need more. 


    Gratitude is the means by which one sustains fuel for enthusiasm and effort. 


    For the older soul, Expansion is the Need to BE HERE. It is that simple.


    Yes, it is also the Need to grow, expand, evolve, etc, but this is most easily understood in the most intimate of terms when described as your need to BE HERE.


    You want to be here. 


    You are here. 


    You Are. 


    This Need need not be only fulfilled by reaching false standards set by marketing, or reached through the consuming of foods simply because you can, or through the constant berating of yourself for not being more. 


    If you choose to do so, take the next step upward in the rung of Expansion and challenge your thinking, challenge your notions, challenge your patterns of perception, challenge your habits, challenge your ideas and concepts. Reach beyond those handed down to you and build your infrastructure from active and conscious choice. 


    There will always be risks in the Physical Plane around scathing, harm, and health, no matter what you do, but what you do does matter. 


    This is especially true if already diagnosed with cancer. 


    It is not just a biological reaction to help extend the life. It is an effort to overhaul the entire spectrum of bodies. 


    There are very few who are diagnosed with cancer who are not thrown into a completely new effort to climb the rungs of Expansion toward Gratitude.


    For most who are diagnosed and move into remission or complete elimination of cancer, it is rarely due to treatments and remedies and far more to do with that successful overhaul. Treatments and remedies support that process, but cannot replace it. 


    Many forms can be "cut out" or "cut down," but the risk of return is much higher if that overhaul is not completed. 


    Sometimes there is a point of no return, but that overhaul is still vital for how the life will transition into Review. 


    This was a particularly uncomfortable topic for our channel and we will close the discussion today without questions and answers. If there is interest, we can continue our conversation with you on this topic in further exchanges. We must conclude here for today, however. 


    Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now. 


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    • Minerva
      By Minerva
      Hi everyone,
      I have the two questions below and wonder if the Micheals ever commented on them:
      1) Is adopting another person or being adopted by a family a pre-natal agreement? I think this is something that has an immense effect on one’s life and I wonder if such agreements are made in the astral before we incarnate just like our agreements with our closest support circle.
      2) If time is not linear and all our incarnations are being played out simultaneously, why don’t we ever remember our future lives? Why do we mostly suffer from past life trauma but not future life trauma? What’s happening here?
      Another related question: After this current incarnation, can I for instance incarnate in 12th century if I choose to?
      I appreciate your input.
      Thank you
    • Janet
      By Janet
      Michael Speaks

      [Michael Entity] Hello to everyone. We are here. We will begin with a response to the question from Geraldine.

      [Geraldine] Hello, Michael. I've been reviewing information on concurrent incarnations and would like some additional information about their mechanics--such as: 1) what soul age primarily utilizes them; 2) if one concurrent finishes the IMs in positive pole, does this cause the others to undergo a level change; 3) if one concurrent causes karmic ribbons, does this affect the other concurrents; 4) do concurrents have substantially different overleaves, trues to accomplish, and agreements; 5) do concurrents finish out a round of incarnations before beginning a new round of incarnations or is there a more or less continual launching of a new concurrent as another one dies; and/or, of course, anything you might add to explain how concurrents work.

      [Michael Entity]
      We will respond to each question:

      In response to question 1: Though there is no rule to the use of concurrents by an Essence, there does tend to be more use of these in the Mature and Old Soul Levels. Another factor that can contribute to the use of more concurrents is the amount of land that is being utilized by that sentient race. If many fragments from that species are spread in many directions, this can tend to influence any Essence, regardless of Soul Age, to incarnate in multiple bodies.

      In response to question 2: Keep in mind that Internal Monads happen on two different levels and we will work with our channels to help encourage a clearer differentiation. There are Internal Monads relative to the aging of the body, and there are Internal Monads relative to the aging of the Soul. With that in mind, the Internal Monads of the body are specific to a concurrent, but the Internal Monads relative to Essence are contributed to by all bodies.

      In response to question 3: While the concurrents are incarnated, the karmic ribbons generated are specific to those bodies and have no bearing on the other bodies incarnated at the same time; however, those unburned ribbons will carry into other lifetimes as usual.

      In response to question 4: Each concurrent is no different from the idea that you may have for the more linear incarnations. They are each their own. Each will have its own set of Overleaves, "Trues," and Agreements. The degree to which they may be similar or different is simply a matter of agenda for the Essence choosing to incarnate in these multiple bodies.

      In response to question 5: To Essence, incarnating through multiple bodies is no different from incarnating in a more linear fashion, so the evolution will occur on the terms of Essence, however we do tend to see a pattern of concurrents exiting for the sake of review before launching a new "round" of concurrents, if that would be the choice of Essence to do so again.

      [luluaussi] does good work by one concurrent affect the progress of the essence as a whole? or is that too specific to the concurrent doing the work?

      [Michael Entity] In response to Toni: The "Good Work" of a concurrent is relative to that Personality's Life Task, and by extension, the fulfillment of any Life Task is beneficial for Essence.

      [luluaussi] ok thanks

      [Martha] IMs relative to the soul - what are those? How we progress through soul levels?

      [RabidNelson] I think they mean the "External Monads", the teacher/student, master/slave, etc. kind of experiences

      [Martha] ooohh

      [Michael Entity]
      In response to Martha: Yes, each Soul Level is only able to be transited when completing 7 Internal Monads. As many of our students know, there are several lifetimes involved in processing an Internal Monad. The body and Personality may have reached 40 years old and moved on into retirement stages, for instance, but this does not mean the challenges of the 4th Internal Monad were completed in terms of contributing to the evolution of Essence. In fact, the 7 Levels of any Soul Age Level ARE the 7 Internal Monads.

      In response to Jonathan; no, we were speaking of the Internal Monads, the 7 rites of passage that each fragment passes through in relation to itself as a means of evolution, not only of the body, but of the soul.

      [luluaussi] Then if I am understanding this, our casting placements in concurrents are the same, but with the "lifetime" particulars different, each having the same global job but through a different lens; the multiple lives serve to accelerate the essences development?

      [Michael Entity] In response to Toni: Everything relative to the design of Essence remains consistent. Only the Personality dynamics would change.

      [luluaussi] ok

      [Geraldine] I definitely would like to see additional differentiation on IMs . . .as I thought that if one incarnation of Personality didn't complete a particular IM in positive, the next incarnation had to complete it before progressing to the next IM -- this would imply that concurrents would then do additional incarnations to complete IMs

      [Michael Entity] Next Question: "Feisty"

      [fiestycappy78] I have recently had an inner realization reading a book on Adviata/Non-Duality (The Outrageous Myths of Enlightenment by Stephen Wingate). Where do your teachings fit in with the main teaching of Advaita, which says that Consciousness Is-And we are THAT. There is no separate self. The separate self is an illusion. My question, specifically, is around the idea of CHOICE and FREE WILL. Michael always speaks of CHOICE, but who has CHOICE if there is only ONE...? Isn't choice by the personality/Ego merely an illusion?

      [jon] good question ?

      [Michael Entity]
      Our response to this would be that there is validity to that philosophy, but as with many higher philosophies, they are rather tunnel-visioned. Of course, if one were to look at the original source (Tao, God, All-That-Is, etc.) and see that this ultimate force generated this universe, it could be easy to say, "where was my choice in this?" However, we encourage you to look at your current lifetime for that answer. It may be true that your parents birthed you and therefore, "you" had no choice in being born, but what you have done since that point HAS been your choice.

      With that in mind, we suggest looking at the parameters of Choice as being more accurately understood as Choices WITHIN. In other words, "you" may not have chosen to be created as a Personality, but you DO have choice WITHIN the life that you have. You may have limitations on certain aspects of life due to physiological, psychological, geographical, socio-economical parameters, but you do have choice WITHIN those limitations.

      Choice exists on all levels, even down to the cellular and subatomic levels, however the magnitude of impact and parameters increase the "higher" one goes. On cellular levels, for instance, choice is atomic, simply used as a matter of navigation.

      [fiestycappy78] Who has this choice? The personality/Ego? I have seen that the personality/EGO is not real...it is a collection of memories, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, self-image. So, who has the choice? Essence?

      [Michael Entity]
      The "who" of the choice-making is relative to the context. The more limited the context, the more linear the choice-making. The broader the context, the higher the consciousness used, and the more non-linear the choice-making. In the end, it is ALL "you," though the more linear aspects may disagree. And that is their prerogative. The more limited the choice, the more power the choice-maker has in that context. Think of the horse and rider, with the rider being Essence and the Personality being the horse. The horse will always have the specific details about the more limited contexts of where to step next, and can always buck the rider, if he chooses to do so. Or they can work together with one seeing the higher perspective for guidance, while the more focused perspective can navigate the terrain.

      Within a lifetime, both Essence and Personality have choice. However, Personality has the ultimate power of choice within the lifetime. Essence will not interfere with the choices of Personality. Personality can choose to reject Essence and navigate the life completely "on its own." However, Personality eventually learns how to manifest Essence and co-create the life through choices that are made on the levels of Personality, and leaving the higher patterns to Essence. If any of you choose to see yourselves as illusions and that your lives are merely the products of some higher force's choices, you are missing the point. But that is your choice.

      We would not agree with the philosophies that render the ego, the personality, or the lifetime as merely illusions. That is a perspective lacking in compassion and awareness, as your collections of memories, thoughts, beliefs, self-image are as "real" to YOU as any other level of reality is "real" to the observer that is "there." We are certain that "Tao" knows of all of us as being as "real" as itself, much like any creator of expression or art, or builder of plans, or teacher of thought would think of the creation, structure, or impact as having as much life and validity as the creator, builder, teacher, etc. We would think it very difficult for any of you to prove you and your experiences are merely illusion, which is not to say that many of you cloud the experiences and often sensationalize the journey with unwarranted fears, but that is part of the human experience and you eventually clear the way. Until you clear the way, even the clouding and distortion is as "real" as it is to you, until it is not.

      [fiestycappy78] Okay...I understand both perspectives, and I think that I will have to keep looking into my own experience...

      [Michael Entity]
      "Feisty," that is a fair analysis: that both perspectives hold valid truths.

      Next question: Martha

      [Martha] Last week you talked on TLE radio about it getting uncomfortable for older souls around feeling "authentic". This is something I am currently working on. It feels wrong somehow to not be myself, especially at work, or social settings, but then if I am completely myself in all situations then I out myself as being "not normal". And it's hard to have to deal with that over mundane issues, seems like it would add unnecessary complexity to some aspects of life. Can you elaborate on this issue?

      [Michael Entity] Martha, this is a common dilemma for the Older Souls and is rooted in what we refer to as Self-Karma, the internal divisions within the self that seek resolution. This particular Self-Karma can be described as a battle between honest expression and censorship. To most Older Souls, censorship feels repulsive, and this is amplified for the Expressive Roles. In fact we would be hard-pressed to find any valid Old Soul who supported any form of censorship. Censoring oneself as a means to "fit in" feels like one is a "walking lie," or liar, and enforcing censorship upon others is something we have never seen an Old Soul impose.

      [Martha] yes it does feel like that

      [Michael Entity]
      How others see you has no bearing on who you are. It is not always a matter of integrity in expression that your Being be clearly reflected back to you through those around you. In fact, being able to adapt to certain social contexts is a skill implemented by the Older Soul (begrudgingly, but a skill, nonetheless) and not a curse. The feeling of "not being yourself" has no bearing on your levels of honesty, nor your integrity of Being.
      Ultimately, all fragments extant will find themselves in contexts where they can say, "This is who I am," and other contexts where they say, "This is who I must be." In those instances where one feels one "must be," it would then be up to you to determine if this is a context worth sustaining in your life, or if it is time to move from that context. For many, the "must be" context is required for the self to draw an income, maintain peace in a relationship, fulfill responsibilities, etc. Many fragments "must be" a parent, even when they do not want to be. Many fragments "must be" at work, even when they do not want to be.
      The experience in sustaining these contexts, even through those bad days, is the implementation of your higher perspective, or manifesting of Essence, since you can see the payoff and the necessity of your choice. In those instances that you have decided that the context is worth it, then it would do you well to recognize that you have made an honest choice, ironically upholding the integrity of your Being, your soul and personality, since you know this is a context that gives back to you in a way that is valuable for other areas where you feel you "can be yourself."
      Eventually, the Personality will find little discrepancy in itself between one context and another, especially as one owns the fact that those contexts are being sustained by choice, even if only "for now." We will also note that every fragment can find at least one other fragment in which to confide and "be herself" in any context where one feels limited. This relationship is one that can be found with some amount of discernment and patience, provided one is not being held captive and against one's will, which is a karmic situation, not a situation of choice.

      [Martha] clearly then it's crucial to have some areas where you can be yourself

      [jon] Is it ever truly required for a fragment to stay in one of those contexts? For example, you may need a job to eat and stay alive, or one could be a slave, required to act a certain way or die

      [Michael Entity] Jon, Slavery is often not a matter of choice, but the same concepts would apply within those stricter limitations: one's imposed environment does not destroy who one IS, even in the most horrific conditions lacking choice, and confidence in at least one other fragment is often available even within those conditions.

      [Martha] thanks

      [Diane_H] Great question Martha

      [Michael Entity] Next question: Toni

      [luluaussi] hello Michaels. in regard to the approaching nexus: It seems that fear and greed is running neck and neck during these economic times with events such as the bulldozing of foreclosure properties in California which seem not only wasteful but without any real thought to "creating" only destroying ...could you comment on this in terms of the upcoming Nexus....does the radical restructuring of the global economy and our connections to each other, how people view their participation in this process come into play with the new platform?

      [Michael Entity] In terms relative to the upcoming Nexus and these situations that seem to indicate such destructive factors and forces, the Nexus toward the end of the month may actually bring about some relief, as it appears to be a movement toward generating realities of solutions, choices, and footing. However, in the larger scheme of things, this force of destruction is, so far, a result of resistance by Baby and Young to the Mature Soul paradigm. However painfully or dramatically the evolution moves, we do not see many probabilities where a new paradigm of Resource-Based Economy does not take root in your world..

      [luluaussi] how can we proceed to as older souls to navigate through these times most effectively

      [Diane_H] (Thank God)

      [luluaussi] yes!

      [Michael Entity] The loss of so much property, prosperity, and the experience of this being in the hands of forces beyond those of "the people" is no longer of interest to your average level of sentience.

      [Geraldine] My observation is that most old souls were likely least affected by much of the economic turmoil as they are less material-oriented

      [fiestycappy78] that is certainly true in my case. I had nothing to lose!

      [Michael Entity] What we would suggest for the Older Soul as a means to navigate what might seem to be the tougher, challenging times of your economy and society is for the Older Soul to choose the higher perspective of trust in the evolution of your species as a whole, which is in evidence at every turn, despite the media emphasis on the more entertaining snags and dragging of feet, as well as a focus on how to increase the joy in your own life as a means to be a source of what you might consider to be a "positive force" in your world.

      [Geraldine] me, too -- I already was at the bottom due to early parts of the turmoil a few years ago -- and had already changed my perspective -- my volunteering will continue

      [luluaussi] ah ....you have indicated to me earlier that my own platform choices have been about balance between responsibility and playfulness I can see where this makes sense

      [Michael Entity] It is true that many of our Older Students see the impending changes and "destruction" as something that is happening "out there," in much the same way that the parent may see the growing pains of a teen, doing all one can to encourage a healthy direction, but knowing that the teen will do what he will do to learn.

      [luluaussi] thank you Michael

      [Michael Entity] Next question: Cheryl

      [oceancheryl] Could you please share your perspective of the recent Twin Oaks gathering? The energy felt very intense there, and I am wondering what kind of work we all were/are doing on levels other than the physical. I still feel like I am doing a lot of processing from the gathering.

      [Michael Entity] There are a multitude of levels, agreements, and exchanges that are too many to go into here, but we can say that the overall theme for all involved was one of increasing the experience of, and the implementation of, Agape. To the extent that one may have felt challenges in feeling loved, or being loving, in the true sense of the word, Agape, is the extent to which one may have continued to feel the effects from the gathering. A great amount of healing was generated during the gathering, and this sense of encouraged alignment left one with a clearer internal perspective as to what is inspiring in one's life, what is not, and what one wants to do next, if that internal perspective is willing to be explored.

      [oceancheryl] thank you michael

      [Michael Entity] Next Question: Tuija

      [tkmppi] What is the greatest possible difference in Soul age and level between Essence Twins?

      [Michael Entity]
      Tuija, we have never seen the Soul Ages between Essence Twins to be more than 3 Levels in difference, but knowing the flexibility of our universe, there are probably exceptions.

      Last Question: Jon

      [jon] What is stress? And what are good ways of reducing it (or at least its harmful effects)?

      [Michael Entity]
      We would define Stress, in this case, as Unwarranted Pressure, outwardly or inwardly. Outwardly, this could be said to be Resistance. Inwardly, this could be said to be Anxiety.

      Resistance and Anxiety are forms of defensiveness against that which has been deemed an imposition of Time or Space. Resistance is a defense against the demands of Space, or your environment, and Anxiety is a defense against the demands of Time.

      Ways of reducing Stress would be to update your perceptions and actions to relieve you of this unwarranted Pressure. Much of what is experienced as Stressful are situations that are more anticipatory than real. When one can update the perceptions to focus only on that which is tangible, then navigation through time or space can move more comfortably and freely.

      Friction is a natural part of life. In all lifetimes, through all Soul Ages and by all Essences, Friction will be experienced until the "end." Friction is the experience generated by opposing forces in the life, and in the Positive Pole, it could be said to be Evolution, and the Negative Pole could be said to be Stress.

      Evolution is the resolution of those opposing forces as a means to move onward; Stress is the defense against those forces as a means to remain in a pseudo state of safety.

      There are many ways one can relieve stress, such as walking, eating well, meditating, dancing, having outbursts, etc, but the most effective way is in updating the perceptions to manage only that which can be managed, and to allow room for your awareness of the forces of time and space, without the need for defensiveness against them.

      A more elaborate response might be in order here at some point, but we think this is some food for thought in regard to your question.

      [jon] Thank you

      [Michael Entity] We will conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
    • KurtisM
      By KurtisM
      [Extracted from Ask Michael: November 2014]
      Brian: Hi Michael. How can one create an effective anchor to ground themselves during anxiety or stress?
      There are two ways to do so, Brian- internally and/or externally. It would always do one well to nurture the internal grounding, first, considering that external forms are not always accessible, but it is helpful to identify external forces for grounding that one can use for support.
      Internal grounding methods to counter stress and anxiety would vary from individual to individual, but one can turn to the Attitude for help in determining methods for help with anxiety and stress.
      When one is anxious or stressed, it is often a result of falling into the negative pole of one's Attitude.
      The key to grounding for recovery from that stress and anxiety can come from the positive pole of the partner Attitude.
      For example, the Spiritualist has fallen into BELIEF. Anxiety can come from deciding what is true over knowing what is true. When one decides what is true without knowing what is true, it can be quite precarious in terms of anxiety and stress. To help the person in BELIEF to move back into VERIFICATION, the use of TRANQUILITY (the positive pole of Stoic) can be key.
      Internal Tranquility can come in the form of conscious breath, stopping all action, closing the eyes, and visualizing flying or floating. External Tranquility can come in the form of a bath, a conscious shower, with the flow of water moving over the body coming into focus to help dissolve the hardened beliefs that are causing stress.
      Then the Spiritualist can ask himself or herself again, "is this really true, or do I just think it is?"
      From that grounded space, Verification can come.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      I've loved Sufjan's music since his 2003 album, Michigan. I grew up in Michigan, too, so immediately felt a resonance with him and loved the lyrics in his beautiful songs. I was SOOO happy and proud to see him at the Academy Awards this year, singing the nominated song, "Mystery of Love," that he wrote for the movie, Call Me By Your Name. Early on he was identified as "Christian" in articles and interviews, but I don't know if that is still true. If so, he's a very evolved Christian. ?
      This song, Casimir Pulaski Day, from the 2005 album, Come On Feel the Illinoise, haunts me and is one I go to when I need a good cry. The lyrics are sublime and I appreciate them on their own as a poem. This song, about budding sexuality, death, and questioning religion, is so so beautiful on so many levels.

      Goldenrod and the 4H stone
      The things I brought you
      When I found out you had cancer of the bone
      Your father cried on the telephone
      And he drove his car into the navy yard
      Just to prove that he was sorry
      In the morning, through the window shade
      When the light pressed up against your shoulder blade
      I could see what you were reading
      All the glory that the Lord has made
      And the complications you could do without
      When I kissed you on the mouth
      Tuesday night at the Bible study
      We lift our hands and pray over your body
      But nothing ever happens
      I remember at Michael's house
      In the living room when you kissed my neck
      And I almost touched your blouse
      In the morning at the top of the stairs
      When your father found out what we did that night
      And you told me you were scared
      All the glory when you ran outside
      With your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied
      And you told me not to follow you
      Sunday night when I cleaned the house
      I find the card where you wrote it out
      With the pictures of you mother
      On the floor at the great divide
      With my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied
      I am crying in the bathroom
      In the morning when you finally go
      And the nurse runs in with her head hung low
      And the cardinal hits the window
      In the morning in the winter shade
      On the 1st of March on the holiday
      I thought I saw you breathing
      All the glory that the Lord has made
      And the complications when I see His face
      In the morning in the window
      All the glory when he took our place
      But he took my shoulders and he shook my face
      And he takes and he takes and he takes
      Songwriters: SUFJAN STEVENS
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      Ask Michael - March 6, 2016
      Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN
      JanaK: Here is my boyfriend James's question: Jana brought up a concept of psychological conditions manifesting as physical ones if persistent, and mentioned an example of her male colleague who had a very bitter relationship with women as a whole and eventually developed a testicular cancer. I queried why this doesn't appear to affect others in a consistent way, for example why would someone like Jimmy Saville, who abused and raped vulnerable people and the dead for decades, not develop a physical problem in a similar way. Furthermore, why would seemingly ordinary well-minded people get a cancer? Can you comment?
      First, it is important to consider that illnesses are not punishments. They are not developed as a means of justice. They manifest from among variables that include genetics, environment, the emotional and intellectual bodies.
      For some individuals there is a factor of guilt that can generate symptoms and ailments that are the symbolic reflection of the stories behind that guilt.
      For others who may have the same experience, make the same choices, and cause more harm, the absence of guilt means there will be no effects on the body from guilt.
      The Physical Plane is always a gamble in terms of health. It will always be important to care for the body in ways that are appropriate, but this may not always protect one from the effects of genetics or environment.
      One way of understanding this is to consider caring for your home. It would make no sense for you to trash your home and set fires within it or neglect it JUST because there may one day be a hurricane.
      You cannot control the hurricane, but you can control how well you care for your home, even if it ends up in the path of a hurricane.
      In terms of illnesses reflecting processes, there is always some sort of insight that be gained, but it is not always so wildly philosophical.
      For example, if three people were to walk out into traffic and be hit by a car, one may have done so because he has a pattern of neglect that was reflected in his recklessness, while another person may have a death wish, and still the other person simply forgot to look up this one time.
      Our point being that there is broad symbolism associated with illnesses, but we caution against such exact correlations.
      As for cancer: even good people eat poorly. Even good people live in toxic environments. Even good people carry stress.
      It is never useful to associate illnesses with punishment or deserving.
      And it would be helpful to consider that some illnesses that manifest are not always physical.
      There are some very healthy active individuals who are are barely held together on emotional or intellectual levels.
      Though there are broad correlations and symbolism between illnesses and cumulative causation, it is far too nuanced to count on an equation of "IF X THEN Y."
      JanaK: thank you
      There is a lot of chatter going on that Trump is lot like Hitler. A friend of my husband said Trump is more like Mussolini or Peron than Hitler as Trump is more of a populist as he doesn't have a military agenda like an outright Fascist would have.
      I think Trump is like Hitler more out of opportunity than nature. I can see that Hitler really believed what he was espousing while Trump is an opportunist who doesn't believe in anything but himself. Trump will go to any lengths to gain Trump "brand appeal" in any way he can. It always looked to me as if Hitler, in his heart, thought he was doing what was right for "Aryan" Germany, at the time.
      What really stands out to many is how alike the followers / supporters of both Trump and Hitler are.
      Would you comment on this time in history, in regards to Trump and Hitler and their Overleaves if relevant, and what is going on right now for their followers / supporters to be so similar even as we are in different times?
      In technical terms, these fragments are very different in features, but not in function or potential outcome. It is not amiss to compare these fragments in terms of potential for parallel outcomes, even if each are designed differently.
      Comparing these individuals and the effects/potential effects is similar to comparing the results of driving a car into a crowd or driving a truck into a crowd. Yes, you can point out how different each vehicle is and how one may have harmed more than the other, but it is fair to say that it is rather moot to compare them for differences when the intent, force, and effects are so similar.
      The greatest difference at this point is the position of power.
      If the position of power shifts for the King, so would similarities grow ever more similar to that of the Priest's.
      A military agenda is not within reach at this time for the King, but when it is within reach, more similarities would emerge.
      In both cases there is a mass Monad at play here involving Serving A Corrupt Master.
      It is true that much of what the King promotes is merely for the attention and power. We have put his ideology at about 50% in terms of how much he, himself, believes what he says. He is marketing.
      However, this is not to say that this line is clear to him. If enough power and attention were to be produced by the marketing, then the effort to fulfill the ideology and build upon it would shift that percentage.
      In both cases "the heart" is not involved. It is essentially removed from the equation and process. Both are Moving Centered, Intellectual Part.
      The Emotional element only comes into play as a balance, which most often shows up as "thin skin," easily offended, double-standards, pouting, and tantrums.
      This is then used to fuel further the locked cycles of Intellect and Action without heart.
      Erin: Hi Michael, I have a few questions for you, being new. But I am going to go with the least heavy topic since we've covered some heavy topics today. In the transcripts, I have read you mention that felines are most attuned spiritually can you further elaborate on what it is about cats that gives them this natural gift?
      We might not describe this species as "most attuned spiritually," but we do speak of this species as having the capacity for more reception than most species. By "reception" we mean that felines are prone to "trance." They expand and contract in consciousness on a regular basis. Some felines are more inclined toward a "resting point" that is more expanded and receptive while others may be hyper-alert and focused with little room for reception.
      Most expand and contract in consciousness throughout the day, and this leaves them open to receiving "signals" from various sources beyond themselves.
      Some tune into reception from only known companions and caretakers. Some are open to access from consciousness well beyond this planet. Some are open to the deceased and act as portals for loved ones who have exited a life.
      This receptivity is due to their biology. Because they are predators, there are long cycles of rest that are necessary for the surges that come from the hunt. We say "rest" because the feline is rarely fully asleep, but always aware to sensory input to some degree. These long cycles of half-sleep have evolved to be quite receptive to various frequencies of consciousness then.
      We clarify here that they are receptive. This means the feline is not actively seeking the use of this state as a "gift," but its use comes as a byproduct of its simply existing.
      In addition to the above, felines cycles of rest and receptivity are quite affected by weather patterns and emotional "weather" patterns of caretakers.
      We can elaborate further on this topic, but we think this addresses your question.
      Becca: Hi Michael, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. I'm new to these teachings and have a lot of questions! I recently read a book about reincarnation and children who could remember their past lives and I'm curious about how a person might distinguish dreams, anxieties and identity disturbances in current life from memories of past incarnations. This seems to be an anomaly. Is this somehow linked to the age of their soul or to connections with ‘spirit guides’?
      In children up to the age of 7, it is accurate to assume there are memories involved. In children between the ages of 7 to 14, it is safe to assume there may be memories involved that are embellished or distorted in ways that are sourced from the current life. In anyone over the age of 14, all "memories" would do well to be treated as sources from the current life.
      The longer one is incarnated, the more likely the "memories" are directly relevant to the current life.
      This is not to say that the memories are not valid memories of past lives, but they are remembered because of the current life, not because of the past life.
      If you treat your memories and associations with a past life in terms of how it is relevant to the current life, and not a distraction from the current life, then you gain the benefit and point of the memory. It is not necessary to sort out whether one dream is a memory and another is a symbolic digesting of the day's events.
      We can say that it is safe to say that if you suspect it is a memory, it is more than likely a memory, but if that memory is used as a distraction or becomes a distraction from the current life, then the healing may delayed or lost.
      For example: if you have dreams or memories of being a nurse during the Civil War of the United States, it can be treated as simply a snapshot from the family photo album of your soul, or you can look to your current life to see where there is relevant resonance.
      Are you overwhelmed by the obligations of caretaking and helping others? Are you feeling prompted to move in directions of nurturing and healing others? Are you in a position where you feel you are navigating sick and wounded people in your life?
      This was a random example and intended as that.
      The difference between the older individual and the younger children is the input of life experience that triggers past life resonance. Where there is very little life experience to trigger resonance across lives, it tends to mean there is a carry over from another life that is of some importance to continue tending in the current life.
      In older individuals with more life experience, the resonance is more about insight than it is about continuation.
      There is more we can say, but we think this is a helpful start.
      Becca: Definitely, very interesting, thank you :)
      MEntity: We will take a final question.
      Juni: A few months ago there was a conversation on one of the Energy reports about how a number of people were having dreams about people in their past whom they'd not seen for a while. It was suggested that this related to cord sorting. For instances where it was, what prompts Essence to engage in it and how is it beneficial, and can you comment on this within the larger context of this year with its theme of endings/beginnings, time allowing?
      Cording evolved long before language, and its effectiveness and practicality transcend limitations of language, time, and space.
      Cording is still useful for remaining close to those who are far away, or those who have died or those with whom you build a life.
      The useful and energizing Cords are connected between the "fronts" of the bodies.
      But as populations have grown and more people share space and time, Cording is sometimes generated as attachments that are not mutual or beneficial and these become draining, exhausting, and even painful.
      Long after bonding is mutual, Cords can remain. Long after passing glances on a street, Cords can remain. Long after an argument, Cords can remain. Long after exposure to a crowd, Cords remain.
      These are the Cords that one would sort and release.
      The Cords that are intended or welcome are energizing, inspiring, and comforting. The Cords that are not intended, outdated, or remain without mutual consent are draining, exhausting, and distracting.
      The differences between these are in the mutual exchange and circuit of energy shared vs that of simply taking energy and "feeding" off you.
      For many who have been enduring or tolerating or being lenient with Cords attached that are not mutually beneficial, there has come a realization that it is time to let these go, to cut these loose, and to nurture healthy boundaries.
      There is a shift in necessity for great clarity about where one stands and how one is receiving/giving energy.
      We must conclude here for this evening. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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