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  • Sugar, caffeine, and high frequency


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 1999]


    [ksh] Could Michael tell me if big sugar and simple starch intakes affects my body?


    [Michael_Entity] Yes, of course this affects your body.


    [ksh] In what way. Am I more sensitive than others are?


    It is sometimes an examination method through food that allows the body to accommodate more of your energy fluctuations as they arise. In some instances the body is INFLUENCED by external stimuli that then affects the more subtle emotional and energetic qualities of the Personality; in other cases, the body SEEKS stimulants that allow the body expression of the internal energetic fluctuations.


    For instance, those with higher Frequencies tend to crave more caffeine as a means to bypass the societal imprinting that suppresses their naturally “high” Frequency. Caffeine allows the imprinting that inhibits Frequency to be bypassed. It is the same with extremes in sugar cravings, starch addictions, and other food-related swings.


    In your case, you seek these foods as a way to process some emotional elements as they come up. Most of your cravings are linked to socializing issues and lack of fulfillment of the Community and Exchange need.


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    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      Michael Speaks - State Of The Planet 2016

      Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.

      2016 appears to be a "turning point" year. We have spoken to some degree about how Turning Points show up in one's life, and this is similar, but on a collective level.

      A Turning Point is when patterns reach a point where the current direction is exhausted and is, virtually, a "dead end." You are then faced with the responsibility of creating or choosing a direction at some point that is pivotal to the life.

      In this case, it is on a collective scale.

      Of course, the notion of a "dead end" is only for help in understanding the way the Turning Point works, but there are rarely any true dead ends.

      The key elements involved in the Collective Turning Point for 2016 are:

      Energy Resources, Energy Consumption, Waste Management, Climate and Environmental healing, Information Management, Social Intelligence, and Diet.

      We share this not as an urgency to override your choices, but to point out that these things will turn in a drastically different direction than expected, with or without your participation.

      This Turning Point is not a sharp turn, so to speak, but relatively speaking, it is fairly sharp.

      Energy Resources as they are currently used are known to be beyond unsustainable. It is past the point of return. Implementation of alternatives is vital.

      This is likely to be a year where breakthroughs are made or announced that hint at a very different means of extracting, storing, and distributing energy.

      There are many alternatives accessible and viable for redirecting from dependence upon current resources.

      One of the ways that this Turning Point may show up is for individuals to opt out of collective resource distribution and implementing more ways for individuals to manage this themselves.

      As more opt out, those collective resource distributions will likely take the leap to more sustainable resources.

      Whether one opts out or not, the use of energy from whatever sources are necessary now require more consideration for how much one is wasting.

      We understand the magic of a light switch, but it is accessing a finite resource. It is not magic, nor is it unlimited.

      We may see restrictions being put in place on larger scales than ever to help reduce usage.

      In a Moving Centered year with such patterns in place, we would expect large and surprising outages of grids and networks over the year.

      Waste Management is at a turning point, as well. We expect this year to bring larger scale implementations of organic resources used in breaking down waste.

      This would be implemented in both oceanic and land.

      Or other large bodies of water, as well.

      The effects of climate change are in full force now. Little can be done to reverse it, but much can be done to reduce and redirect it.

      The culminating patterns of waste and climate change are not "pretty," but one surprising benefit to both in terms of healing is the sudden dive into Virtual and Augmented Reality over 2016.

      This year will be the first year that it becomes a reality that you can have many "things" without having those things.

      When augmented and virtual reality is feasible, societies tend to produce far fewer "things" and with less production, there is less waste, less toxic byproduct, less accumulation, less obsolescence.

      One device can replace a multitude of "things." One device can replace the necessity for travel, for use of fuels, etc. as your virtual realities can be shared "in the same room."

      These would not replace obvious necessities of travel and objects, but it would reduce a surprisingly significant quantity of things that would normally require production, storage, delivery, maintenance, fuel, energy, etc.

      Information Management is at a Turning Point.

      We use this phrase to describe the reality of information overload that plagues most psyches now.

      You are taking in more than you can digest.

      You are processing and filtering so much that you learn to invite tunnel vision and ignore everything outside of that tunnel.

      We think that 2016 will bring some revelatory ideas, software, and media tactics that can help adjust information flow to be at an individual's pace, and help reduce the "echo chamber" phenomenon that is compromising collective or social intelligence.

      Social Intelligence is dropping dramatically due to information overload, useless information, echo chambering, and tunnel vision.

      What we mean by "social intelligence" is the proactive effort to participate because one is a part of society, rather than recoiling from it and behaving counter to its collective progress.

      The more inclusive one is in his or her position in a society, the more socially intelligent that individual is. The more resigned from, or counter to, a society the less intelligent. We will clarify "intelligence" here to mean knowing how to function, participate in, and contribute to a specific context.

      Do not confuse intelligence with status quo or compliance. What we speak of here is participation, contribution, and function in the most inclusive ways possible.

      Which leads us to diet. We know that some may think this is bias from Troy, but we can only invite you to consider that it is not. Diet is nearing a Turning Point. The current processes and resources used for the collective cannot continue.

      If conscious redirection is not made, then the choice will likely be made for the collective in terms of explosive mass health issues.

      More of immediate concern than climate change, war, energy, or intelligence is consideration of one's diet.

      The Human Body is ill.

      If conscious redirection is not implemented, another "intervention" is likely to be implemented over the next 50 years.

      None of what we have shared above is ominous or "doom and gloom" or alarmist. It is simply time to consider these more seriously than ever, if you choose to do so.

      Changing how one participates in the world can be inconvenient, but we dare say that finding a new species is far more devastating, even from the highest perspective of Essence.

      Each of you are immortal and will continue with or without humanity or Earth, but you are Human and you are Earthlings. This matters. If there is any question as to whether this "blip" of experience in the grand scheme of Grand Cycles of Universes matters, we can say that it matters more than we can convey.

      You cannot control everything, but you can contribute to the patterns that gain control.

      Consider this year of Turning Point to be one where you can consider what to do differently that takes a stand for home in Humanity, for your fellow Humans, for your home on Earth, and for all creatures seen and unseen among you.

      This is not a distraction from the demands of your life. It is your life.

      The collective of which you are a part is not separate from you.

      You are that collective. That collective is you. Your most private moments contribute to that collective, not in the obvious ways, but in ways that shape how you interact, choose, act, and take or give among others.

      It is true that you will continue, regardless of how the next 50 years unfold. But part of a major turning point in the evolution of any Sentience is a move into ownership of responsibility for its own species, health of species, health of home, and care of fellow creatures.

      Your own bodies reflect this evolution.

      For many years, someone else takes care of you. If you are alive now, someone took care of you somehow for some extended period of time.

      Then, for many more years, the body does most everything on its own even if you fight it, abuse it, or ignore it.

      But at some point, the caretaking stops.

      And you must now consider your choices and actions more carefully. You must actually work on your health, your fitness, your vitality. You must make choices that you find directly benefit or harm. The body no longer just adapts. It is highly responsive and reflective of what you now do to take care of it.

      Or do not.

      And this is true of the species as it moves into Maturity.

      You no longer have millions of years of guidance and support from unlimited sources.

      There comes a time when the species must move beyond taking, and move toward taking care.

      Though we have plenty to say about 2016, the above gives an idea about how the year may feel and bring to attention. As we deliver Energy Reports, we will elaborate more specifically.

      ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***  

      Yes, Nick.

      NickSweeney78: Bernie Sanders truly inspires me. It doesn't seem likely that he will win the election in this parallel. But in the parallels where he does get elected, is he able to lead the US to much needed reform along the lines of which he is campaigning?

      In most probabilities we see where this fragment moves into Presidency, we see chaos and civil war. What comes of this is further out in probabilities so that some are beneficial and others are not. This is based on momentum from this current point, however, and this can change depending on running mate, pre-negotiations with the House and Senate.

      In probabilities where negotiations are openly discussed in terms of effective change, rather than executive change, the turbulence is much lower.

      Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent very different Turning Points, but both are extreme reactions to the necessity for change.

      The more extreme the implementation of change, the more turbulent. This is neither good nor bad, but simply a part of how the dynamic works.

      NickSweeney78: oy

      The fragment in question could lead the United States toward unprecedented reform, if he can find effective ways to implement these changes. The more forcefully, the more retaliation. The more patiently, the more sustainable the changes.
      He and Donald Trump represent Reaction, and this is always much more difficult to manage than Action.


      BookQuay: You said earlier that much can be done to reduce and redirect the effects of climate change, can you expand on what you mean by redirection in this context?

      Climate change will come with or without Human effects or causes. Human activity has accelerated this, however. Where the climate is today is where it "should" have been in another 1000 years or so.

      To help understand what we mean by redirection, imagine that a tsunami is imminent. It is already forming. But the communities have the power to both harness and redirect that event away from destruction and toward production.

      BookQuay: That's interesting. I never thought about redirection being an option

      So as the waves come, there are contraptions in place to capture the force and turn it into energy. There are people moved far from the danger.

      BookQuay: If we could figure out how to do that, it would be huge!

      Something similar can be the case for the momentum of climate change. Extremes of weather can be harnessed for energy. Changes in climate can be anticipated for changes in food production.

      And changes in energy consumption, waste, diet, etc. can quickly reverse the speed and extremes of climate change.

      BookQuay: Thanks for clarifying. That makes sense

      In other words, the "tsunami" will come, but it does not need to be a force of destruction.


      sflow: Hi Michael, can you please comment on what specifically is making the body sick and is this state of illness of the body the same in all regions of the world?

      Regardless of any individual Chief Feature, Arrogance is the Chief Feature of Human.

      This means that the most debilitating forces in humanity are that of defensiveness, shame, oppression, and insecurity.

      Or the extremes of behaviors to mask these.

      sflow: I see, I was thinking diet was a huge issue too

      There are only 7 ways to die, and Arrogance is Poisoning.  

      sflow: ha I understand now

      Because Arrogance is so closely linked to Self-deprecation, it means that Illness is the other side.

      So Humanity could be said to be contending with both Poisoning and Illness as its greatest threat.

      This can come from any number of directions, such as mindless diet, blind exploitation, willful ignorance, disregard, etc.

      All of which may ignore consequences on the self, others, and environment in ways that build up immersion in poisons and illness.

      sflow: yes I am seeing clearer now Thanks Michael


      Juni: What specific foods are most swiftly beneficial to add to one’s diet and/or drop in order to heal, whether one is a)an omnivore or b)vegetarian/vegan?

      We have discussed this from various angles, and we invite students to collect those conversations to add to your discussion, but our quick response here would be that two differences can "change everything:" choosing foods as locally grown as possible, and reducing consumption of animal products.

      These two differences can be most immediately beneficial and noticeable in effect than most choices with the intent for effective healing and reversal of harm.

      Due to range of population on Earth, the first choice for local produce is not always easy or feasible, but it is included here if that choice is possible.

      Juni: Clarification: this go for things like spices too, and if something isn't available in your area is it better to just forgo it altogether? A lot of Indian food is vegan, but the spices needed to make them aren't local

      Though much can be improved regarding how spices are transported, they do not contribute to the issue of energy consumption like other foods. We would not included spices as a consideration unless they are known to come from exploitative means.

      Juni: Thank you, that's been bothering me


      JanaK: Is becoming vegan (and helping others to do so) the most effective contribution to reducing and redirecting climate change? How is flying (and cutting it out) in comparison? How is switching to electric cars in comparison?

      JanaK: (if this is too much then please just reduce to the first question)

      Of the three choices, the first is most immediate, effective, and easiest. We say "easiest" in that it is much easier to change how one thinks, chooses, and eats than it is to change how one transports oneself in any practical way across an ocean.

      And while millions will choose to fly, it is rarely a daily choice, let alone a choice that is made more than 3 times in a day.

      The combustible means for flying is also at a turning point, and new methods for propulsion will be necessary for flight to be viable.

      Electric cars are helpful to a greater extent than not, but the current models are still quite dependent upon similar quantities of resources, but with far less environmental impact.

      All of the above are helpful to consider if the choice can be made toward that which is less harmful, but if one were to list these in terms of priority, it would be in the order you listed.


      PaulyBoy: My original question on diet has been answered, more of less. Instead, can you elaborate more on energy consumption, and personal usage/storage? Is this like slapping some solar panels on a backpack to use to power your laptop? Please expand? What steps might we take in this direction? I'm using a computer right now tied into the grid, so that is using a finite resource (I love my computer and my games, but I feel a bit guilty). Ideas and such? Directions? New power sources/storage/etc.? Exciting! And Thanks so much!

      Your example is valid. This is where a great deal of "wearable tech" will likely move in practical ways over the year.

      Clothing that captures and transfers kinetic energy as power.

      Solar and wind capturing on small scales.

      In-home exercise options that act as power sources.

      Though these are not new, they are improving, and the mindset is in place for a full overhaul in how one chooses sources of energy.

      PaulyBoy: 0_0 Exciting ^_^

      There is no need for guilt for uses of resources as you are familiar.

      However, as the options become more and more available, it would be beneficial to consider them, if you choose to do so.

      PaulyBoy: Ooo! I look forward to them! I try to go for more power efficiency, but I know that a souped-up-PC is still souped-up as far as power draw. Thank you!


      Bobby: Regarding the Moving Centered year and the more likely power outages/grid failures, what would most likely be the culprit of those things happening?

      The greatest threats are weather, "cyber" attacks, overloading, or "EMP".

      In that order (at the moment).

      Bobby: EMP, now that's a nice one. Did you mean via solar or man-made?


      Bobby: lol

      Though we covered "serious" concerns in this discussion with our students, we only do so as a contribution to the process of evolving and expanded consciousness. It is not to scare you or worry you. It is no different from being told that it may rain or storm and that if you plan to leave the house, consider this possibility and make your choices accordingly.

      As with everything in our teaching, we encourage heightened awareness of the power of choice.

      If you have a choice, you can make a difference.

      And you do have a choice.

      Good evening to each of you.

      Goodbye, for now.

    • Oscar
      By Oscar
      ? Musings over Frequency and M/F Energy Ratio part 2 (moved from Ning; couldn't find part 1)
      How do Frequency and M/F Energy show up in our daily life?
      Let's first look at how Michael defines them:
      We will define FREQUENCY as that range within the spectrum of Human Consciousness/Sentience that describes how a fragment processes experiences.
      M/F Energy:
      If FREQUENCY is how one PROCESSES the experiences of life, then Male/Female Energy is how one CREATES the experiences that will be processed.
      Male/Focused Energy is that energy that is naturally linear, planning, strategic, forceful, with momentum, direct, and action-oriented. 
      Female/Creative Energy is naturally non-lineary, spontaneous, intuitive, chaotic, spiraling, indirect, and inspiration-oriented.
      Frequency is what we might think is directly expressed in our behavior, but Michael says:
      Behavior is not linked to Frequency. There is a tendency to associate flighty, speedy, or chaotic behaviors with higher Frequencies, and solid, sedentary, or steady behaviors with lower Frequencies, and while this CAN be the case, and often is, it is not consistent enough to be a correlation.
      This is not to say that one cannot "feel" the Frequency of another, especially if one is intuitive, but it is not always reflected in behavior; it is reflected in life patterns and that person's processing of experiences.
      So Frequency isn't directly expressed, but what about M/F Energy?
      More often than not, the higher Male or Female Energies are far more reflected in behavior, so that the Higher Female Energy displays the more chaotic, creative, and non-linear; the Higher Male Energy displaying the more direct, strategic, and linear.
      Okay, so where do Frequency and M/F Energy show up?
      The reason Frequency is often associated with Behavior is because Frequency most obviously shows up in how one uses his Primary Centering, which is the Body's means of processing experiences.
      In other words, if someone is Emotionally-Centered and of High Frequency, then it could be said that he or she is Emotionally Fast. If someone is Moving-Centered and of Low Frequency, he might be of Slow Motion.
      Aha! Frequency is linked to Centering! I have a feeling where the M/F Energy is going to show up:
      The Energy Ratio is then reflected in the Part of the Centering.
      If someone is Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part, and with a Higher Female Energy, then that Personality's expression into the world about what is emotionally experienced may be scattered, unorganized, non-linear, etc.
      So to recap:
      Centering is how the body or Personality processes experiences, and the Part is how the body or Personality puts what was processed back out into the world.
      Centering is how one finds his or her way around, and Part is how one determines where one is.
      So, it could be said that Frequency is the "speed" at which one Thinks, Feels, or Moves as a means of navigating life, and Energy Ratio is the manner in which that is expressed, inspired, or acted out in the world.
      Now we know more about how to 'translate' Frequency and M/F Energy into our behavior, but there is a caveat:
      Keep in mind that no single trait of Essence or Personality can be discerned in such an isolated way, as they are all parts that add up to a whole that is greater than those parts.
      In any case, when looking at others, we can rely on:
      Frequency and Energy Ratios are those elements of Essence that one accesses before anything else.
      Even the most rejecting of fragments tend to allow their Essence's Frequency and Energy Ratio through to some extent.
    • Kasia
      By Kasia
      OMW - Jul 21, 2012 - Personal Cycles of Life
      MEntity Channel: Troy Tolley

      Began 9:56 AM 7/21/2012; Ended 2:37 PM 7/21/2012 (Approx. 4-1/2 hours)
      The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan.
      Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin with a discussion about the nature of cycles and the potential benefit of understanding these.
      In every Universe, Planetary System, Planet, and its various life forms, there are cycles in effect that affect all who are a part of that dynamic.
      Many of these are obvious and observable, and many are on such vast or minute scales they are either missed, or nearly impossible to be concerned with from the Personality's point of view.
      Today we will discuss with you as many of the cycles that are relevant to the Personality as we can thoroughly discuss.
      The cycles of relevance tend to develop systems around them as a means to help measure them and track them, such as Astrology and Numerology, which are both valid systems for such things, when applied in legitimate ways.
      We will not go into the effects or measurements of such cycles that are most obvious, such as the hours of a day, seasons, lunar, etc., except in how they may apply to the cycles of relevance we will discuss.
      It is not that these more mundane cycles are not relevant, but that they are more useful as markers than as having actual effects.
      They are more reflective, than causative.
      There are 12 Cycles of Relevance, as we will call them for now, that may be of use to each Personality for understanding the cycles of his or her life.
      These are not predictive cycles, in terms of telling you what to expect in detail, but can be predictive in terms of their emphasis. Considering these as predictive only of emphasis in context is a more useful way of understanding these.
      For example, you know what time tomorrow will come, and that it indicates a new day, and that these days can be measured, mapped out, and counted on, but you cannot predict what each day will contain.
      To start, we will look at the most intimate of the Cycles: your Relationship Cycles, Comprehension Cycles, and your Life Plan Cycles.
      Relationship Cycles (Astrology and M/F Energies)
      Relationship Cycles are often run by your Male/Female, or Focused/Creative Cycles as measured by the ratio of "male to female" energy in your Essence as it is then reflected more mundanely in the Body.
      Bodies without Essence are either 100% Male/Focused Energy or 100% Female/Creative Energy. As Essence moves through a Body, the body shifts in dynamic to reflect the ratio inherent in the design of your Essence.
      Until the 2nd Internal Monad is completed, the Body tends to hold its emphasis relative to the gender of the body.
      After that, the ratio shifts to reflect Essence.
      Once the hormonal wash that often accompanies the 3rd Internal Monad is activated, then the Relationship Cycles, or M/F Energy Cycles are in effect.
      Regardless of your Male/Female Energy Ratio, your Relationships will tend to play out the cycles of both Energies, and because your Bodies are directly involved with relating, the body tends to reflect those cycles in fairly tangible terms.
      Before we elaborate, we will point out here, as an important aside, that there are 3 measurements of cycles that tend to be the most relevant and meaningful, at least in our system. These are measurements, or counts, of 7, 9, and 12.
      Measurements, or counts, of 7 are relative to Propulsion Cycles, or Evolutionary Cycles. It is a propelling force.
      Measurements, or counts, of 9 are relative to Completion Cycles, or Wholeness Cycles.
      Measurements, or counts, of 12 are relative to Expansion Cycles, or Empowerment Cycles.
      So in terms of your Male/Female Energy, both of these are in effect through your body, regardless of gender.
      Your Female/Creative Energy works in cycles of 28 days, divided into two cycles of 14 days, with the first cycle being an Inspirational/Emotional Cycle, and the second cycle being an Expressive/Intellectual Cycle.
      If one has a female body, this can often be measured in terms of the cycles of ovulation and menstruation.
      If one has a male body, this can be more difficult to measure, but can most often be measured in terms of "mood," as the Expressive/Intellectual Cycle can tend to be the most telling for both genders, as both will either be comfortable in their skin and social during that cycle, or "bitchy," sensitive, and reactionary during that cycle.
      The more moody and sensitive the Intellectual/Expressive Cycle, the more that individual is working through honesty and trust issues with the self or with others, and finding the voice for that.
      The stereotypical woman "PMS'ing" is an example of this, as the Intellectual/Expressive kicks into high gear for "getting out" what normally does not get a voice.
      Men do the same thing.
      Two weeks of every 28 days during these Creative/Female Cycles helps to relieve the body and the Personality of restrictions on otherwise suppressed feelings, thoughts, words, etc.
      [Bobby] Does the indicator you gave me, Transiting Moon opposite Natal Sun, match this 14 day period?
      Not necessarily, Bobby, but may be an indication for various individuals.
      Though these cycles are valid in terms of measuring by days, they can tend to fluctuate for various reasons, and some "weeks" may be shorter than others, or some cycles may go longer than normal, etc.
      For most, the cycles are most simply noted by when you notice you are inspired vs when you are suddenly moody "for no reason."
      The Male/Focused side of the cycle of one's Energy Ratio moves in cycles of 54 days, divided into 3 sub-cycles of 18 days each. Those sub-cycles are an Action Cycle, Expressive Cycle, and Inspirational Cycle.
      These sub-cycles can be most notably observed by their corresponding names, in that the Action cycle is quite active, sexual, aggressive, more outward in focus, and the Expressive Cycle is more thoughtful, communicative, expressive, and the Inspirational cycle is sleepier, more introspective.
      These two cycles, and their sub-cycles, are both moving through you at different paces, so that the mix and match of energies is constantly in flux.
      Combine this with the mix and match of others around you, and there is a great dance of energies happening among you at any moment.
      This adds a great amount of variation and variety to all forms of relating, and thus this is why we refer to this as your Relationship Cycle.
      Male/Female Energy Ratio describes how one navigates the life in terms of seeking balance, and this applies to relationships, as well. Depending upon where you are in your cycles, this tends to bring in a balancing set of cycles from others, or similar cycles.
      Taking responsibility for where you are in your own cycles can help you to relieve others of the responsibility for balancing you out.
      However, it can also help you to allow others to be in your life as a way to help you balance those out.
      Regardless of gender, if your ratio is higher on one side than the other by more than 65, then you may tend to relate more, and require balance more, in regard to that cycle.
      It may also be the side of the Ratio that is most easily revealed to you in observation.
      So if you are in a male body with higher female energy, you may actually sense your cycles of inspiration vs expression even more obviously than your male cycles of action, expression, and inspiration.
      Keep in mind that the expression and inspiration cycles overlap in terms for male and female energy, but their implementations are quite different. The male expression and inspiration cycles will be about structure, planning, and all other "focused" qualities, while the female expression and inspiration cycles are far more fluid, open, unstructured, and "creative" in quality.
      We realize this is a great deal of daunting information and we are only on the first of cycles to consider, but each will progressively require less detail, and we will continue to increase in speed of delivery.
      To help make the information we have shared so far useful, here is a quick synopsis of what to do:
      If you are female, make note of your ovulation/menstruation cycles. This can help you map your Creative Energy cycles. If you no longer ovulate or menstruate, or if you are in a male body, you can make note of when you feel the most inspired, with ideas flowing, and visions upheld, and increases in dream lucidity for when you are in the Inspirational cycle of the Creative Energy.
      You can also note when your mood turns in a noticeable way toward being sharper, more sensitive, brooding, or "moody," mind racing, and a sense of "facing or saying the truth" (even as it may be completely inaccurate), which may indicate the Expressive Cycle.
      Both of these cycles tend to be about one's mood, so keeping an eye on those distinct patterns can be helpful.
      Are you in the mood to construct, or in the mood to deconstruct, may be the easiest question to ask in mapping this.
      If you are male, you can map your male cycles by noting when you find your scent to increase, your sexual urges are amped up, and your distraction with attraction is obvious. This would mean you may be in your Action Cycle. Mapping from there could be fairly easy.
      This is also the easiest way for those in a female body to note where they are in a male cycle.
      As it is distinctly "male."
      Those with high male energy, whether in male or female bodies, may find it easier to note when they shift into sleep mode, introspective and maybe even escapist. This would be the male cycle of Inspiration.
      We know that these may be difficult to discern, but once one has found a mark, the rest is "just math."
      From there, you can actually mark your calendars for a general mapping of your cycles so that you will know the most sensitive spans of time, the most aggressive, the most exhausting, etc.
      This is an amazing way to get to know your body in a way that you may never have paid attention to before.
      How you feel in your body affects your relationships.
      Understanding the cycles that affect how you feel in your body, then, can help you to understand your relationship patterns.
      You cannot map everyone's cycles around you, and you do not have to do so in order to gain understanding.
      Giving yourself permission and understanding when you are in a cycle that is prompting you to be introspective, sensitive, and expressive helps you to keep from blaming others for your mood, your feelings, etc. It also frees you from expecting others to understand you when you have not done the work of understanding yourself.
      This, in turn, helps you to not blame others for their moods, processes, and states because you now understand that there are cycles involved that are beyond the control of the individual, except in how one understands and manages these.
      Offering understanding and insight when someone is in a rough cycle can be much more beneficial than offering disgust and anger.
      For those working on relationships of any kind, whether in a project, or in a marriage, this first, most-basic Cycle of Relevance can save the day, when it is understood.
      Noting these on your own is the most efficient means of getting into the accuracy of the cycles, but if one wishes to compare this to Lunar and Martial Transits, there may be a pattern unique to you that helps map these cycles.
      Lunar being relative to Creative/Female Cycles, and Martial being relative to Focused/Male Cycles.
      The patterns these make in Astrology are not on the same scales of measurement as the cycles of the energies, but you may still find some correlation that is useful.
      Before we move on to the next Cycles of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions.
      [Bobby] what exactly is it about any planet that matches these energies.. I know it isn't gravity
      [Bobby] if the answer for this is too long, just say so and we can come back to that another day ?
      The use of planets in Astrology is purely symbolic and relative to the developing Sentience and its exposure to, or awareness of, a planetary system.
      The planets are reflective of cycles in the psyche, bodies, etc., but are not causative.
      For instance, Mars Retrograde does not cause electronics to break down, or communications to falter, but, instead, reflects when the psyche is more attuned to, and affected by, those areas already weakened in that context.
      Think of the planets as various flashlights.
      In the same way that they reflect light in the sky as relative to your perspective, they also reflect patterns back as relative to your perspective.
      [GeraldineB] Are biorhythm charts a good way to monitor these particular cycles?
      If one wants to use a biorhythmic calculator for monitoring cycles, it is a good idea to do so, but only if there are calibrations made for what you observe vs what is calculated.
      For example, you may find that when the calculator reads that your Inspirational/Emotional cycle is critical, that is when you feel the most inspired. Noting this, you can then translate the calculator to accommodate your cycle in a more meaningful way.
      One would need to watch the calculator vs personal observation for at least 3 months to see what patterns are in need of translation.
      [GeraldineB] if they don't volunteer -- you said you'd biorhythms in more detail (but I see their cycles are completely different, too, other than the one 28 day)
      As for biorhythms: these can be used in the same was as Astrology. There are distinct measurements already locked into the patterns of biorhythms, as in Astrology, and therefore some pattern correlations may be found if observed long enough.
      In the same way that you can measure your M/F Energy cycles in a scale of weeks and not hours, it may take some larger arcs of observation to see the correlations that can be measured by these other systems.
      Biorhythms will come in handy for monitoring another Cycle of Relevance coming up (Comprehension Cycle -- see next topic)
      [Maureen] This is all very interesting Michael
      As we discuss each Cycle, we will mention any correlating system that is most relevant and helpful for monitoring that Cycle.
      Comprehension Cycle (Frequency and Biorhythm-like)
      Next up is your Comprehension Cycle.
      This is directly related to your Frequency.
      This is not an easy pattern to map, but a pattern that is easy to observe in effect.
      This oscillation not only describes how Essence processes experiences, but also describes how this is reflected in how the brain gathers, processes, and archives experiences.
      In fact, all of which we are describing to you, in terms of Cycles of Relevance, is reflected in some circles of known Physics by the term "oscillation." For example, the Relationship Cycle and all of its breakdown between Male and Female Cycles is what might be explored further as a "coupled oscillation," whereas the Frequency is a "harmonic oscillation."
      And then there are "driven oscillations," which we can correlate to other Cycles.
      The Frequency describes one's rate of comprehension.
      It does not describe one's capacity for comprehension, simply the rate of comprehension.
      This is the rate of speed through which one converts experience into knowledge.
      Understanding one's rate of comprehension, or Frequency, can help one to free the self and others from forcing comprehension when it simply cannot come faster than expected.
      To understand this spectrum of Frequency, we will describe the more obvious extremes of high and low, first.
      A higher frequency Essence and fragment will tend to be similar to one collecting shiniest objects of experience, first. They can collect many, and this contributes to a wide range of knowledge, as they have collected from so many directions.
      However, to thoroughly comprehend a single experience, it must be returned to, over and over, working through the "duller" levels, until there is comprehension.
      Each level uncovered is like a level being brought into the light (shiny enough).
      A higher frequency person might be similar to one who notices the beauty of the light reflecting off of the bumpers of several cars, and comprehending in a flash that these vehicles are truly beautiful, before realizing they are standing in the middle of traffic about be run over.
      Their cycles are fast, but brief, and broad.
      They may be "run over" several times before comprehending all that is involved with crossing a street.
      This does not make them slow learners. Learning and comprehending are not the same things here.
      Collecting experiences that contribute to wisdom is Comprehension here.
      Because experience can tend to have many layers for comprehension, having a higher frequency or rate of comprehension can help to gather a great many experiences at once.
      When one has a lower rate of comprehension, or lower frequency, it means that one is more likely to focus on one experience, and all of its layers, before moving on to other experiences.
      This might be similar to the person standing at the edge of a street of traffic "forever" before actually crossing the street. But when they do, they will probably not be hit by a car.
      They notice all of the shiny, but also the rubber, the pavement, the patterns of driving, stopping, etc. Each layer is thoroughly taken in AND THEN put together at once as Comprehension.
      Once there is Comprehension for a lower frequency, it is fairly complete in the explorations of layers.
      However, it can take a long time for that movement through layers to finally come into a state that allows for comprehension.
      [Maureen] Michael -- being at mid-range -- I feel like I'm all over the map -- it's mess some days. Sometimes I get hit by cars -- sometimes I don't. ...and I like to play in traffic.
      So while the higher frequency may be run over a lot more, he is crossing a lot of roads along the way. And while the lower frequency may be stuck at the side of a road for a long time, he may never find he is run over. These metaphors are crude, but helpful.
      Another way to understand this is to think of how one might work through an onion. The higher frequency will slice off what it needs and eat the sandwich into which he intends that slice to go. The lower frequency may peel the onion, layer by layer, working through blinding tears, so that the entire onion can be used in its soup.
      Those in the mid-range will tend to lean in whatever direction is most natural for the experience.
      The Frequency, or Comprehension Cycles, are basically Cycles that be described as those of Distraction (higher), Interaction (mid), and Attention/Extraction (lower.)
      Those who are Distracted gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way.

      Those who are Interactive (able to pivot more easily between Distraction and Extraction) tend to gain experience that way, and therefore gain wisdom that way.
      Those who are Extractive, tend to gain experiences by paying attention, and therefore gain wisdom that way.
      Societies tend to move in these cycles of comprehension, as well, relative to the dominant Frequency of that culture. For instance, much of the occidental world is in a Distraction cycle, so a great deal of its comprehension is gained through distracting avenues (reality tv, twitter, social media, abbreviations, etc.)
      Understanding these variations in Cycles of Comprehension can bring great relief to the individual and groups aiming for collecting experiences for wisdom.
      Those who are autistic or "ADHD" or "ADD" tend to have higher Frequencies, for example.
      Before we move on to the next Cycle of Relevance, we will open the floor for questions on Frequency and the Comprehension Cycle.
      [GeraldineB] No, I think I "get it" at this point -- may have followups in the future
      [Maureen] I just realized that mid-range is a really great frequency to have as a therapist Michael -- Thanks!
      [GeraldineB] I'm mid-range, too (55) I think -- anyway it helps to keep me balanced
      [GeraldineB] it's when I get Passion as a Mode that I go nutso ?
      [Maureen] LOL -- me too!
      [Maureen] I guess
      [MEntity] This is why there is such a limit within the range of your Frequency point, because there is really no altering one's rate of comprehension. It is not necessary for everyone to be at the same rate of comprehension, or sharing the same Cycles of Comprehension, but there will always be a necessity for understanding and bridging the differences.
      [Martha] I'm 40 but love social media and I multitask a lot
      [MEntity] If our symptoms of Frequency are out of synch with your experiences, we would suggest looking at your Frequency point again. It may be incorrect.
      [Martha] Troy got 40, Jose Stevens got 30
      [MEntity] We think you are hit by cars much more than you remain standing by the road, if you will.
      [Martha] maybe it's 6th being level?
      [Martha] being 6th*
      [Maureen] What is Martha's Frequency then?
      [GeraldineB] I dunno -- I think Martha is extra careful due to an even higher frequency child
      [Martha] she's 78
      [Maureen] Your daughter doesn't make you "multi-task" and like FB Martha!
      [MEntity] If you relate more to the higher frequency symptoms, we would suggest a correction of Frequency.
      [GeraldineB] well, what frequency do you see for her, Michael?
      [Martha] no she doesn't, Maureen ?
      Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans (Numerology)
      Next up is the Life Cycle, or Cycles of Life Plans.
      We will look at that for her if that is requested, but for now we would suggest a process of validation, first. If the information here is cause for correction, Martha will probably know.
      [Martha] I feel like I process big stuff slowly but can handle lots of things going on all the time
      [Martha] I don't know if that make sense to anyone ?
      [MEntity] Her mid-range is not unbelievable to us.
      [GeraldineB] maybe she IS a 40 but functions closer to 55-60 to cope with others
      [MEntity] That is correct.
      [Martha] may be why I need to get away from people regularly ?
      [Maureen] my Sage sister is at 80 -- and she's like that Martha
      The Cycle of Life Plans is fairly easy to map and to measure, and has a direct correlation to Numerology.
      This is one of the few Cycles that has such a direct means of measuring and mapping of it.
      Every life moves in cycles of completion, which are mapped in cycles of 9.
      However, this is not the case of the first year of life counting as a first count of 9.
      Instead, one would use Numerology to calculate his or her "Life Path Number" as an indication of where in the cycle one has entered into this incarnation. Using the known birthday and year is enough. It is not necessary for this to be accurate to an actual birthday, if that is not known, such as in adoption. It is the adopting of the birthday and year that is significant here.
      This calculation is probably familiar to most of our students as adding all of the numbers of your birth month, day, and year, and then continuing to reduce those numbers by addition until there is a single number.
      Using Troy as an example, with January 20, 1968, this would be 0+1+2+0+1+9+6+8 = 27, 2+7=9.
      Using the interpretations already set in Numerology, one can get a sense of what Essence was planning for this current lifetime, and where in its cycles of exploration it might be.
      To understand where you are within that greater context, then one would use the month and day of birth, added to the current year. So for Troy this would be 0+1+2+0+2+0+1+2 = 8.
      [GeraldineB] Michael -- since my adoption was completed when I was 7 years old -- and I can't remember the date, what would I use?
      [GeraldineB] just the current extrapolation based on Day/Month/current year?
      [MEntity] We suggest using whatever you have been using as your birth day, month, and year overall, since having to choose one.
      [GeraldineB] ok
      What we are doing here will be applied to a different Cycle we will describe in a moment, but doing both now is helpful.
      Troy, then, would be described as having a Life Path Number of 9, but is in an "8 year" of his Cycle of Life Plans.
      We invite each of you to share your results, as well.
      [Maureen] I'm a birth 6 in a 10 or a 1 year
      [Maureen] does the 10 become a 1?
      [MEntity] Always reduce to a single digit.
      [GeraldineB] apparently, I am 5 birth and 2 current
      [GeraldineB] and both Martha and Diane had to leave
      [Maureen] Is there any significance to being a Priest and having a 6 Lifetime?
      [Maureen] Or being a Sage and having a 5 Lifetime?
      [MEntity] Maureen, no, because you will also have every other number as a reference over your incarnations.
      [Maureen] OK
      [GeraldineB] sorta like Astrology -- you're probably never gonna duplicate any birth chart again
      [MEntity] What matters here, for now, is your number as it reflects your Cycle of Life Plans, or "personal year" number in Numerology.
      [Maureen] OK
      This Cycle is based on cycles of completion regarding themes, and anything related to those themes.
      These themes are described by the overall Life Plan/Path Number.
      Exploring the interpretation of your Life Path Number in Numerology, and where you are in your Cycle of Life Plans, can shed great light on the layers of themes being explored within the lifetime.
      In terms of where one might be in a Cycle of Life Plans, the numbers might be easily referenced as:

      1 = Initiations/Beginnings;
      2 = Cooperations/Nurturing;
      3 = Productions/Expansions;
      4 = Focus/Troubleshooting;
      5 = Respite/Playtime;
      6 = Intimacy/Resonance;
      7 = Analysis/Learning;
      8 = Empowerment/Harvesting;
      9 = Reflection/Closure.
      These keywords are suggestions, but you may find other interpretations that resonate more.
      [GeraldineB] And this would be for the birth number?
      [MEntity] These keywords, then would be used to describe where you may be in your exploration of the theme described by your Life Path number.
      [Maureen] would concurrents be a different Life Plan number -- or the same? Aren't they usually the same Theme?
      [GeraldineB] yea -- I'm on a theme with my concurrents -- Revelation
      [Maureen] would the numbers also describe your Life Plan number?
      [MEntity] In answer to Geraldine: Life Path Number = MM+DD+YYYY of birth; Cycle of Life Plans = MM+DD (of birth) + current year YYYY
      [GeraldineB] ok -- that clarified it
      In response to Maureen:
      Concurrents may share a Life Path Number, regardless of when each was born, as the math would be what matters, not the numbers, but where one is in the Cycle of Life Plans might be different.
      [Maureen] I can see that
      [MEntity] There is no consistency that we can see in terms of those being the same across concurrents, though.
      [Maureen] so the same "theme" would be expressed through the Life Path Number -- but the different experiences would be collected for Essence through different Cycles of Life (i.e. what number year you are in)?
      The keywords we used above are relative to the shorter cycles within the Life Plans, but are not fair to the greater arc of the actual Life Plan. So being in an 8 year has a different context than being in an 8 lifetime.
      Think of the year number as the Casting and the "Role" as the Life Plan/Path number.
      Troy, then, would be described as being in an 8-Cast Year for a 9 Lifetime. This is yet another crude way of explaining, but it works for now.
      [Maureen] OK
      [GeraldineB] I cannot validate that my "Life Plan" number of 5 (Respite/Playtime) resonates at all with how my life has gone
      [MEntity] We suggest that you look up "personal year number" vs "Life Path number" when exploring your numbers here.
      [Maureen] OK - Thanks
      Geraldine, that is our point.
      A 5 year is very different from a 5 lifetime.
      [GeraldineB] I'd have to look closely at the 2 (Current) -- it seems a lot softer than I am (but I've got to look at it in context of my now Personality)
      We will help each of you in this for now: Give to us your Life Path Number (based on your entire birth date) and your Personal Year Number (based on your month and day added to current year).
      We already described the numbers as part of the Cycles of Life Plans (based on current year), but we will now describe the Life Path Numbers (based on birth year):
      [Maureen] Life Plan Number: 6, Personal Year Number: 2
      [Maureen] Correction: Personal Year Number: 1
      [GeraldineB] lol -- ok there we go again -- Life Plan Number 5

      [Maureen] That is great Michael!
      [GeraldineB] that actually resonates
      Comparing these simplistic keywords between the Path Number and Year Number may help validate, but exploring each further in the context of Numerology can help expand upon that, then.
      Taking the numbers you offered: if Geraldine is in a 5 Lifetime, then the themes would be around Change/Flexibility and Expansion, but if she is in a 2 year, then it would mean that that greater theme is now being explored through having to work in Cooperation and using Nurturing.
      [GeraldineB] good, that makes sense for me
      This means that approximately every 9 years, the theme of 2 = Cooperation and Nurturing repeats itself in a new layer of the Life Path of Constant Change/Flexibility/Expansion.
      Maureen would be in a 1 cycle of new beginnings and initiations aimed at helping further explore her themes of Healing/Peace/Harmony.
      Keep in mind that we are referring to a completely different system from our own, but it works here in understanding this Cycle of Life Plans.
      [Maureen] that makes sense for me as well Michael
      We might more accurately describe these numbers, then, as Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans.
      Again, the only number relevant to the Cycles of Fulfillment of Life Plans is the "year number" based on the current year. The Life Plan number (based on birth year) is a part of a greater cycle we will describe in a moment.
      [GeraldineB] Is it possible to have a quick answer as to why someone like Holmes, the man who just killed 12 people and wounded 56 others would deviate so far from any of these descriptions?
      [GeraldineB] These would appear to be purely "positive pole"
      In response to the question regarding "negative" lifetimes, it would be correct to assess that these are more neutral, or aspiring, themes, but each can fall into negative states.
      A 5 Life Plan can bring great growth, expansion and flexibility for the individual, but can also fall into wreaking havoc, chaos, and suffering upon others.
      The craving for stimulation either attracts the constant change, or imposes it.
      We will not go into all of the negative states, as this is thoroughly covered in competent Numerology texts.
      Remaining Cycles
      As we have gone extensively beyond the time frame of this workshop, we will describe the remaining cycles briefly.
      The three cycles we already described are the most-immediately useful, with tangible references and impact, if you choose to understand and map them.
      Those first three cycles describe patterns that emerge as a result of what Essence infused into the life before "you" were born, and how those emerge. You will always have a choice in how those play out, regardless of their repetitive emergences.
      We realize, however, that it would not be useful to add on the remaining cycles, but to leave this exchange with the focus on the three that have been discussed. We will cover the remaining in another way through this channel.
      The Cycles covered here are The PERSONAL CYCLES - Cycles of Relating, Cycles of Comprehension, and Cycles of Life Plan.
      The next tiers are the:
      CYCLES OF EXPANSION, which include one's Cycles of Learning/Resistance; Cycles of Harmony/Discord; and Cycles of Creativity/Destruction; CYCLES OF PURPOSE, which are Cycles of Humor, Cycles of Discipline, and Cycles of Focus; and finally CYCLES OF DISCOVERY, which are Cycles of Healing, Cycles of Surrender, and Cycles of Acceleration.  
      (Note: Since this session went 4-1/2 hours, Michael and Troy decided that the other Cycles will have to be done at some future time. Maureen and I have already discussed it with Troy -- hopefully, we'll be setting up another session in August that isn't an OMW, but will continue with this Cycle information. glb)
    • Kasia
      By Kasia
      OMW - Oct 20, 2012 - How To Use Your Energy
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      [MEntity] First, we will define "Energy" here as the force that is vitality, which allows for systems to work.
      [MEntity] One may find that we use the term "beauty" and "energy" and even "oneness" interchangeably when discussing the three building blocks of any universe: Truth, Love, Energy.
      [MEntity] That is because each of these terms refer to that force of vitality that enables the functioning of a system.
      [MEntity] Energy is a Universal Truth. It exists in a multitude of forms, both seen and unseen, tangible and intangible, quantifiable, and amorphous.
      [MEntity] Where there is a system at work, there is Energy.
      [MEntity] Where there is Energy, there is a system at work.
      [MEntity] We will define "system" here as those parts that work to generate the whole.
      [MEntity] Tao, or "God," cannot exist without Energy, then, because it will always be made up of parts that generate that wholeness that is itself.
      [MEntity] Oneness is used interchangeably, because there is nothing that is truly whole without comprehending its resonant parts.
      [MEntity] Comprehending the interdependence of the parts is vital for that wholeness to be sustained. Otherwise, the illusion of fragmentation is consuming.
      [MEntity] A good example is the functioning of any Physical body. It is a system. It is made of parts. Parts that are interdependent, resonant, interacting, generating the whole of the body as one.
      [MEntity] The health of a body is much more easily sustained when this is understood, truly comprehended.
      [MEntity] What I EAT affects me.
      [MEntity] What I DRINK affects me.
      [MEntity] What I INHALE affects me.
      [MEntity] Eventually, the temporary high, temporary stimulation, temporary relief comes to be replaced with holistic awareness that comprehends the wholeness that is the body.
      [MEntity] When we mentioned "temporary," we mean those things that are clearly not beneficial for the body, but are ingested for the stimulation, high, or relief.
      [MEntity] This is not a concern when the body is in a fair state of health, but must be considered if the body is falling ill.
      [MEntity] This is another arena for the dance of choice, of course.
      [MEntity] But it is a fair comparison to any other system that is fueled by Energy.
      [MEntity] This would extend into the Emotional, Intellectual, and "spiritual" bodies, as well.
      [MEntity] On Macro and Micro levels, this is an absolute truth.
      [MEntity] Before we move on into more detail, we will pause for questions about what we have shared, so far, if there are any.
      [Bobby] How does the Energy side of an Entity play into this?
      [MEntity] While there is no "side" to an entity, and while each Essence has all three "sides" as part of their dynamic, there are those within the entity who emphasize one over others for the sake of a dynamic structure.
      [MEntity] For those who emphasize Energy, their Essences (not necessarily their Personalities) help sustain the vitality for the functioning of the Entity.
      [MEntity] They would tend to keep the Entity "alive," and would tend to have lifetimes, or themes across lifetimes, geared toward the practice of waking up, and then the waking up of other Entity members.
      [MEntity] That path to waking up, and staying awake, may tend to be wrought with chaos, as Energy is both chaos and order, with chaos being the default entrance toward the path of waking up.
      [MEntity] For those on the "energy side," there may tend to be, in the Old Soul Age, a fine line between chaos and beauty (perceived order).
      [MEntity] However, this could be said of any fragment, and every fragment will have this as part of their own path toward wakefulness, consciousness, but for those with an emphasis on Truth or Love, then they would have their chaos move into beauty through their relative emphasis.
      [MEntity] For instance, Beauty and wakefulness comes to the lives of those with an emphasis on Truth by working through the spectrum of Truth.
      [MEntity] When that person rejects the truth, or is in the earlier stages of exploring truth, chaos may be a part of the dynamic.
      [MEntity] And the same for those who emphasize Love.
      [MEntity] Does this help explore your question.
      [MEntity] Are there any others?
      [GeraldineB] I'm confused about something
      [Bobby] Yes, thank you!
      [GeraldineB] Parsing what you said, it "sounds" as though Essence and/or Entities (through Entity Members aka Essences) need to be wakened
      [GeraldineB] I thought Personality was what needed awakening
      [MEntity] Correct. But the evolution of Essence, and thereby, the Entity, evolves based upon the rising capacity for consciousness while incarnated.
      [GeraldineB] ok -- thank you -- so they're not "extremely advanced" to us, their Fragments
      [Maureen] Sleeping Beauty 🙂
      [MEntity] In addition to this, no Essence is a completed state of awareness. It evolves into greater states of "wakefulness" that are relative to its own journey.
      [MEntity] If that were not the case, it would make Grand Cycles, and incarnation, a kind of soul masturbation. That would not be a "bad thing," but a fairly useless point for such vastness as Tao and the universe.
      [GeraldineB] I think that has been one of the issues I've been hung up on
      [GeraldineB] thank you
      [MEntity] An aside:
      [MEntity] The passage through the Soul Ages is always relative to the level of consciousness brought to the Grand Cycle, and then continues to build upon that through the experiences gained through the Planes of that Grand Cycle, relative to the species of incarnation.
      [MEntity] Those who have had 3 Grand Cycles will bring a different degree of capacity to their Grand Cycle as compared to that of one who might have 17.
      [Maureen] Thanks Michael -- I have wondered about that
      [MEntity] Returning to the subject now.
      [MEntity] But that was not a digression, as it is insight into how the Energy of one's Grand Cycle works
      [MEntity] This is the same for the individual lifetime, as well.
      [MEntity] Over the Soul Ages, both the Essence, and the awakened Personalities, will tend toward refining the use of Energy in evermore productive and relevant ways.
      [MEntity] This is seen in even more microcosmic scales when looking at how any individual life tends to use Energy over the course of growing up.
      [Maureen] Would you give us an example Michael?
      [MEntity] In both the Infant Soul Age, and as a literal infant, there is chaos as the force of Energy. That chaos is vital, is vitality. It is necessary for reasons we will share in a moment.
      [MEntity] As the body grows, so does the organization and movement of that Energy.
      [MEntity] As the soul ages, the same can be said.
      [MEntity] The reason for this movement through chaos, first, is because the Mass of an object IS its Energy. The Mass of any Essence is vast. It is transforming a minute portion of its Mass into the Energy that becomes the force and fuel of Personality.
      [MEntity] This could be said of any birthing into the Physical Plane. It is rarely without chaos in some form.
      [MEntity] That form is held in place only through the vitality of Essence, its Energy.
      [MEntity] In other systems, or species, those forms are held in place by their relative fields of consciousness that have formed them.
      [MEntity] Every form of any sort that can be quantified, even if in ways that would seem extremely abstract and intangible to you, such as the concept of Essence, is held in form by the "higher" field of consciousness behind it.
      [MEntity] So the form of Essence is even "held together" by the fact of its "birthing" from Tao.
      [MEntity] However, regardless of the form and the force that generates and sustains that form, there is potential Energy that is generated from the chaos.
      [MEntity] And this is harvested, if you will, in the form of growth, experience, comprehension, and waking up, which then becomes the force that sustains the whole.
      [MEntity] Imagine, then, every lifetime being much like a coiled spring.
      [MEntity] Every Grand Cycle, an even greater launch of force.
      [MEntity] The more Grand Cycles, the greater the Soul Age, the more quickly that spring is sprung, if you will.
      [MEntity] For most Old Souls, this is known. Their "spring was sprung" quite early, or in other words, the self-consciousness and self-awareness came quite early in the life.
      [MEntity] The earlier this comes, the more is harvested from the life in terms of experiences, growth, comprehension, and wakefulness.
      [MEntity] Because Energy cannot be destroyed, "you" will never die.
      [MEntity] The you that you know will never be left behind, absorbed, discarded.
      [MEntity] In much the same way that not a single one of your comprehended experiences will be lost to you, neither are you ever lost to Essence or Entity.
      [MEntity] Not a single experience is lost to Essence, regardless of your comprehension, but when the Personalty comprehends within the lifetime, it is never lost to that Personality.
      [MEntity] Because no lifetime is birthed without profound comprehension, then no lifetime is ever lost to Essence.
      [MEntity] In the same way that Essence evolves because of the potential unleashed in the lifetime that results in experiences, so do you evolve in Personality (toward the Positive Poles) as you use the power of Choice.
      [MEntity] Choice, then, is your individual key to all of the potential vitality that you carry as a Personality.
      [MEntity] This is not counting the potential already moving through the life because of Essence, but that which is unleashed by you, and harvested by you.
      [MEntity] As you are your own system of Overleaves, of working parts that generate a whole.
      [MEntity] This is not a matter of "the right choice," or "better choices," or a "bad choice," but the process of owning all of them, whether in retrospect, now, or as the impact of a previous choice comes to light in the future.
      [MEntity] Owning your choice is wakefulness. It is not guilt. It is not shame. It is not defense. It is not smugness. It is not dismissive.
      [MEntity] The owning of choice is simply recognizing the capacity for choice, even as you are bombarded by, benefited by, or harmed by the impact from the choices of others.
      [MEntity] We realize we are speaking quite metaphorically, but we think it is helpful. We will pause for questions before continuing.
      [Janet] Michael I am having trouble wrapping my head around all this but it is becoming clearer so I will wait to see where this goes.
      [MEntity] We will continue:
      [MEntity] Continuing with the spring as metaphor, the Internal Monads describe how far one's spring has sprung, how much potential has been released and is being built upon. The Soul Ages and Levels could be said to be simiar, but on the scale of Essence.
      [MEntity] The more consciously one is making Choices, the more smoothly that Energy continues to spring from the life.
      [MEntity] Or rather, from Essence.
      [MEntity] The more consciously one is making choices, the more potential is being converted into experiences, comprehension, waking, etc. that then sustain and expand both Essence and Personality.
      [MEntity] In terms of Essence, the use and management of Energy can tend to be relative to Frequency and Energy Ratio. The higher the Creative/Female Ratio, and Frequency, the greater the explosion of potential unleashed in a lifetime. The lower the Frequency, and the higher the Focused/Male Ratio, the more paced, measured, and steady the release of potential.
      [MEntity] The former often have lives and Personalities that are scattered in multiple directions, contexts, and foci to help disperse the impact of that explosion, so to speak.
      [MEntity] The latter tends to an ebb and flow, release and contracting, of energy that shows up in a multitude of ways over the lifetime.
      [MEntity] Ironically, the more consciously one is of Manifesting Essence, the more likely these reflections.
      [MEntity] If one has a lower Frequency, but a higher Creative Ratio, it would tend to show up as an effort to control or deflect the chaos more so than one who would have a higher Frequency.
      [MEntity] If one has a higher Frequency, and a higher Focused/Male Ratio, it would tend to show up as an emphasis on wringing the experience out of even the seemingly most insignificant of events and experiences.
      [MEntity] These are highly simplistic descriptions, and subject to variations because of other factors, but are fair enough.
      [MEntity] This combination between Frequency and Energy Ratio could best be understood here as the combination between the "rate of comprehension" to "path of navigation."
      [MEntity] Rate of comprehension is not describing intelligence, but quite specifically the preferred rate of comprehension. It is fair to say it is a spectrum from Ordinal to Cardinal, in that the lower Frequencies prefer a more Ordinal process.
      [MEntity] In terms of Personality, the same could be said of the distribution of Overleaves as they fall on the Axes.
      [MEntity] The more Ordinal the Overleaves, the more effort there is to manage the flow of Energy in the life. The more Exalted the Overleaves, the more likely this is not a concern.
      [MEntity] This is not to say that the Personality might choose differently from its design, especially when considering cultural and familial imprinting.
      [MEntity] In terms of the whole Personality, the Goal carries the greatest weight as influence in that overall management of Energy, then. The negative pole Goal would tend toward a more chaotic version of that Goal than that of the positive pole.
      [MEntity] In terms of relationships and relating, the Mode would carry the most weight. This might mean that if your Mode is exalted, your relationships may have much more explosive momentum than one who may have an ordinal Mode.
      [MEntity] In terms of social perspective and personal philosophy, the more effort to manage and control these might come from weight of the ordinal Attitudes.
      [MEntity] The more one is in the Positive Poles, the more flexible and fluid the flow of Energy because that flow would be allowed to be relative to the parts, the contexts, the necessities and design of those parts.
      [MEntity] The more one is in the Negative Poles, the more one would tend to alter the flow of Energy for the sake of constriction or force, based on defenses, fear, protection, etc.
      [MEntity] *alter the natural flow of Energy as described by the design of Personality....
      [MEntity] Before we continue, we know that this is a lot of information to combine and assess in one exchange, but we ask if there are any of you who find validity, or lack of validity, to these more immediate factors of Personality as they relate to your experience of vitality.
      [Diane_HB] Yes, I find that it fits.
      [Maureen] I can see how it fits as well Michael
      [AnnH] yes, it makes sense (in a broad way)
      [Janet] I see how it fits me.
      [Janet] Except that your description of how explosive my potential can be
      [MEntity] Ann, the broader context is always helpful for then applying the more immediate uses of the information in more meaningful ways.
      [Janet] But I'm working on it.
      [MEntity] Janet, By "high," we would mean 65 or higher in terms of Energy Ratio, and 75 or higher in Frequency.
      [Janet] Yes. I have 83 frequency and 59 creative.
      [MEntity] Keep in mind that the use of the word Potential here is not meant in terms of one's expectations of the self.
      [Janet] Agreed.
      [MEntity] It is in terms of accessing vitality.
      [MEntity] What you do with that is up to you. And that is where Choice comes into play.
      [GeraldineB] it doesn't help that one of the euphemisms for being "very energetic and healthy" is vitality in much of our advertising
      [GeraldineB] and I get a much more neutral feeling about it from you, MIchael
      [MEntity] Yes. That would be correct. Vitality is as calm or as "energetic" as one sees fit. A person in quiet meditation, or enjoying a day resting on the beach, or watching children play, or reading a book is just as easily accessing their vitality as one who is playing volley ball, exercising, or dancing.
      [MEntity] The appearance of vitality tends to be relative to one's Centering.
      [MEntity] To continue into the more immediate applications and uses of this information:
      [MEntity] One: it will always be helpful to remember that the potential and vitality of Essence will be managed by Essence, whether you are Manifesting Essence, or not.
      [MEntity] Two: it will always be helpful to remember that your immediate access to vitality, to the flow of energy that is your life force, regardless of circumstances, is your capacity for Choice, and the owning of that process.
      [MEntity] Three: it will always be helpful to remember that you cannot destroy Energy, and that everything you consciously choose is a process of conversion of You (mass) into Experience (energy).
      [MEntity] Every choice is a release of potential, a further expansion of the spring that is the force of vitality from Essence.
      [MEntity] Four: the health of your bodies is affected by your choices, and is a great form of feedback for the impact of many of your choices, but your health is not always the result of your choices. Scathing is a part of the package of the Physical Plane, as is "death." No choice can keep either from happening.
      [MEntity] Your choices from within any scathing, or in the face of any death, be it yours or someone else's, or loss of any sort, is what matters.
      [MEntity] Access to Vitality is not altered or hindered by anything other than choice.
      [MEntity] Vitality is most easily understood, in terms of accessibility and application when making choices, as Trust.
      [MEntity] When you trust yourself, you are Vitality. That is why the volley of a ball, or the reading of a book, can be equal in vitality, because of the trust.
      [MEntity] That is why the pain in harm, or the pleasure in healing, can both be filled with Vitality, when there is trust, a knowing.
      [MEntity] Finally, to get used to the idea and practice of allowing the flow of Energy in your life, and accessing Vitality and trust in your choices, we suggest playing with each day as if it is an incarnation. You are the Essence of the day, and the day is your Personality.
      [MEntity] You may not have control over the Personality/day, but the force of your choices contributing to the day, make a difference.
      [MEntity] That is Vitality.
      [MEntity] That is a force of life.
      [MEntity] Letting yourself move that Energy in ways that are natural to you, based on your Overleaves, can help you, then, to let that vitality show up however is best, not for however it looks best.
      [MEntity] We will take any questions now.
      [MEntity] Or comments.
      [Janet] I like the idea of treating a day as an incarnation. I'm going to try that.
      [GeraldineB] Yes, I'm going to set that one up as a discussion on TLE
      [Janet] Michael, this material requires reflection before I can even begin to formulate a question.
      [MEntity] That is a quick path to the self-awareness for how you use the energy of your day.
      [MEntity] We understand, Janet. We will, also, state that this is, as usual, only a part of what we would have to say on the subject.
      [Diane_HB] I can validate a lot of it, and I think I manage my energy fairly efficiently for the most part.
      [Maureen] I take it that my being revved up from 55 Frequency to 75 Frequency not "natural" for me. Am I not manifesting Essence when I am not inhabiting my natural Frequency? I guess this may apply to others as well.
      [GeraldineB] wouldn't that still be a matter of conscious choice?
      [MEntity] Maureen, the use of the range of Frequency is not a hindrance to the Manifestation of Essence. You could use 35 to 75.
      [MEntity] Sustaining at one extreme or the other is not easy on the Personality, but it is not a factor in Manifesting Essence.
      [Maureen] that's good then! 🙂
      [MEntity] We will continue this discussion with our students. We will conclude here for today, then.
    • Troy
      By Troy
      [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: January 2001]
      [Kathie89] I am interested in palmistry. Does frequency show up in the hands? Specifically, do smooth fingers indicate high frequency and knotted fingers show low frequency?
      The hands are an excellent indicator of how the Frequency is being used, but not necessarily what that person’s Frequency is.
      Smoother joints/knuckles in the fingers do appear to indicate the processing of the life to be at a higher frequency, while more “knotted” joints/knuckles can indicate a halting or stalling of processing of the life.  Those who have lower frequencies will have had “knotted” fingers for most of their life, regardless, and can rarely “smooth” them out, but those with higher frequencies can tend to create a more “knotted” structure due to being imposed on by lower frequency fragments.
      It is much more “acceptable” in general to have a lower to mid frequency, therefore those with higher frequencies are more subject to being reprimanded in their processing style for “not thinking,” being “too spontaneous,” “jumping into things,” being “chaotic,” etc. If lower frequency fragments surround a higher frequency fragment, the knotting can indicate this reduction of processing to accommodate.
      [Kathie89] So life experience can slow down a high frequency?
      It cannot “slow” the frequency itself, but it can slow down the fragment’s managing of it. For instance, those who have higher frequencies who deal with the imposition of lower frequencies tend to “pop their knuckles” more, burn their hands at some point seriously, get bitten, etc., as a means to bring a consciousness to the process that would normally not be required.
      We will note additionally that those with higher frequencies even when having knotted joints will still tend to have a “smoother” flow over the knuckle, a gradual shaping. Though this is not an intended pun, our response only touches the surface of this question regarding palmistry. There is more correlation that is valid
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