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  • Sugar, caffeine, and high frequency


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: November 1999]


    [ksh] Could Michael tell me if big sugar and simple starch intakes affects my body?


    [Michael_Entity] Yes, of course this affects your body.


    [ksh] In what way. Am I more sensitive than others are?


    It is sometimes an examination method through food that allows the body to accommodate more of your energy fluctuations as they arise. In some instances the body is INFLUENCED by external stimuli that then affects the more subtle emotional and energetic qualities of the Personality; in other cases, the body SEEKS stimulants that allow the body expression of the internal energetic fluctuations.


    For instance, those with higher Frequencies tend to crave more caffeine as a means to bypass the societal imprinting that suppresses their naturally “high” Frequency. Caffeine allows the imprinting that inhibits Frequency to be bypassed. It is the same with extremes in sugar cravings, starch addictions, and other food-related swings.


    In your case, you seek these foods as a way to process some emotional elements as they come up. Most of your cravings are linked to socializing issues and lack of fulfillment of the Community and Exchange need.


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