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  • Type 2 Diabetes


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: February 2016]


    Question: Hi Michael. My question is about type 2 diabetes. I'm going to assume the metaphysical cause has to do with either anger or fear...but I'd like some insight into what would be a physical and/or metaphysical cure. whatever insight you can offer in the time allotted would be great.



    There is some validity to your assessment that anger and fear can be involved, but it is more about the process by which one avoids intensity that can contribute to the condition.


    Whether it is feeling lonely, angry, frustrated, conflicted, challenged, fearful, unloved, etc. diabetes in its various stages usually reflects how the person processes those experiences. In most cases there is an effort to glaze over them, to mask them, to make them more acceptable and presentable, and especially if they are obstacles to attention or affection.


    At the heart of diabetes is a need to sustain a false bridge over the depths of one's feelings so as to accommodate the need for attention or affection.


    By "attention" we mean any acknowledgment in any form and this might be negative.


    Diabetes is reversible in most cases, but does require a strict management of conscious choice, action, and diet.


    For most, it is "easier" to manage the masking of pain in medicinal ways than in rewiring the psyche.


    We can explore this in further exchanges, but this is a brief synopsis.


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