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  • What purpose is served in being mentally ill?


    [excerpt from TT: 2001-02-02]


    [ludmila] My mother has senile dementia, depression and age-related schizophrenia and paranoia. She also sees ‘people’ not visible to others. What purpose is served, or lesson learned in being mentally ill?


    [Michael_Entity] In the same way that a person behaves a certain way when “drunk,” so does a fragment who loses her mental faculties: the experience is the result of loss of inhibitions in many ways, and a lack of the more acceptable social filters that uphold community.


    Psychic Filters are learned how to be created and implemented in the structuring of the brain during the Baby Soul Ages as a means to preserve community and society and civility. Essence does not lose that lesson and builds it in to every new body after it is learned, but as a body matures, it cannot, in many instances, accommodate the constant instruction for filtering. Beliefs are the primary filters, in general, but there is also a specific “feed” from Essence that allows the body to experience its soul age.


    In many cases where the symptoms you described are experienced at the end of a life, it is the body’s reaction to a great deal of personal oppression within that lifetime. Its “purpose,” then, is to “show” the Personality the gifts of comprehending freedom on a profound level before exiting. This will allow the transition to be more comfortable and acceptable, as well as the planning of the next lifetime to be of high consideration for including more play.


    For those around that fragment, the reactions to the fragment in question can be disconcerting as they process this. The symptom described as “paranoia” is often, actually, “comprehension.”

    “Schizophrenia,” in this case, can be said to be direct addressing of sub-personalities that did not “get a voice” before. The “depression” can be said to be the grieving (another method of comprehending truth) of the loss of various freedoms, now realized.

    Again, we could delineate this through more levels, and more specifically, but this is a general scenario with which you can help yourself understand the event more comfortably, if you choose.


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