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  • Do we students have agreements with Michael?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 1999]

    [Shannon] Do all of us, who here call ourselves your “students”, have specific Agreements with you for information (or channeling)? And is this why your teachings resonate for us, and not for others with whom we might try to share your teachings?

    Yes. This is valid. We are not “the” teaching. We are merely “one” perception of this Universe’s patterns. For some, our teaching and insight will never be true.

    It is possible to die a 7th Level Old Soul, final life, and be a devout Christian or Baptist.

    Only the Essence determines the rate of evolution by its own standards.

    The only standards that are “universally true” are in the continually encompassing contexts for truth, love, and beauty (organized as Soul Ages in our teaching).

    Not all here are technically our ’students’, but all here are seeking and living their paths to what they might call “home”.


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